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Chicago man tries to rob woman who turned out to be an off duty officer resulting in a struggle and which he’s shot three times. He would later die from his wounds. FAFO 🇺🇸🤷


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u/banana_delusion 13d ago

She said “ok, watch this”.


u/[deleted] 13d ago

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u/theboxsays 13d ago Gold

Highjacking one of the top comments to correct the title. This was not a totally random robbery. She came out of her building to break up a fight between him and three other guys that she heard. The other guys walked away but he stayed. She and the man spoke a bit, and as she tried to walk away, he tried to disarm and take her gun. That was when this scuffle happened.

full article


u/Ishaan863 13d ago

This makes so much more sense. Because from her dialogue she seems like she was mentally prepared. Initially I just thought she was the most ice cold mf on the street.


u/fishenzooone 13d ago

"watch this" was still ice cold


u/ArtoriasBeaIG 13d ago

When he asks if he's gonna die sounds like she says "You're not gonna die, i killed you" 😳


u/Porkchops101 12d ago

He said, "I don't wanna die." And she says, "Didn't I just say I was gonna kill you?"


u/RepliesPantsless 13d ago

That's actually kinda hot.

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u/OSRSgamerkid 13d ago

My headcanon is that she is the most ice cold mfer on the street still

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u/TheAlroundGamer 13d ago

The family is trying to sue for $10.000.000 lmao. They’re not gonna get shit. They are saying it was excessive force when there is video clear as daylight that the man was warned, still tried to wrestle the gun away, then got shot, still struggling, shot again, both fall to the ground while fighting, then shot one last time, this one probably the one in his hand/hip. If that man had gotten to the gun, the officer would be no more in this world…


u/NeatNefariousness1 13d ago

The guy had ample chances to walk away or to stop his aggression toward her. He thought he could win but he learned the meaning of FAFO. It won't do him any good now though.

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u/daveinpublic 13d ago

Why didn’t she just let him shoot her? Right?

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u/vcr747 13d ago

If that was her home she def can't live there anymore. I'd be countersuing for moving costs. Lol Since we suing over bullshit grounds.

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u/bubblegummybear 13d ago

Quentin Tarantulino called


u/snang 13d ago

Quentin Tarantulino called

An 8-legged Quentin Tarantino? I'd watch that movie.


u/decoy321 13d ago

Oh man, just imagine how much more feet he'd put into his movies.

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u/chi-reply 13d ago

Starring Lernernerner DiCapricorn

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u/DragonFireKai 13d ago

And now it's a curated bi-monthly box of Ammo.

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u/Brodellsky 13d ago

Reminds me of the gas station security guard that said "well mine's real" to the kids that said their gun was fake.


u/puppyfukker 13d ago

Am i shot?

Oh Fuck yeah!

Legend. https://youtu.be/cfsOgarSc-Q


u/BAMspek 13d ago

Oh shit she really fucking said that

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u/Zancrow249 13d ago

That was badass af.


u/preatorian77 13d ago

I gotta tip my cap to the robber as well. Dude got shot three times and didn't even say ouch.


u/Ethereal_Amoeba 13d ago

Right? Adrenaline is a hell of a drug.


u/SendAstronomy 13d ago

It probably got him killed. If he had just crumpled to the ground after the first shot he might have lived.

Instead he is still trying to grab the gun after being shot twice.

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u/ShortMcRichard 13d ago

Took one right to the gut with that first shot to the side by the looks of it?

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u/[deleted] 13d ago

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u/Terri_Schiavo275 13d ago Starry

Woman “I’ll kill you” Man “You gone have to kill me then” Woman “Ok, Watch this” pew pew Man “I’m sooorry”


u/ISeeYourBeaver 13d ago Gold

lol she said "Watch this!" like she was doing a damn magic trick.


u/PaganHacker 13d ago

"you will experience internal bleeding on my next trick"


u/shootymcghee 13d ago

"now on the count of three I want you to take a look inside of your stomach and tell me what you see...is it 3 bullets that used to be inside my gun?" *mindfreak theme plays*

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u/doodpool 13d ago

"Ha! that's where my blood should be"

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u/jamphat 13d ago

"I'm going to make this bullet... disappear"

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u/Turantula_Fur_Coat 13d ago

