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Ukranian SSO destroys russian positions on left bank of Kherson in preparation for the upcoming offensive Video


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u/Infinality Mar 31 '23

Last place I’d expect to hear Juice Newton


u/badger452 Mar 31 '23

That was my battle song in Afghanistan, our Psy-ops team even played it on loudspeakers once when we rolled up on an objective and unleashed hell.


u/No_Bother_654 Apr 03 '23

A buddy told me a similar story about his unit playing Britney Spears and Katie Perry to mess with the Taliban. Supposedly it was a great way to draw them out, as they really hated Britney.


u/Initial-Dress-3127 Apr 01 '23

Back when you were the invading imperialist aggressor, no?


u/vinidiot Apr 01 '23

If the US was invading Afghanistan for the purposes of imperialism, then why did they not annex it?


u/HitmanThisIsHitman2 Apr 01 '23

Agreed. And what is there to annex? It’s a sandbox with a potential to train terrorists.


u/AleksaBa Apr 01 '23

Because they got their ass whooped


u/vinidiot Apr 01 '23

Not a student of history are you?


u/AleksaBa Apr 01 '23

Your history began 247 years ago, sorry but I can't take you seriously


u/vinidiot Apr 01 '23

Damn, from 13 colonies to the unipolar global superpower in only 247 years? Why have you been slacking in comparison?


u/Snoogin Apr 02 '23

Everyone gets their turn.


u/LittleLoyal16 Apr 01 '23

Can tell you that many citizens in Afghanistan were a lot happier when NATO security was still around. Sucks that their government was so corrupt but atleast they had, food, jobs, the ability to go to school, healthcare, and most importantly wouldn't get their hands and heads chopped off for small offenses...

"But muh westurn imperialism buuhu"

The West isn't perfect at all, but sure as fuck is a lot better than any other "superpower" in this world. Suck a fat one tankie.


u/[deleted] Apr 01 '23

Dude were u not around for 9/11 or what? Aggressor my ass. Fuck with the US and u get the boot for 20 years


u/BillSixty9 Apr 01 '23

His actions make us safer today.


u/ICodeAndShoot Apr 02 '23

Afghanistan was entirely justified. Hell. We didn't even have a moral obligation to fix the pieces after, but we tried which was an expensive, well intentioned, fruitless endeavor.

Whatever. With a literacy rate below 40%, you can't have a functioning society. Even Hammurabi had a (written) code.


u/Shackleton214 Apr 01 '23

Maybe shouldn't have harbored terrorists who murdered a couple of thousand of Americans in America?


u/aBigOLDick Mar 31 '23

Lol, that fucking song.


u/TangoKlass Mar 31 '23

What’s SSO stand for?


u/Axelrad77 Mar 31 '23

It's the Ukrainian term for their Special Forces.)


u/Altruistic-Carpet-65 Mar 31 '23

I wasn’t expecting an amphibious operation…..


u/Sons-of-Bananarchy Apr 01 '23

lol someone brought the Juice. No, not OJ, the other Juice. The pretty one.


u/loghead03 Apr 01 '23

The sudden transition from Slavic metal and hardbass into soft classic rock and pop ballads recently is both refreshing and a bit concerning.


u/boykoyo Mar 31 '23

i'd be very surprised if they go for an offensive in kherson that would be very risky and a logistical nightmare.


u/Used_Visual5300 Mar 31 '23

They’ll go on the offensive everywhere until they don’t. Ukrainians understand the art of war.


u/foolandhismoney Mar 31 '23

War is a art


u/Ayylmaothoughyaknow Mar 31 '23

Careful with overestimating your ally. They’re going above and beyond expectations but are still really bogged down by the rigid and ultimately detrimental structures left over from the soviet era. Especially when it comes to authority and clearance during operations.

They’ve been slowly switching to a more modern and western ideology but there’s an old guard holding them back.


u/redcookie032 Apr 01 '23

That actually surprised me. They did well on re structuring their military from a not so competent fighting force into an immerging power. The supplies alone is making them surpass some neighboring nations. I give them my utmost respect.


u/Weary_Conversation_6 Apr 01 '23

The new cadre of young officers will flush those relics away soon enough.


u/alcmann Apr 01 '23

Wonder the cost of rebuilding that country when it’s over. Truly sad the amount of destruction


u/Sistahmelz Apr 01 '23

I can't wait for the Ukrainian offensive! All the fire power from the West will be unleashed. I'm sure it will be epic!


u/TriXandApple Apr 01 '23

Is it possible to hear this song without thinking of Promising Young Woman?