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Announcement r/Nigeria Community Rules Update. PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING AND COMMENTING.


Sequel to the two previous posts here and here regarding the state of the subreddit, this post will contain the new and updated community rules. Kindly read this thread before posting, especially if you are a new user.

You can check the results of the votes cast here

Based on what you voted, 5 of the new rules are as follows:

  1. If you post a link to a news article, you must follow up with a comment about your thoughts regarding the content of the news article you just posted. Exceptions will only be made for important breaking news articles. The point of this rule is to reduce and/or eliminate the number of bots and users who just spam the sub with links to news articles, and to also make sure this sub isn't just overrun with news articles.
    ADDITIONALLY: If you post images and videos that contain or make reference to data, a piece of information or an excerpt from a news piece, kindly add a source in the comments or your post will be removed.

  2. Posts from blog and tabloid websites that deal with gossip and sensationalized pieces, e.g., Linda Ikeji Blog, Instablog, etc. will no longer be allowed except in special cases.

  3. There will be no limit on the number of posts a user can make in a day. However, if the moderators notice that you are making too many posts that flood the sub and make it look like you are spamming, your posts may still be removed.

  4. The Weeky Discussion thread will be brought back in due time.

  5. You can make posts promoting your art projects, music, film, documentary, or any other relevant personal projects as long as you are a Nigerian and/or they are in some way related to Nigeria. However, posts that solicit funds, link to shady websites, or pass as blatant advertising will be removed. If you believe your case is an exception, you can reach out to the moderators.


1. ETHNORELIGIOUS BIGOTRY: Comments/submissions promoting this will be removed, repeat offenders will be banned, and derailed threads will be locked. This includes but is not limited to malicious ethnic stereotypes, misinformation, islamophobia, anti-Igbo sentiment, and so on. Hence posts such as "Who was responsible for the Civil War?" or "would Nigeria be better without the north?" which are usually dogwhistles for bigots are not allowed. This community is meant for any and all Nigerians regardless of their religious beliefs or ethnicity.

2. THE LGBTQIA+ COMMUNITY: As the sidebar reads, this is a safe space for LGBTQIA+ Nigerians. Their rights and existence are not up for debate under any condition. Hence, kindly do not ask questions like "what do Nigerians think about the LGBT community" or anything similar as it usually attracts bigots. Comments/submissions encouraging or directing hatred towards them will be removed, and repeat offenders will be banned.

3. SEXUAL VIOLENCE AND DISCRIMINATION BASED ON GENDER: Comments/submissions promoting this will be removed, repeat offenders will be banned, and derailed threads will be locked. This includes using gendered slurs, sexist stereotypes, and making misogynistic remarks. Rape apologism, victim blaming, trivializing sexual harassment or joking over the experiences of male survivors of sexual abuse etc will also get you banned. Do not post revenge porn, leaked nudes, and leaked sex tapes.

4. RACISM AND ANTI-BLACKNESS: Comments/submissions promoting this will be removed, repeat offenders will be banned, and derailed threads will be locked. This includes but is not limited to colourism, white supremacist rhetoric, portraying black men - or black people in general - as thugs and any other malicious racial stereotype.

5. MISINFORMATION: Kindly verify anything before you post, or else your post will be removed. It is best to stick to verifiable news outlets and sources. As was said earlier, images and videos that contain data, information, or an excerpt from a news piece must be posted with a link to the source in the comments, or they will be removed.

6. LOW-EFFORT CONTENT: Do your best to add a body of text to your text posts. This will help other users be able to get the needed context and extra information before responding or starting discussions. Your posts may be removed if they have little or no connection to Nigeria.

7. SENSATIONALIZED AND INCENDIARY SUBMISSIONS: Consistently posting content meant to antagonize, stigmatize, derail, or misinform will get you banned. This is not a community for trolls and instigators.

8. CODE OF CONDUCT FOR NON-NIGERIANS AND NON-BLACK PARTICIPANTS IN THIS COMMUNITY: Remember that this is first and foremost a community for Nigerians. If you are not a Nigerian, kindly do not speak over Nigerians and do not make disparaging remarks about Nigeria or Nigerians, or else you will be banned. And given the current and historical context with respect to racial dynamics, this rule applies even more strictly to white people who participate here. Be respectful of Nigeria and to Nigerians.

9. HARRASSMENT: Kindly desist from harrassing other users. Comments or posts found to be maliciously targetting other community members will get you banned.

10. META POSTS: If you feel you have something to say about how this subreddit is run or you simply have suggestions, you can make a post about it.


