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"Hunters of the Russians" BUAR 110th Separate Mechanized Brigade ▪️Removed: titles must be detailed and objective (Rule#3)

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u/BigAssPissBreak Apr 01 '23

fucking hell last guy was one unlucky mf


u/iroquoispliskinV Apr 01 '23 edited Apr 01 '23

Nah bullseye and blackout is best way to go. Too many of these aren't holes in one and that's when you get blasted with shrapnel, your limbs blown off, internal bleeding, etc. Rather get blown up point blank tbh


u/Keibun1 Apr 01 '23

There was that guy who had one blow up right next to his face, blowing it wide open, and he was alive for long enough.. still one of the worst drone drops to date.


u/AgentDetection Apr 02 '23

Shrapnel is hot af. Think he probably got some and thought he had to stop drop and roll. Or his clown costume got some of it and it was a bit toasty.


u/Customer-Useful Apr 01 '23

Watching this in bed, while thoroughly enjoying a Capri-Sun. 21st century is lit af.


u/okwellactually Apr 01 '23

while thoroughly enjoying a Capri-Sun

I don't know why this made me laugh. But it did.


u/Prototype2001 Apr 01 '23

@1:20 is a face drawn into snow.


u/txzen Apr 01 '23

Did they draw faces in the snow in the last clip?


u/OLebta Apr 01 '23

A whole new level of anti-camo


u/B17bomber Apr 01 '23

I didn't see it :(


u/Law_Doge Apr 01 '23

That first guy got his foot blown off. Brutal


u/IamTruman Apr 01 '23

DJI brigade racking up the kills


u/snippythehorses Apr 01 '23

I was just going to say why don’t the Russians ever think to just look up and shoot the drone. Which is exactly what you see at 1:08 lol. I guess when on the ground your probably more concerned with whats on the ground though


u/Hungry_Bass_Muncher Apr 01 '23

It's a small speck in the sky that you probably see dozen times before it targets you.


u/andreibrcg Apr 01 '23

Russian hunters


u/xpt42654 Apr 01 '23

BUAR (БУАР) is a standard acronym in UA military, it stands for батарея управління і артилерійської розвідки, which roughly translates as "artillery intelligence and command battery".

BUAR is a section of the artillery group of the 110th Br., it's not a given name.


u/IzttzI Apr 02 '23

Transliteration is roughly

Batareia upravlinnia ee artileriskoi rozvidki for those trying to start learning Cyrillic.


u/SlaptasticAslan Apr 01 '23

I need more videos like this.


u/[deleted] Apr 01 '23



u/IzttzI Apr 02 '23

The majority of these videos are made for local consumption by other troops I expect and troops in combat zones can be... Morbid with their humor. Gallows humor they call it. You have a very different perspective of funny or appropriate when you're in the same shit. We made a lot of the videos in Afghanistan for ourselves to show to other troops and you'd see them shown in groups sometimes. But we didn't watermark our stuff.

But I think that's just the water mark being placed in a weird spot.