I love that she obliges him on his guidance. “ok, watch this” has to be one of the best things she could have said. It was very matter of fact.


u/Terri_Schiavo275 13d ago

100% the whole conversation was just great. From ole boy calling her a bitch when he initiated the attack, to her then taking complete control and saying what she’s gonna do to him as she does it. Then of course him calling her baby the second half of the video after she tagged him a couple times.


u/DrawMeAPictureOfThis 13d ago

He died. She was a cop. All charges dropped in the aftermath. Dude made a huge mistake with the end of his life


u/geardownson 13d ago

I found it hilarious after death threats he thought he could say "you got me"

Like he lost connect 4 lol


u/tookMYshovelwithme 13d ago

That is really fucking with me. Good game, well played.. I guess I die now.


u/geardownson 13d ago edited 13d ago

I'm a little older and the trend I've been seeing in crimes, guns, robberies, fights, police ect is that in most of these videos we see the people never thought 2 stops ahead.

It really worries me because when people are that short sighted bad things happen and most can't deal with it. Instead of thinking down the line they end up on tik tik. This guy's short sight was I'll grab and get away. That didn't work. Now I'll threaten. He never planned for stage 3. He was just focused on his prize and got killed over some pocket change.

No different from people legally carrying a gun wronged or see a crime they think they can actually pull their gun. They end up in jail because they had 0 thought of consequences after. They cry "I didn't mean that" or I didn't know I couldn't do that! '

The best ones I see is people capping other people and they are legally allowed to carry. They claim fear for their lives when the other is unarmed.. Doesn't go well..


u/busymakinstuff 13d ago

Not thinking two steps ahead is the case in many bad situations in life, with driving, domestic violence, more.. People want that instant gratification or impulsive dopamine kick.


u/barsoapguy 13d ago

We should teach chess and checkers in schools more.

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u/jakeandcupcakes 13d ago edited 13d ago Gold

Some would say a large portion of his life leading up to this moment was a series of huge mistakes of which he learned nothing. People do not wake up one day thinking, "This is the day! I'm going to loiter around the street and rob a bitch!". No, this is a culmination of mistakes and circumstances, perhaps some outside of his control, but absolutely not all outside of his control, that lead to this one final mistake.

I am sure there were moments in his life where a helping hand, mental health assistance, or better friends could have led to a different outcome. Maybe there were times when he thought to himself, "Do I really want to continue on this path?", and unfortunately, it seems the answer would have been yes.

EDIT: After reading the news article farther down in the comments, it seems he was not just trying to rob her but steal her firearm. She had broken up a fight involving the man, had words with him, and walked away. As she had her back turned, he then said "Give me that gun, bitch!" and tried to take it from her side. My point still stands as this is not normal behavior for an average person.


u/Unresponsiveskeleton 13d ago

Don't do the crime if you can win stupid prizes.


u/[deleted] 13d ago


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u/HamTMan 13d ago

Hands down, best audio for one of these clips. Fuck around and find out…


u/-MichaelScarnFBI 13d ago

“You’ve been watching film huh? That’s cool watch this”.

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u/GlockAF 13d ago

Didn’t I just say that?

Yes, in fact, she did, multiple times. The ass hat should’ve listened

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u/JarlaxleForPresident 13d ago

It’s really fucking sad it had to come to that, but she warned him and he said to do it. That’s her life on the line. That’s 100% justifiable taking someone’s life. Really fucking sucks for both of them.

Honestly I’m glad he ran into her instead of someone else that couldnt defend themselves. Still sucks she had to kill someone.

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u/ViniVidiOkchi 13d ago

I hate that in movies the hero has a gun pointed at their head and says "you're just going to have to shoot me" and the villain doesn't shoot them. That's absolutely the wrist thing to say. You're literally testing someone's self integrity and word. Never double down on getting shot.


u/Schenkspeare 13d ago

But that train of thought has also given us the great quote from the guy who was stabbed:

"What are you gonna do, stab me?"


u/chevymonster 13d ago

This will make you feel better - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSrx8HEVe78


u/Chili_Paste 13d ago

American gangster is so underrated.