Repeat offenders for any of the aforementioned bannable offences will get a 1st time ban of 2 days. The 2nd time offenders will get 7-day bans, and 3rd time offenders will get 14-day bans. After your 3rd ban, if you continue breaking the rules, you will likely be permanently banned. However, you can appeal your permanent ban if you feel like you've had a change of heart.

Instant and permanent bans will only be handed out in the following cases:

  1. Spam
  2. Doxxing
  3. Life-threatening remarks directed at other users
  4. Covert or Blatant Racism
  5. Non-consensual sexual images
  6. Trolling and derailment by accounts found to be non-Nigerian

All of these rules will be added to the sidebar soon enough for easy access. If you have any questions, contributions, or complaints regarding these new rules, kindly bring them up in the comments section.

cc: u/Bobelle, u/timoleo, u/sanders2020dubai

r/Nigeria Feb 28 '23



The final results of the 2023 Nigerian Presidential Election are now coming in. All discussion regarding the OFFICIAL RESULTS being declared by INEC and reputable news outlets will be kept in this thread to reduce spam and misinformation.

The 4 major candidates were:

  1. BOLA AHMED TINUBU of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC)
  2. PETER OBI of the Labour Party (LP)
  3. RABIU KWANKWASO of the New Nigeria People's Party (NNPP)
  4. ATIKU ABUBAKAR of the People's Democratic Party (PDP)

For the sake of brevity, this table contains only the parties of these 4 major candidates. Winners in each state highlighted in bold.

Abia 384,468 8,914 327,095 1,239 22,676
Adamawa 764,834 182,881 105,648 8,006 417,611
Akwa Ibom 594,450 160,620 132,683 7,796 214,012
Anambra 628,590 5,111 584,621 1,967 9.036
Bauchi 899,769 316,694 27,373 72,103 426,607
Bayelsa 177,368 42,572 49,975 540 68,818
Benue 804,189 310,468 308,372 4,740 130,081
Borno 499,543 252,282 7,205 4,626 190,921
Cross River 444,880 130,520 179,917 1,644 95,425
Delta 667,149 90,183 341,866 3,122 161,600
Ebonyi 337,887 42,402 259,738 1,661 13,503
Edo 603,894 144,471 331,163 2,743 89,585
Ekiti 315, 058 201,494 11,397 264 89,554
Enugu 482,990 4,722 428,640 1,808 15,749
FCT-Abuja 478,923 90,902 281,717 13,247 74,199
Gombe 542,997 146,977 26,160 10,520 319,123
Imo 476,730 66,406 360,495 1,552 30,234
Jigawa 961,670 421,390 1,899 98,234 386,587
Kaduna 1,418,046 399,293 294,494 92,969 554,360
Kano 1,769,525 517,341 28,513 997,279 131,716
Katsina 1,097,663 482,283 6,376 69,386 489,045
Kebbi 599,201 248,088 10,682 5,038 285,175
Kogi 484,884 240,751 56,217 4,238 145,104
Kwara 497,519 263,572 31,166 3141 136,909
Lagos 1,357,152 572,606 582,454 8,442 75,750
Nasarawa 562,464 172,922 191,361 12,715 147,093
Niger 827,416 375,183 80,452 21,836 284,898
Ogun 612,341 341,554 85,829 2,200 123,831
Ondo 571,402 369,924 47,350 930 115,463
Osun 759,300 343,945 23,283 713 354,366
Oyo 854,439 449,884 99,110 4,095 182,977
Plateau 1,139,393 307,195 466,272 2,662 243,408
Rivers 605,055 231,591 175,071 1,322 88,468
Sokoto 619,492 285,444 6,568 1,300 288,679
Taraba 521,442 135,165 146,315 12,818 189,017
Yobe 398,874 151,459 2,406 18,270 198,567
Zamfara 527,137 298,396 1,660 4,044 193,978
TOTAL 25,286,616 8,794,726 6,101,533 1,496,687 6,984,520

• Remember, according to the Constitution, a candidate can only be declared winner if they score the highest number of votes AND secure at least 25% of the votes in two-thirds of the states. You can read more about that as well as the conditions for a run-off - if needed - in this digital version of the Nigerian Constitution.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu of the APC scored the highest number of votes and got 25% of the votes in 30 states of the Federation. As he is the only candidate to have satisfied the requirements of the law, he is set to be returned elected and declared the winner and President-elect.


