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A drone records a Ukrainian group from the 36th Marine Brigade engaging and clearing a Russian held trench Video


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u/IdLikeToPointOut Apr 01 '23

At 0:11 the grenade throw was perfect, seemed right on top of the guy in the trench, with subsequent ammo cook off.


u/mandingosixsix Apr 02 '23

100% agree, and very well noticed my guy.


u/DRTmaverick Apr 01 '23

Some intense fighting there, god damn.


u/d_gorder Apr 01 '23

It’s a good sign to see so many videos of local Ukrainian counterattacks. I think they feel the Russians are spent, and are setting conditions for future offensive operations. Moral seems high going into the spring.


u/Cpt_Soban Apr 02 '23

They threw themselves at Ukrainian fortified lines all winter- Losing thousands at Bakhmut and Vuhledar and other fortified towns.

Wagner contracts are finishing up soon- And the Excons will sooner go home than sign up again, if they survived.

Meanwhile British/AUS/NZ troops are training 20,000 Ukrainians alone, this year. Not including in Ukraine itself, and by other countries like Canada and Poland...

There is talk of Ukraine forming entire army Corps for combined arms offensives (A single Corp is between 20,000 and 45,000 soldiers)


u/diator1 Apr 02 '23

And the Excons will sooner go home than sign up again, if they survived.


also there are already stories about returning ex-cons commiting fresh murders back in Russia..


u/AdvancedFunny6801 Apr 01 '23

I've seen several of these trench clearing videos. Obviously those doing the assaulting have to be careful. Leaving even one guy alive in the trench could result in your squad getting shot up with a machine gun. So hence there's always lots and LOTS of grenades being lobbed into the trench, just to be sure. I get it. But my question is, why no flame throwers? Why no satchel charges? Both were used routinely in WWII to clear heavily entrenched German and Japanese lines.


u/viiScorp Apr 02 '23

Thermobaric launchers and grenades took over for the unwieldly, explosive conventional classic flamethrower. They simply may not have those grenades or warheads with them.


u/Grinchieur Apr 01 '23

Flamethrower are not banned by the Geneva but restricted by it, so using it, is kinda funky.

Satchel charge are good for clearing/opening bunker, tunnels, but not at all for trench. You need to be close, like really close to use them correctly.


u/Shackleton214 Apr 02 '23

There is essentially no practical restriction on using portable flamethrowers that don't apply to all weapons generally.


u/pneuma8828 Apr 02 '23

why no flame throwers?

Cause it turns out strapping a bunch of napalm on your back and wading into incoming fire is a job no one wants, and thermobaric grenades work just as well. A lot less likely to kill you, too.


u/3050_mjondalen Apr 02 '23

agreed, but they could take some inspiration from Colin Furze perhaps, and make it better? https://youtu.be/D5_ogU4Jzt4


u/OkayConversation Apr 01 '23

Why not use sarin gas ? Seeing Ukrainian troops use an inhumane weapon like that would make it very hard for anyone to openly support them.

On a more practical note : While having a devastating effect flamethrowers are quite clumsy : you have to carry a heavy tank which especially sucks in tight trench warfare.

On top of that the whole thing goes kaboom and sets everyone of your squad members close to you on fire - which makes clearing a trench like seen in the video very...uncomfortable. They are pretty much obsolete in modern warfare.


u/Shackleton214 Apr 02 '23

A flamethrower may be useful for clearing a bunker, pillbox, or cave. But, not sure it is something you'd want to try on a nearby enemy when you're in a trench with them. They are just not practical since the advent of shoulder fired munitions that can mostly fulfill the same role and with better range, safety, and portability.


u/BuzzySpeziale Apr 01 '23

Something's going on there


u/[deleted] Apr 01 '23

That's a lot of firepower


u/Available-Ease-2587 Apr 02 '23

I couldn't see myself storming a trench ever! My heart starts racing in much less stressful situations idk my heart would probably explode from the adrenalin pumping through my body!


u/jml5791 Apr 02 '23

You get used to it.


u/doseofreality5 Apr 01 '23

Don't Russians have grenades???


u/totalbasterd Apr 02 '23

sold them for vodka


u/diator1 Apr 02 '23

they used all their stuff attacking Ukrainians all winter, so now they dont have much to defend with.

saw a video yesterday of a tank attack with only 1 AT rocket fired at the tank, so yea i think the Russians are running out of stuff to throw at the Ukrainians..


u/silicon1 Apr 01 '23

I was thinking that the UR-77 Meteorit would be a great trench clearing vehicle.


u/diator1 Apr 02 '23

mortars were litteraly made to clear trenches..

they even come with laser guidance..


u/redditrfw Apr 06 '23

The balls on those guys storming the trench. Absolute fucking heroes, the lot of them.