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u/TeddyPuffDerGrass 13d ago

Damn baby I’m sorry


u/Neat-Ad-9550 13d ago

He meant to say, 'Damn baby, I'm sorry I picked a woman with with a gun. Please spare me.'


u/adamfrog 13d ago

Apparently he was trying to steal the gun lol, he was mad the cop broke up a fight with him and someone else. What a moron, surprised he lived to be an adult in the first place


u/StarkaTalgoxen 13d ago

Some people really do have the impulse control of a badly trained dog.

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u/Alklazaris 13d ago

" Didn't I just say "I'll kill you?" "

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u/TrigoTrihard 13d ago

The "I'm sorry baby" made me cringe.


u/cal_nevari 13d ago

He should have tried "Can I have a 'do-over'?"

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u/pHiLLy_dRiVinG 13d ago

Especially because he was still attacking her after taking 2 rounds. Showed what a lying, get-over bitch he was.

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u/yor_ur 13d ago

“Watch this”

Woman is brutal


u/MrPoopieMcCuckface 13d ago

“Damn you shot me for real”


“Ok ok I’m sorry”

Too late dude.


u/Vic18t 13d ago


u/clickism 13d ago

Lmao. The best use of this GIF I have seen.

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u/Andibular 13d ago

*shocked Pikachu face

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u/nn-DMT 13d ago

If I heard the back and forth right:

Her: "I'll kill you"
Him: "You gonna have to kill me then.."
Her: "Watch this"
Her: "I told you I'd kill you!"
Him: "Ah, I'm sorry. You got me"

Lol, fucking savage.


u/EelTeamNine 13d ago

And then by the sounds of it he continued going for the gun, got shot again, says sorry, goes for it again, gets shot AGAIN and says sorry again.


u/JRHartllly 13d ago

Good for her, you can say sorry all you want but until you show you're not a threat don't expect the other person to stop defe ding themself

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u/TheIntrepid1 13d ago

Is there a news article about this?


u/Xboxgamer147 13d ago


u/[deleted] 13d ago

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u/NemesisRouge 13d ago

$10m?! Where did they bury him, Mars?


u/BrawnyDevil 13d ago

They had to carry out a nuclear waste disposal for toxic trash like that.

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u/newcomer_l 13d ago

Agreed. I don't understand how they can argue she "knew or should have known that such force was not necessary in light of the circumstances". He was trying to grab her gun, started with "gimme that gun bitch". He is bigger than her so she doesn't have the luxury of being able to fight him off without the gun. Plus, how was she to know he wasn't gonna shoot her with it?

And he didn't stop trying to grab her gun after she tagged him once, or twice. Fuck is wrong with people?


u/Soup_69420 13d ago

They’re likely just hoping for a little “this is cheaper and less trashy than squashing you in court” settlement. They think a bigger number will command more attention.


u/sldsapnuawpuas 13d ago

I hate the society we live in. It’s seriously come down to this where the scumbag family can sue someone for defending their life. I hope this lawsuit gets tossed out.

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u/BuzzGaming 13d ago

Gives me vibes of that gas station security guard coming through the door shooting the two robbers.


u/Aint-Nuttin-Easy 13d ago

“Oh well mines is real”


u/nickfree 13d ago

"Am I shot?"

"Oh fuck yeah."

"oh. fuck."


u/TwistedBamboozler 13d ago

you lost alotta blood


u/darth_smith 13d ago

The way he shot those criminals is the way I spray bugs with RAID.


u/emeraldcitynoob 13d ago


u/Bear-Ferr 13d ago

"Oh fuck yeah"


u/foxapotamus 13d ago

Am I shot? Oh fuck yea


u/esieves 13d ago

U know of any more clips like this? That was fuckin badass jesus

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u/DuBcEnT 13d ago

They need to get together and have a kid, make us a new Shaft.

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u/tittyslinky 13d ago

“Ok I’m sorry, I don’t wanna die” continues fighting..


u/OkMeringue2249 13d ago

I think maybe he was hoping she would let up and then that would be his opportunity to take her gun

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u/ChungusMcGoodboy 13d ago

So anyway I started blastin

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u/rockmake 13d ago

Dude really said “ I’m sorry sweetheart“ and “ Damn Baby” then just died. 😂


u/afternever 13d ago

Before he got shot be call her bitch, then he changed to the sweet talk


u/Alternative-Mud9728 13d ago

Criminals begging for mercy is the most mindblowing thing to me. If this lady had begged for her shit to not get stolen, he’s prob curb stomp her and brag about his easy “lick”. If your gonna be a “gangster”, you better be ready to die a gangster.