•Bola Ahmed Tinubu only failed to get the 25% requirement in Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Edo, Enugu, FCT and Imo

•Peter Obi got 25% of the votes in 16 states (FCT included), winning 12 of them (i.e. 11 states + FCT)

•Atiku Abubakar got 25% of the votes in 21 states, also winning 12 of them

•Rabiu Kwankwaso got 25% in just 1 state which is the only state in which he won in - Kano

•Tinubu won at least one state in 5 of the 6 Geopolitical Zones, only failing to win any state in the SE.

•Both Atiku and Obi won at least one state in 4 of the 6 Geopolitical Zones. Atiku failed to win a state in the NC and SE. Obi failed to win any state in the NW and NE.

•The NW, SS and SW each had 3 candidates win at least one state in that zone.

•Peter Obi was the only candidate to sweep an entire Geopolitical Zone, winning all 5 states in the SE.


Keep in mind that there may be some minor errors in the table and the official numbers will be updated and corrected once announced by INEC.

Please try to be civil in the comments.

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Reddit Me after queuing for 8 hours to buy fuel at ₦515/ liter and a Tesla owner mocks me.


r/Nigeria 13h ago

Ask Naija To remote workers and freelancers.


Hello 👋, everyone. I'm a Freelancer and I've been having issues receiving payments from clients, most times I use a picker to get the money,the exchange rate from the picker is usually very low about 400/$.Most of them change the PayPal email address frequently and I'm not very comfortable with that especially when I'm receiving the final payments. .. .. Finally to remote workers and freelancers i will love to know how you receive payments what medium you use, how I can get rid of pickers and how be my own picker.

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News Pastor, Wife among 43 Christians Killed in Central Nigeria - Morningstar News


r/Nigeria 14h ago

Ask Naija How do we dry whole red bell pepper back home?


I stumbled upon an ewa agoyin recipe on Instagram that called for dried whole red bell peppers. I wanted to see if I could buy it online here in the US since I have had luck with buying pomo. But it's mad expensive and I have a dehydrator so I should be able to do it by myself but. However when I went to YouTube there were no videos on how it's done in Nigeria.

r/Nigeria 18h ago

General An interview with a Nigerian who emigrated in England when was 14 years old and now works as a site Manager for one of the biggest Construction developer in London


Sean Talabi , talks about the usage of the N-Word , The Richest Black Person in the World , Eminem , 50 Cent , the Nollywood (Nigerian Film Industry ), the racial issues in England , in Europe and overall around the World. He is a Nigerian who emigrated in England , UK , when he was 14 years old , back in the 2000's , and now works as a Construction Site Manager for one of the Biggest Construction developers in London. He have a lot to share , both from his unique life experience and some really crazy and unknown facts about his home country (Nigeria).

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Pic Innoson has gas powered vehicles! Wouldn't it make sense to immediately place orders for them as an effort to curb the fuel issue ?

Post image

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Discussion What’s is a reliable but also aesthetic car I could buy? (Under 4M)


If anyone knows cars and car prices very well I’m looking for a reliable but also good looking car. I know I’m asking for a good price, reliability and aesthetics all in one but I’m open to any suggestions.

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Music Afrobeats hasn't peaked - Mr Eazi


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Music Can someone please identify this song? Heard on Guarantee FM

Thumbnail derekpiotr.files.wordpress.com

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Culture Looking for a chill friend who speaks Okirika, or Epie-Atissa, or Nembe, or Kalabari



Recently, the fire has been kindled within me to learn one of the languages spoken in my family. I would prefer to learn Okirika as I have a small understanding of the language (my mother speaks it often, and I plan to get a book for it) or Epie-Atissa because it is the language spoken by my father's tribe. Failing that, I am interested in learning the Nembe language or Kalabari.

I'm writing this because I would like to find a speaker of the language who I can converse with at least on a weekly or monthly basis. This individual must be open to voice calls. We will probably speak on here first then we can transition to Discord (if you have it) or any other social media you're comfortable with that I also happen to have.

This desire was ignited in me because I'm about to leave Nigeria and to better my chances of assimilation I've begun learning a foreign language which has led me to converse with speakers of said language. As they are Europeans, they tend to have a knowledge of more than one language and to identify strongly with their mother tongue. I have begun to feel uncomfortable with how fluent I am in a white man's language (both English and now Finnish) especially when my language is a minority language in Nigeria. This has led me to the conclusion that I ought to learn one of the languages I mentioned above.

Now, some things about me. I'm turning 20 this year. I'm an art student. I primarily use they/them pronouns, so if you're uncomfortable with the LGBT+ community then please run away. I like reading, listening to music, anime, painting, crocheting, writing, drawing, etc. Ideally, we will have some things in common but it's alright if we don't as far as we vibe. I'm very open-minded, so I don't like people who subscribe to any of the bad -ism's (i.e tribalism, racism, sexism, etc).

