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Question Has anyone seen Wembanyama have this bad or worse, of a career in a sim?

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Question Does playing time afect players improvement?


I've been playing BGM by some time now and I still don't understand the overall improvement system.

I've been trying to put youngesters to play more time even if they don't are as good as other veterans, but it does not look like it makes any direct improvement on any player.

If anyone could answer that or explain improvement system I'd really appreciate it

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Meme Bob Myers wouldn’t last 20 years in BBGM


Dude hit on several draft picks and then just kept on spending money. The Warriors’ roster is gonna cost $500 million next season if Draymond Green exercises his PO. Myers would’ve already been fired in BBGM for having such huge tax bills.

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Ideas Why can't we hire our own coaches. It be nice. If a player retires you can hire him to be your head coach.

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Ideas Does anyone mess with minutes and find it useful ? If so what’s your strategy


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Meme Is it just me?


Ive tried and tried time and time again but I just dont have fun playing w random players, i just play on random debuts forever starting in the 50’s😂

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Other 500 Finals Simulations: How does BBGM think the 2023 NBA Finals will go?


I simulated the 2023 NBA finals in BBGM 500 times, here's what the simulator predicts!


  • Heat 302/500 (60%)
  • Nuggets 198/500 (40%)

Finals MVP

  • Jimmy Butler 243/500 (49%)
  • Nikola Jokic 192/500 (38%)
  • Bam Adebayo 55/500 (11%)
  • Tyler Herro 3/500 (1%)
  • Jamal Murray 3/500 (1%)
  • Michael Porter Jr. 2/500 (0%)
  • Kyle Lowry 1/500 (0%)
  • Aaron Gordon 1/500 (0%)

Key Players Stats


  • Nikola Jokic: 26ppg, 13rpg, 10apg, 50/29/85
  • Jamal Murray: 20ppg, 6apg, 4rpg, 44/35/84
  • Michael Porter Jr: 17ppg, 7rpg, 1apg, 45/36/82


  • Jimmy Butler: 24ppg, 6apg, 6rpg, 49/29/84
  • Tyler Herro: 20ppg, 6rpg, 4apg, 43/38/90
  • Bam Adebayo: 20ppg, 11rpg, 4apg, 52/21/73

Best Possible Individual Performances

  • Jokic: 43pts, 19reb, 17ast, 80/60/100
  • Butler: 50pts, 9reb, 2ast, 75/50/95
  • Murray: 54pts, 6reb, 4ast, 74/69/83
  • Adebayo: 32pts, 12reb, 11ast, 75/100/86
  • MPJ: 34pts, 4reb, 0ast, 65/71/100
  • Herro: 52pts, 11reb, 3ast, 72/80/89

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Multiplayer BBGM 77


BBGM 77 a multiplayer league where every player is random and it is your job to make trades and and signings to start your dynasty! When you join you can ping @ mod to get assistance to get a team and start your gm career in BBGM 77!!! https://discord.gg/JWfxUWfP

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Achievement Stacked Western Conference

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Other ...I do not understand

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Achievement He did this in 2 seasons. Is he generational?

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I know it’s not the craziest stats but his future looks insane. Is he a generational player?

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Question who do I take?

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Achievement the highest potential i've seen for a draft prospect.... what is the highest you've seen?

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Question College Based Game?


Are there any options that can be edited to make zengm basketball a college game? I saw that there is a college version on the zengm website but it has not been updated in a while.

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Achievement The Goat Retired

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Justin Carter, absolute legend. Best player I’ve ever seen in this game.

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Achievement In 150+ years league my best and worst seasons are with the same team in a span of 7 years

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Other Payton Pritchard Appreciation Post


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Other Yo I am the luckiest and unluckiest guy rn


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Achievement This guy is really making a run at the GOAT title in this current sim

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Terrell Gillespie Jr. was a MASSIVELY hyped prospect with insane potential and has NOT disappointed in the least! He is making a very strong case for himself to unseat the current GOAT of the simulation Peter Martin. Martin is by far the GOAT of the dynasty so far averaging 28.8 ppg 6.4 rpg 3.9 apg during his 16 seasons with the team. Which was the longest anyone played for the team. The second best player was SG Raymond O’Meara who averaged 22.4 ppg 6.4 rpg 6.7 apg with the team in his 13 seasons for comparison and then #3 and #4 are right behind him.