u/Moon_Atomizer 13d ago

This is not always true. I once had a tweaker return my stolen laptop because he felt bad. Not saying this guy is capable of feeling remorse or sympathy but not every person who commits a crime is a sociopath


u/Greasyclamhammer 13d ago

He probably looked at your search history


u/joyesthebig 13d ago

" fuck, I can't get caught with this filth" guy who robbed you probably.


u/RaptorPrime 13d ago

didn't even want an innocent landfill worker to get caught up the evidence was so damning

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u/AshingiiAshuaa 13d ago

Unfortunately for him, she turned out to be a fighter not a lover.

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u/TheInfamous1011 13d ago

“You got me. You got me”💀💀💀


u/cranmaster69 13d ago

same energy as this old family guy cutaway


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u/Boon-Lord 13d ago

Literally the funniest final words ever.

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u/jimbodean69 13d ago

It’s crazy to me when criminals like this start begging for mercy like “oooo I don’t wanna die” like bro she didn’t wanna get stomped and robbed. Play stupid games…


u/formerPhillyguy 13d ago

and yet, the guy wouldn't let go of her after being shot twice..


u/BlueKnight44 13d ago

I have been thinking about that. My uneducated speculation is that after you've been shot, your fight or flight response is off the chart and you just react. The guy probably knew somewhere in his mind that was a bad call, but he was operating on pure instinct. He chose fight and fight he did, regardless of what his mind was telling him.


u/umamifiend 13d ago edited 13d ago

Getting shot is not like the movies.

It doesn’t knock you down, or stop you- it just slices right through you.

Often it takes a while for someone to physically register the damage that was done, and it can take a while to succumb to the injury, as well.

Edit: obviously different caliber weapons & choice of ammo create differing damage patterns, and have varying levels of stopping power. This wasn’t a shot gun- it was a small caliber conceal carry hand gun.


u/RicketyRekt69 13d ago

Adrenaline is the reason why. It has very little to do with the actual bullet and more to do with where you’re hit. Heart, head, spine? Near instant.

Reminds me of the combat footage of a Russian soldier hiding in an outdoor toilet. 2-3 Ukrainians lit his ass up through the door, he made it outside and about 10 feet away before collapsing. Probably took 10-20 rounds before one of them hit one of those 3 spots and he died instantly. Adrenaline is a hell of a thing

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u/Jackit8932 13d ago

Definitely wasn't a fight response. There are more survival responses than just fight or flight.

Fight, Flight, Freeze, Flop and Fawn.

After knowing that, its very clear what response took over 😅


u/eMan117 13d ago

What's fawn, and does it involve being able to pet ababy dear


u/rreighe2 13d ago

sometimes... but not this time.

i think he kinda went fawn. "okay okay baby you got me" or something like that.

from the website below: "The fawn response may show up as people-pleasing, even to your detriment."


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u/finemustard 13d ago

There's also Posture which is when you try to look very threatening in order to scare off your opponent.

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u/jcgtrz 13d ago

The crazy thing about it, is the family of the robber sued for the death of the criminal! The world is backwards!


u/mrpriveledge 13d ago

They didnt win.


u/RJMaCReady19 13d ago

Hasn't been litigated yet.

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u/[deleted] 13d ago

[removed] — view removed comment


u/saucemaking 13d ago

I love it when families let everybody know their loser relative peaked years ago at a crappy graduation.

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u/cardino11 13d ago

They should have to pay her, if we're being honest


u/Aaron_Hamm 13d ago

That countersuit would be amazing lol

"You think I owe you? Watch this."


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u/AcadianMan 13d ago

Did they win? Because you can sue for practically anything, it doesn’t mean you will win.

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u/Lazerspewpew 13d ago

It's all a game to these dumb fucks. Until it very quickly isn't.

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u/phoenix_reborn82 13d ago

He went from a tough guy saying "Give me that, bitch" to a coward crying "Don't kill me" real quickly. Good for her. Scary to think of what he might have done to her if she wasn't carrying a piece.


u/deftones_bro 13d ago

Post-gut shot clarity.


u/rub_a_dub-dub 13d ago

oof those gastric juices leaking out of their lining fucking everything.