If you found this interesting and you speak any of the above languages, do comment or dm me.

I hope you have a lovely day.

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Video Whats the meaning of this song?


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Music Burna Boy went from serving jail time, being banned from the UK for 7 years, went back in 2016 and has gone on to sell out the Wembley, O2 Arena and tonight he’s performing in front of over 80,000 people at London Stadium home of (West Ham) as the first African to sell out a stadium in the UK.


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Music Touring Africa ‘Life-Threatening’


Nigerian singer Yemi Alade claims musical artists avoid touring Africa because it's ‘life-threatening.’ And says the continent does not have the necessary infrastructure. But don't her comments simply add to the Western stereotyping of Africa as a dangerous and backward place? Maybe it's time artists - who've benefitted from using African culture for their musical exploits - cast the continent in a more positive light? Senegalese-American singer, Akon, recently called on African stars to return to their roots and catalyse growth on the continent. We like the sound of that! Listen to Alade’s rant and tell us what you think.

What are your thoughts?

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Pic Hahaha

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Politics Tinubu names Femi Gbajabiamila chief of staff, George Akume cabinet secretary


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Discussion Bringing a big dog to Nigeria.


Does anyone know the most cost effective way to bring a large dog about 25kg to Nigeria. It seems like a nightmare to stage it through the airlines themselves. I worry about the dog in cargo because some layovers are 5 hours or more and if there is a delay you don't know if they were put on a different flight. Any advice?

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Discussion Question about moving money


Hello. I am an American in the US doing a research project on Nigeria based around finances. I am looking to answer a few questions for the project but mainly wondering how difficult it is to move money out of the country from a bank account? Any issues? Limits? Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

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Discussion Cultural Things


I’m black American and have been married to my Nigerian husband for seven years. We met here in the US and I was aware of his status before we married. About a year and half into the marriage I caught him ‘sexting’ an old fwb who he was with prior to me. He (not her) was urging a hookup. Of course I was devastated and he suggested counseling so we went. I’ve been on this maddening rollercoaster ever since. Always getting caught talking inappropriately with women here and abroad. It has been a lot.For my mental and physical health, I have to let my husband go, even though I still love him. Because I’ve been manipulated for so long, I’ve allowed myself to believe things he tells me because it’s just easier and keeps the peace. But, I know how ‘our wife’ is used as a term of endearment but I saw messages between my husband and an ex from Nigeria (she was married, too) and he calls her ‘my wife’ and she calls him ‘my husband’, they call each other ‘babe’ and ‘dear’ (I know dear can be used generically, but still). They said I love you to each other. Lots of other crap. He’s tried to convince me (smirking, mocking, anger) that these are normal cultural terms of endearment but I know he’s lying again. He says they’ve been friends since grade school so it’s just fun. I guess I’d just like some insight. I’m just trying to make sense of my reality. This isn’t normal, right?

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Culture In American is it normal to take anything in the fridge not minding or asking who has it even though it was shared amicably & everyone got his/her is it alright to also take someone else's or is that greed


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Pic Read this thread and weep for the jungle we call a country

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News Why INEC objected to certified electoral documents tendered by Atiku, Obi - Lawyer


The panel chair, Mr Tsammani, faulted INEC’s lawyer’s explanation concerning its objection to the admissibility of the documents.

The justice recalled that all lawyers to parties in the petitions had agreed to give such explanations at the address stage of proceedings.

In response, Mr Pinhero apologised to the court.

The lawyer clarified that he was compelled to speak up owing to the barrage of media criticisms that trailed their objection to the tendering of the documents.

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Ask Naija Pan-Africanism


What do pan-Africanists think of the existence of ISIS and Islamic terrorism in Nigeria and other African countries? A lot of Muslim Africans would rather unite with Muslims in the Middle East to kill their fellow Africans

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Sports Who's excited for Team Nigeria Super Falcons playing in the FIFA Women's World Cup 2023? 😎🙌❤️⚽🏆


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General What Type Of Girl That Nigerian boys/man like?


Hi, first of all I'm dating with Nigerian man rn But I'm Asian girls, he's look very love me but im not sure is I'm a type that he like or not(I know it's sound weird to ask, but I want to know more about this things, and include about Nigerian culture, life also) , so I literally don't know what type of girl do Nigerian people like. Like, so please gentleman or woman around here tell me.

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General Tinubu: Tame corruption or fail spectacularly

Thumbnail punchng.com