You may notice my players stats probably don’t seem too amazing and that’s because I basically put all the best players on my team and they only play as starters because I have a lot of interest in comparing basketball stats and this is the way to do it with the least amount of variables I can think of.

The way I do it is I go in God Mode when I need to and I always acquire any players in the draft with 70+ potential. I also trade for any players before a season starts that are 23 and younger with 73+ potential. I don’t touch a player older than 24 no matter what. If a player drops below 70 potential or drop out of the starting lineup and or are 25 and over i trade them to Atlanta so that gives me 1 very strong team to play against in the finals each year and makes going undefeated very hard. It’s only happened 4 times in 400+ years.

The way I do my roster is I start the 5 best rated players. I have 20 roster spots. I bench 10 or less players that are potential starters. They do not play at all in the season. I use my 1st round pick every season and those are my 5 reserves. I draft one and cut one each year. When there are no 70+ potential people in the draft I draft the top player overall and put them in the reserves 5 players as well. The starters play normal minutes and the reserves play reduced minutes. In the playoffs I reset playing time and simulate normally. They always perform better like that

I have a hall of fame list of players that meet the criteria of scoring 5 points when ROY = 1 DPOY = .5 MVP = 1.

TLDR: Checkout this awesome player he’s my second best player of my simulation and here’s a picture of the best as well. The stats are low cause I do my simulations in a different way than usual.

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Rosters Who's Your Best Ever Player? Mine is an 11x MVP and 16x Champ

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Story The NBF Files #1: The Worst Teams of All Time

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HMs: 1993 Memphis Blues (10-70. this is actually a 71 OVR team... Wtf. Lack of ball-handlers, I'd guess. They didn't have a single Guard in the roster that season), 1919 Atlanta Kaiju (10-70), 1949 Saint Louis Spirits (10-70), 2003 Las Vegas Pandas (10-72), 2020 Utah Missionaries (8-60)


1912 - Albany Bagels Record: 7-53

Once upon a time, in 1911, Albany had a decent star duo, consisting of 23-year-old 61 OVR 6'4 PG/SG Connor Juergens, who averaged 15/4/13/0.5/2, and 28-year-old 61 OVR 6'4 SF Blake Woolsey, who averaged 20/7/3/1.3/1.6 a duo that led them to a 23-37. However, both were expiring contracts that season. And both were unsatisfied. Mainly due to the team's record of 23-37 and their small contract offers, so, they parted ways with the team. Connor left for the Boston Massacre, in which he became a 72 OVR by 1914, and made $870K. While Blake Woolsey left for the Philadelphia Cheesesteaks, in which he got his bag of $870K through 4 years, despite being traded in 1913. To top it all off, in 1912 the RNGod completely crushed all their hopes through a team-wide regression spree, and they ended up with a 14 OVR team, led by 26 year-old Lithuanian C Tomas Galdikas, who averaged just 16 PPG, 6 REB and 1.6 BLK. 7 wins and 53 losses.


1924 - Virginia Pigeons Record: 9-71

Virginia had been a tanking team since 1919 (yes, they did make the playoffs in 1920 and 1921, but their last 40-win season had been all the way back in 1918), and this 1924 season was just the culmination of all that tanking combined with bad front office decisions. For example, in the 1922 draft, a draft with 6 All-Stars and 4 different Hall-of-famers, they had the 7th pick. And with the 7th pick, they picked the 7'3 Center Bobby Klein, who peaked at 57.


1917 - Las Vegas Pandas Record: 9-71

In 1916, Las Vegas had a decent team, with tons of decent/good roleplayers, built around their superstar David Herbig (who was their leading scorer, rebounder, assister, blocker and stealer), who was averaging 24/7.5/8.5/1.7/1.8 that season. 1917 was just the result of a team-wide regression, including David Herbig himself, who went from 71 in 1915, to 67 in 1916 and then 65 in 1917. Now, it's not like Herbig wasn't trying. He still averaged 21/7/8.5/1.8/1.4 and made the All-Stars but that's just not enough, you know? The team-wide regression really f*cked them up. Only 4 players in that team averaged double digit numbers, including David Herbig, who himself regressed from 24 PPG to 21.