The nerves must be screaming

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u/Bigboss123199 13d ago

It sounds like he attacked her for the gun. When he goes to attack her he says give me that gun.

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u/sadkrampus 13d ago

Thankfully he’s dead so he won’t be able to do anything like this again.

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u/AbsorbingMan 13d ago

“Ok, watch this.”

Ended up being a way better catchphrase than Dirty Harry’s “Go ahead, make my day.”


u/IllEchidna8313 13d ago

Go ahead punk make my day is a legendary comp

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u/MENG-GMS 13d ago

off duty officer

Surprised that it wasn't Brazil.


u/cdizzle99 13d ago

She was 1/4 Brazilian


u/Rudy_Ghouliani 13d ago

I could see that cake from space so that checks out

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u/Xboxgamer147 13d ago

The guy ended up dying. His family has no shame and is suing since she was an off duty cop.


u/El_Diablo9001 13d ago

Which is hilarious cause he basically says

“If you don’t kill me im gonna hurt you”

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u/Pareia0408 13d ago

Which is crazy cause even if he wasn't still holding onto her she probably had her own fight or flight response too. She was an off duty copy she wasn't expecting to be robbed randomly down the street.

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u/-SuperTrooper- 13d ago

Won't matter, she's not acting in her capacity as a cop but as a victim of an assault or possible robbery. Any suit naming the city or the PD, which has the big pockets, will instantly get dismissed.

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u/CarcosaBound 13d ago

It’s only because she’s a cop. I’m like 95% sure this case will be dismissed or found not liable, but man, what a shameless lot of humans to sue

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u/alexbigshid 13d ago edited 11d ago

And this is exactly why you basically need concealed carry insurance (if you dont already have a lawyer), mine only costs me $30 a month and covers bail, legal fees and an attorney, cancel anytime too


u/CarlGustav2 13d ago

Second this. Criminal defense against a manslaughter or similar charge can cost many tens of thousands of dollars if it goes to trial. Then add on the inevitable civil suit even if it doesn't go to trial.

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u/Jimberwolf_ 13d ago

Sorry not gonna cut it homie!! What an absolute imbecile


u/DredPRoberts 13d ago

I told you I was gonna kill a ya. Didn't I? Didn't l?!

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u/PNVVJAY 13d ago

she really said “watch this” and shoots him in the gut lmfao

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u/Electric_Minx 13d ago edited 13d ago

"DIDN'T I JUST SAY I'D KILL YOU? DIDN'T I?!" meanwhile this mf over here beggin' for his life because he ignored her first warning, and oh, look, he ded. She's legendary.

Edit: Here's a bigger video. She was trying to HELP HIM. WTF is wrong with people?


u/bluebonnetz 13d ago

How in the fuck do you from getting legitimate help from someone to robbing them and then getting killed by them all within a span of 5 mins?!?.. You cant make this shit up


u/Electric_Minx 13d ago edited 12d ago

Just Chicago things.

Source: Lived on the south side for about 4 years. People get deleted for stupid shit all the time. This one just so happened to be justified. People are jackasses.

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u/Dakooder 13d ago

Their parents named his sister Tequila. Jfc

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u/realparkingbrake 13d ago

Did you think I was PLAYING!?!?

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u/janedeaux 13d ago

Tequila is seeking the vast sum as she suffered 'loss of companionship and society, grief, sorrow and mental anguish' following her brother's death.

I hope the cop countersues their asses off.


u/rsplatpc 13d ago

I hope the cop countersues their asses off.

and wins the staggering amount of money in their savings account?


u/Itsnotthateasy808 13d ago

His sisters name is tequila smfh


u/sirpogo 13d ago

This give SOOO much more context to this.


u/NCStore 13d ago

“she shot dead man after he lunged for her gun”

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u/PM_ME_Y0UR_BOOBZ 13d ago

Title is kinda misleading:

The private surveillance footage, released by the Civilian Office of Police Accountability, initially shows Leevon Smith arguing with a group of people in the 1300 block of West 90th Street just before 1 p.m. on Jan. 18.

The off-duty officer eventually leaves an apartment building, tries to diffuse the conflict and urges those involved to “calm down.” The other people take off, but Smith sticks around and talks to the officer for just over a minute.

As she turns to head back into the apartment building, the video appears to show Smith reach for the officer’s handgun, setting off a struggle.

