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The russians are shelling Vugledar with incendiary ammunition. Video


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u/[deleted] Apr 01 '23

Does this type of incendiary munition usually cause fires to spread in the area? I am asking because I saw many videos like this, but never any "aftermath" footage of burned down towns or villages.

Ukraine is pretty wet these days, there was even some snowfall this week, how would that impact the effectiveness of this type of ammunition?


u/Shackleton214 Apr 01 '23

It's certainly capable of setting and spreading fires. But, like you note, with snow on the ground, I doubt it did so here, at least to any significant degree.


u/Horat1us_UA Apr 01 '23

It can damage ifrantry and light armored vehicles


u/shicken684 Apr 01 '23

Seems most construction in that region is concrete block and metal so I don't think it's going to set the city on fire or anything. But it can certainly damage vehicles and equipment.

This seems to be the SOP for Russia during this war. Make multiple failed assaults to take a town or city and then just firebomb it out of frustration.


u/No-Status5845 Apr 01 '23

Don’t forget, there is a lot of wooden houses in private area


u/realityfractured Apr 01 '23

It looks like that was the intended target, the high rise blocks will get shelled if they can get their hands on some nork arty rounds


u/Ivanoff91 Apr 02 '23

99.9% of houses in Ukraine are brick or cinderblock.


u/shicken684 Apr 01 '23

Didn't realize that, thanks


u/Timmymagic1 Apr 01 '23

There's a lot of dacha's as well, wooden built.


u/ProfessionalStudy732 Apr 01 '23

So put it in perspective during WW2 British dropped small bombs with 2lbs of thermite. These bombs were designed to penetrate a building and then after a short delay explode. It was found just sprinkling the stuff everywhere wasn't all that effective.

Soviets had notions of flinging this stuff everywhere in a woodland to start a forest fire and damage soft targets.

Kharkiv was subject to several of these attacks and it's still standing.


u/Even-Willow Apr 01 '23

They’re going to be razing extra hard after their super embarrassing “great offensive”.


u/EpicMachine Apr 01 '23

If you take a look at Syria since ~2011, that's how a Russian victory looks like, rubble and empty spaces.

They just bomb everything until no one and nothing is left.

I hope the Russian government gets replaced with a better one that actually cares about their own people's lives.


u/bubb4h0t3p Apr 01 '23

One saving grace is that doing it this way uses an absurd amount of munitions and even Russia can't demolish every building without munitions shortages happening. In Syria they used up almost all of their aviation PGMs and resorted to using dumb bombs mostly and I think that might even be well reflected today outside of the rare Kinzhal a lot of the VKS' missions seem to be dropping dumb bomb FABs these days https://www.rand.org/pubs/research_reports/RRA1170-1.html


u/Bitter-Temperature-1 Apr 02 '23

Has one ever existed in this century?


u/EpicMachine Apr 02 '23

I think the closest thing was Mikhail Gorbachev, but that one was still in the Soviet Union, not Russia.


u/ocuray Apr 01 '23

Never thought I'd see Carbon Based Lifeforms in a video here lol


u/Myraxx_ Apr 02 '23

Post something new dipshit


u/AdventurousMiddle918 Apr 02 '23

I do not see how dance music can add to the cause of the Ukrainian people.


u/BionicBruv Apr 02 '23

Are these white phosphorous? Or are these a different type of incendiary ordinance?


u/88leo Apr 04 '23