1987 - Minnesota Blizzard Record: 9-71

A complete lack of good players. Even in 1986, a season in which they at least won 16 games, they only had 3 players averaging 15+ PPG. Including 43 year old 50 OVR Carlos Vroman. By 1987, even he had abandoned this dumpster fire of a team, and they were left with only their star, future HOF 6'1 Guard Nicholas Rendleman, one of the hardest-working players in league history, who, despite averaging 26.5/5/11/0.5/2 couldn't help carry this team to even TEN wins, and the 10th season veteran roleplayer 6'3 SG/SF Tim Maguire, who averaged 18/6.5/3/0.5/1.2. Those were the only players to average 15 PPG+ in this team (the 26 year-old PG Nate Miller did average 15+ too, at 16.7, but he only played 23 games that season. They traded him away for young PF Len Everett, who'd be loyal to them for a long time, but still...)


1961 - Austin Convicts Record: 9-71

I feel bad for Jamés Linder in this situation. He's top 15 of all time according to my GOAT Lab Formula, yet, the Boston Massacre, the team he had been loyal to his whole career, even missing tons of opportunities to win more rings just to make the state of Massachusetts proud... They just abandoned him. Traded him away to this garbage of a team (a team that went 20-60 in 1960) just because he was 37 and left him to rot there. He even said on interviews that he felt completely betrayed by the front office... I mean, it wouldn't have been that bad if Austin's d*ckhead GM wouldn't have let their previous season All-Star, Sean Bernard, walk in free agency. They could've played together and... Idk maybe have made playoffs? Anyways, Jamés Linder, despite being 38, with terrible athleticism at that point and on a sharp decline, still tried to salvage the team, averaging 28 PPG, 5 REB and 10 AST (idk how tf he missed the All-Star team), but it just wasn't supposed to be. Jamés Linder hated playing basketball during 1961, and would go on to retire just 2 seasons later.

Ooh Boy, here we go. The top 5 worst teams in NBF history, the worst of the worst, the absolute most Trash, Garbage, Dumpster Fire teams are here. Are you ready? drums


1917 - Boston Massacre Record: 8-72

The highest OVR player on this team was 56 OVR, 34-year-old, HOF veteran 6'5 SG/SF Kyle Turner. He averaged 17.2 PPG (SEVENTEEN) that season. Literally the only thing worth noting in this complete and utter disaster of a season is the development of their 7th pick in the 1916 draft, the 6'4 PG Tim Jones who progressed from 46 to 53 that season. He was one of their 6 50+ OVR players. They only had 6 50+ OVR players. I don't even have anything to say. (Idk why I was so surprised by this. Now, after I have finished writing, I've realized that 50s actually seems decent when compared to some of those teams)


1987 - Portland Roses Record: 8-72

This team is even worse than the previous one, at least in terms of 50 OVR players. They have 4 in total. But I wouldn't say they are as bad as the presence of 4 50s indicates. They have two seasoned-veterans and future HOFers in 58 OVR 37-year-old Jackson Drayton, who averaged 17 PPG and 12 AST and 44 OVR 42-year-old Ethan Couch who averaged 13 PPG, 8 REB and 6 AST. In fact, this team had 6 players averaging double digit PPG and a defensive specialist who averaged 8 PPG. Their main option, the 6'1, #7 pick in the 1983 draft Zach Seacat, who many considered to be a bust, showed he could at least score and shoot a bit, averaging 18 PPG, 4 REB, 3 AST, 1.6 STL on 37.8% from downtown. Yeah, the team was terrible, but it's all fun and games when you're averaging 18 PPG on 38% from 3, right?