“I’ll kill you,” the officer yells before firing two shots.

“You got me. You got me,” Smith says.



u/classyfishstick 13d ago

hes even more of a dirtbag then i though.


u/khando 13d ago

I always wonder how any of these people that do dumb shit like this and get killed even make it this far in life. Like cmon man, you lived 39 fucking years on this earth just to get shot doing something like this? How?

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u/ProfessionalMeal2407 13d ago

What a fucking garbage clickbait article headline, that journalists should lose their fucking job

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u/schminkles 13d ago

What are you going to do? Shoot me? man who was shot

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u/Shiny_Mewtwo_Fart 13d ago

1000% justified. Only a few days ago a scumbag robbed a woman and caused her whole body paralyzed.

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u/adam12hicks 13d ago

She’s a woman of her word.

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u/[deleted] 13d ago

[removed] — view removed comment


u/Front_Application_73 13d ago

that's what happens when you try to rob an off duty police officer

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u/fattyriches 13d ago edited 13d ago

And yet, the victims family still has the audacity to file a 10m lawsuit against the City and this women claiming she used 'excessive force' despite being attacked and potentially assualted/raped.

How did we go from #MeToo to now being okay with frivolous lawsuits by abusers who attack innocent women? It seems regardless what you do, if a cop kills you the media will always view you as victim even if its an women whos off-duty.

CBS even criticized the women for failing to render aid after despite the abuser still being on his feet and attacking the women. If a rape victim ends up shooting their assualter does CBS think they have an onus to render aid despite being traumatized?

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u/Sendfeetpics12 13d ago

The dialog here was so badass it felt scripted, holy shit. She has balls of titanium for keeping her cool.


u/OnFolksAndThem 13d ago

It 100% sounds like a movie

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u/xFILTHx 13d ago

Sure went from give me your shit bitch to im sorry real fast, about 1 bullet.

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u/iumesh135 13d ago

Nothing of value was lost

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u/JesusWuta40oz 13d ago

He was only sorry because she was armed.


u/you_miami 13d ago

Incredibly, the dead man's family is suing the police department and the woman:

It comes as Smith's sister, Tequila Smith, launched a $10 million lawsuit against the City of Chicago and the police officer. 

Tequila is seeking the vast sum as she suffered 'loss of companionship and society, grief, sorrow and mental anguish' following her brother's death. The Smith family is being represented by Chicago-based civil rights lawyer David Kadzai.

The officer is accused of using excessive and violent physical force to kill Smith, whose name is repeatedly misspelled in the documents. 


u/YMCAle 13d ago

What kind of parent looks at their fresh baby and names it Tequila?


u/halp-im-lost 13d ago

People with more sperm than brain cells.


u/Fictional_Animal 13d ago

Because the name Jose Cuervo is trademarked.

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u/SwayY_1121 13d ago

“Watch this” she’s a fucking LEGEND!!


u/ConvivialKat 13d ago

This idiot. Still hanging on to her, after she shot him. Darwin effect in play.


u/cdizzle99 13d ago

Say baby one one time I dare you say it again


u/theedgycringer 13d ago

Workplace accident


u/SpectralChris 13d ago

Then the dumbass criminal family decided to sue the officer


u/cashedashes 13d ago

She literally said, "Ima kill you."Watch this?"

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u/impreprex 13d ago

Even while dying, his apologies sound hollow. He didn't mean that shit - he just knew he fucked up.

As an extremely empathetic person, I can't say I felt bad for this guy.

She tried to help him. But then he pulls that shit?

No. Some people are just beyond help, unfortunately.

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u/peachyqueen45 13d ago

Found out the Guys sister tried to sue the city for 10Mil… tldr… she didn’t get her money


u/TreyHunnit 13d ago

I’m sorry hahahaha you got me bruh hot bullets be humbling these fools them manners came all the way to the surface


u/ScaryDirection1981 13d ago


More info she was helping that guy at first


u/UserNameNotOnList 13d ago

Thanks for that. I was thinking that something was off that she was just casually walking that close to someone when there was plenty of sidewalk.


u/I_dab_rez 13d ago

Imagine living your entire life to have it end just like this.... smh. Criminals are fucking stupid.

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u/Jakespartan44 13d ago

Narrator: she did in fact kill him.