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Code Durian My wife is convinced that she needs alarms at 415am 530am and every 10min from 6am in order to be up by 7am, why?


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Code Raspberry What percentage of you have seen your national animal? American Eagle? Canadian Beaver? Kiwi? Kangaroo? English Lion, Scottish Unicorn?


The kiwi bird is extremely rare, shy and nocturnal (unlike the Chinese gooseberry fruit of the same name) and very few of us New Zealanders have seen a kiwi in the wild.

I guess bald eagles are even rarer in zoos, far up and away in nature. English Lions are barely plausible and unicorns?!

How many people have seen their national animal?

Edit: Denmark has the red squirrels AND mute swans. Common in city parks and seems like cheating a winner

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Code Strawberry When driving past cows, you say “cows” in a low monotone voice. It’s a rule. Does this exist for non-English speakers?


For example, you’re driving along in the Italian countryside, and pass some cows. Do you say “La mucca”? Or in Germany do you say “kuhs” when you drive past?

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Code Blueberry Why does it matter that Trump is indicted? Aren’t they just going to fine him and let him go?


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Code Passionfruit A hotel is claiming I smoked in the room and won't return the fee. I'm a non-smoker. What can I do?


Basically as the title states. I stayed in a hotel a couple months ago and was charged the $300 cleaning fee for smoking. I do not smoke and have never touched a cigarette. I stayed there with my baby and didn't leave any mess as I've worked in housekeeping before so I'm polite with how I leave my rooms. Credit card company wants proof I contacted them and proof the terms and conditions were explained to me before reversing the charge

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Code Pear is there a reason kyoto and tokyo have the same letters eachother but arranged differently?


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Code Apple Is it me or has the internet been quiet with April Fools?


So far I have only seen a few AFJ but Reddit has been quiet about it like it is a normal day. It might be because I am Australian but it is probably 11am in the Pacific America at the moment on the first of April, so it feels strange.

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Code Watermelon Which is worse for your overall health: a cigarette or a donut?


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Code Eggplant Since women are born with all their eggs, does it mean that someone with a shorter menstrual cycle (like 28 days) is losing eggs faster than someone with a longer cycle (idk 35 or more days)


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Code Eggplant What Do People Call Video Game Easter Eggs In Other Languages?


The term "Easter Egg" has a cultural connotation that may not translate to a country where Easter is not as commonly practiced. In countries like China for example, do they also call them "Easter Eggs," or do they use an alternative term? How do they differ between languages or communities like that of Japan?

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Code Banana Why is yogurt almost exclusively marketed to women? I'm a guy, yet can't get enough of the stuff.


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Cancer is slowly taking my mom away and I would love to give her the best birthday next week. I'm broke at the moment due to the medical expense, but what birthday ideas I can do for her?


Like the title says, I want to give my mommy the best birthday ever! My job is really not enough to cover a simple celebration and I'm also the sole breadwinner. The medical expenses has been killing me but I'll do everything for her. Anyway, her birthday is coming up and I would love to do something for her that she won't forget. Everything is falling apart, but I want to keep her spirits up.

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Why are we giving criminals like Jeffrey Dahmer documentaries?


Criminals shouldn't be treated like celebrities, they should be treated how they are. Why are we giving them more attention that they don't deserve?

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Unanswered How could a lactose intolerant person consume breast milk when they were a baby?


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Unanswered why does the world feel so drastically different than it did several years ago?


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Would you accept higher taxes to enable universal mental health care?


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Answered If I’ve never let my car completely run out of fuel, could that mean that there are still some molecules of gasoline floating around in there from the time I bought it?


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Dealing with social hostility now that I’m older?


So I’m an ugly dude who grew up with a really juvenile, anti-social father and an anxiety-ridden mother. For the all of these reasons, I’ve always struggled maintaining relationships with people. However, I always had a vibrant personality and tried various things growing up, I found self-worth with most of my paternalistic figures thinking I’m a “good kid” and people viewing me as a good person, even if they didn’t want to be my friends.

However, now? I’m in my mid 20s and it seems like no matter what I do or where I go, people are just hostile to my presence. Even when there’s no expectation of me entering with other people, they just feel annoyed or hostile to my presence. I try dance class. I try Church. I try volunteering. I try new agey stuff. I try martial arts. I go to my local bar. Every place I go to, and I get this same spirit of “ew what a weirdo” that, admittedly, I got all the time growing up, but I found refuge in small groups of people who liked me for who I was and my paternal figures.

Now, it seems like everyone is like that.

Is there really anything you can do about this? Is there something I’m doing wrong?

Yes I’m getting therapy, and I assure you, I’m not delusional.

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The JAG officer gave training on urinalysis and court appeals, and now males on the Navy base have to drop their pants and underwear to their knees for random drug tests. Why is that a requirement?


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Is there a reason why so many bus stops are right before/right after traffic lights?


mildly stoned on a bus right now. out of the 15 stops we've been at so far, 12 of them were right before/after traffic lights. is there an architectural reason for this or am i just too high to understand basic street design

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Why do blasphemy laws still exist?


Please note that laws that prohibit hurting religious sentiments are also considered blasphemy laws.

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Is it possible to stop a tornado from forming?


You know that video of a dog blocking a dust devil? Can we do something to disrupt the process of a big tornado forming?

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How much does my company know about me?


I work for a multinational company and we have work laptops which we're allowed to take home. Since it's a better machine than my personal laptop, I use it for pretty much everything (like writing this Reddit post). How much do they know? Do they ACTIVELY know what I say during therapy, or the contents of my texts on WhatsApp or the kind of videos I watch on YouTube?

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Anyone else in debt to att due to activation fees? What do I do?


Early 20's. Just got off my parent's family plan with no help

I had to move away and get a whole new phone because she was abusing me and using the phone she bought me to track and stalk me

Had no clue about activation fees. Att staff member was very vague at the end of the service about my bill being higher than expected.

I was expecting it to be slightly higher

I ended up having an emergency and having to leave immediately (my home and job)

Instead of $78/mo and a free phone I ended up owing 200, then 500. My bill after they canceled my plan went from ~700 due to 1600+

I'm very overwhelmed and make barely enough to get by and this is not my only debt