1992 - San Diego Armadillos Record: 7-73

Now, this team is a TERRIBLY underperforming team. Not as underperforming as the 1993 Memphis Blues, but still, they were a 27 OVR team. They should've won at least 11 games, you know? At the start of the season, they also had 2 Future HOFers in the form of 60 OVR 23-year-old PF/C Frank Johnson, who was averaging 15 PPG, 11 REB, 2 AST, 2.1 BLK and 2 STL on elite shooting splits. However, he got traded, just before the trade deadline for Boston's Kareem Kirven, an actual 34-year-old All-Star Caliber Guard, who averaged 25 PPG, 9.8 REB, 7 AST, 0.3 BLK and 1.3 STL through 32 games with them. Their other future HOF player was Dominick Womack, a classic PG who was averaging 17 PPG, 4.5 REB, 8.5 AST and 1.2 BLK with 41 3P%. But yeah, outside of the 2 star players they had through the season (either Dominick and Frank or Dominick and Kareem), they didn't really have much help, outside of 3 & D Wing Aaron Walker, who was averaging 17 PPG, 1 BLK and 1.6 STL on 36% from 3, and maybe veteran Devin Outlaw, who was averaging 12 PPG and 6 REB? So, let's just say the lack of role-players was what ultimately ruined them

oh god...


2000 - Atlanta Kaiju Record: 4-76

To see arguably the 3rd or 2nd greatest franchise in NBF history be brought down to it's knees like this is completely heartbreaking. The same franchise that won 10 championship rings and had the greatest season of all time in 1950, going 73-7, is also the franchise tied for the worst season in league history, at 4-76, exactly 50 years after their glorious season. Truly disheartening. It's not even funny to laugh and insult them at this point, it's just sad. Their leading scorer was acquired in the middle of the season through a trade, having only played 36 games. That player was Kelvin Smith, a 26th overall pick. He averaged 23 PPG, 9 REB, 4 AST, 0.7 BLK and 1.7 STL. Now, he was at least a 62 overall, but as a I said, he was acquired in the middle of the season. Their true scoring leader, through the entire season? A 54 overall. 54 OVR, 7'1 Nate Ramos. A DEFENSIVE-SPECIALIST CENTER. THIS TEAM IS FUCKING TERRIBLE. He averaged 17.8 PPG, 11.5 REB, 6 AST (he has 57 passing), 1.7 BLK and 0.8 STL. And was the team-leader in everything. expect steals, that goes to 47 overall PG Nick Martin, who averaged 1.6 STL.


1953 - Minneapolis Snipers

Their 4 best players were, respectively: A 57 A 52 A 51 A 50 Now, let's look at 2022 San Diego Armadillos. They were a terribly MID team, going 40-42 and getting the 9th seed. You know how many minutes their 52 and 51s get? 52 Valentino Burgess - 13.7 51 Case King - 11.2 51 Ken Hicks - 10.5

Wanna know who got more than that in this Minneapolis Snipers team? 37 Tosin Nwosu - 15.4

This is just an absurdity. At least their 57 OVR was averaging 21 PPG, but still, that's 13.8 PER for him. Their best player had 13.8 PER. Their second best, the 30-year-old 51 OVR F Lance Onwuasor had 13.7 PER. Their third best, the young future HOFer SF 50 OVR Brendan Paongo, had 10.7 PER.

Oh, and this team is a, a kid you not, MINUS ONE Overall. Let's just say that, not even in the first season in league history (1891) there was a negative overall team. In fact, the worst team that season, at least in terms of OVR, was a 44 Overall team. The ultimate disaster: 1953, Minneapolis.

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Question Is there a way to increase the number of all league teams?


when you make a custom league is it there a way to may an all nba or all defensive 4th team?

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Meme This is blasphemy

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Multiplayer Celtics & Heat are available in EBL that uses FBB for simulation!


Hi, so a little more information about our league:

EBL is close to heading into our 100th season as we have been running since 2010. We currently have a couple openings and would love to have new GMs come in and fit in our community. You'll find competitive GMing, fun banter and more if you decide to join. Check it out!

The current open teams are:

Miami Heat Roster (mchlclrk.com)

Boston Celtics Roster (mchlclrk.com)

League forum: http://mchlclrk.com/eblv4forums/index.php

Stats site: http://ebl.mchlclrk.com/

We have a daily chat with Discord and that is where we do live sims as well, and we are constantly talking sports!

Discord: https://discord.gg/UUcfU3K

Also we use FBB for simulation purpose and you do not need to download a game or anything to play!

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Other Year 5605, the greatest three-point shooter in history retires from basketball.

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