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Discussion 💬 Weekly /r/Somalia Discussion thread - June 05, 2023


Please feel free to use this thread to discuss whatever interests you, it doesn't have to be Somalia related!

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The beautiful liido beach in Mogadishu


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Xadiiskaan xusuusno


Mujahid aaka sheekeyay:

Cabdullah bin Cumar wuxuu yiri: Nabiga (ﷺ) ayaa garabka iga qabtey oo yiri:

Aduunyadaan ku joog sidaad tahay qof shisheeye ama masaafir ah.

Ibn Cumar wuu dihii jiray:

Haddii aad noolato ilaa caawadii, haa ka filanin inaad noolato ilaa waaberiga, haddii aad noolato ilaa subaxda, ha filanin inaad noolato ilaa fiidkii. Ka qaado caafimaadkaaga jirradaada iyo ka qaado noloshaada geeridaada.

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History ⏳ What happened to the luxurious tombs of Mogadishu? These are some British depictions from the year 1700


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Astaghfirullah What's your sexual fantasy that will remain a sexual fantasy?


Mine is getting spanked with a paddle while eating pudding.

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Help translating food allergies in to Somali?


Hi! My son has severe food allergies so we are making cards to give to chefs at restaurants. We’d like to translate the allergens into Somali . Can anyone help me translate the following into Somali?

  • Dairy products
  • Eggs
  • Peanuts
  • Tree nuts
  • Sesame

Thank you so much!! We’re ready to start going to restaurants and these cards will make us feel more comfortable.

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When there are no safety regulations, these construction workers risk their lives


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How do you usually greet your father?


We get along well, but I can't recall the last time I gave him a hug, kiss or even a handshake.

(Mid 20s male)

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Keeping Time in pure Somali

Thumbnail instagram.com

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Which do you enjoy most? I want to see something.

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Rant 🗣️ We need to fix our eating habits!


Most Somali people I’ve met suffer from acid reflux, severe fatigue and stomach issues, caused by many different factors. In my opinion, I think the biggest cause is gluten (wheat flour) ex: canjelo, roti, baasto, malawax. Almost all grains are GMO. You guys should try going 100% for a month gluten free, and then after a month try eating flour. If you get sick then you should stay away from all gluten. American food is already full of inflammatory ingredients, sugar alcohols, gums, thickeners, preservatives, and artificial sweeteners. I have never met a Somali family that prioritizes their health and eats a diet full of organic whole foods, leafy greens, and high quality protein. Almost all Somali women in cold places like Minnesota, Toronto, Scandinavia, and the UK have SEVERE Iron and Vitamin D deficiencies and we should be eating diets that can give us a lot of iron and vitamin D, as well as take supplements. Oily soups, siliid macsaro, fatty/fried meats cooked in a bucket of siliid… This is unacceptable! This year I suggested to my hooyo that we have a healthy Ramadan and everyone was looking at me crazy… 😒

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How many children do you plan on having/or have


Me personally 5 or 7

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Serious Answers Is it bad to state that I am only half Somali?


I recently got into an argument with my mother (Somali) about me stating that I am half Somali to strangers. For the record, I am just Black because my dad is African-American, but I make the distinction whenever people ask me out of not wanting to just claim one over the other (especially when other Somali people ask how I understand them).

I do not look distinctly East African, and I grew up here in the States all my life so it does not feel right to say I am Somali. She said they don't do that in "her culture" and that I am insecure in my Blackness/identity; I appreciate both sides but I don't believe in just having people claim one side for convenience. I mostly say I am either Black, Half and Half, my MOTHER is Somali, etc, which I can understand can come off as pretentious but do not mean it to distance myself. In the same way, I view people who are monoracial vs biracial, etc. Is it bad to just say that I am? Is

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Why are houses like mansions back home so expensive?


So I saw this tiktok the other day this mansion in Mogadishu going for 370,000$ I can understand location , land and materials cost quite a lot but this seems very exaggerated with the price

I even saw this mansion in Nairobi going for 130,000$ and that looked more modern, top interior and was furnised


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History ⏳ A history of the Majeerteen Sultanate: 1700-1927.


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I’ve had a discussion recently with one of my coworkers who happens to be a Somali sister regarding our community not allowing younger men marrying older sisters be it a difference of 1 or 10 years in age why is a taboo apparently the sister told me that it’s not ideal


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The World's Most Dangerous Economy: Somalia | Economics Explained


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How many of y’all went to dhaqan celis? Just curious

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I did
I didn’t

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Development 🏗️ building a school or apartment complex in a stable region of somalia? serious answers only


I have $26,500 USD and I have 3 options? serious answers on which

Considering the potential for long-term profitability, I am contemplating three options for maximizing returns on my small piece of land in the stable region of northern Somalia: building an apartment property, establishing a private school, or engaging in small-scale farming.

Constructing an apartment property presents a lucrative opportunity to capitalize on the growing demand for housing in the region. By developing an apartment complex, I can secure a consistent stream of rental income as the population expands and the region experiences economic growth.

Establishing a private school holds promise as education is highly valued, and parents prioritize quality schooling for their children. By creating a reputable educational institution, I can attract students from the local community and potentially beyond, ensuring a reliable stream of tuition fees.

Lastly, small-scale farming offers a dependable business option as agriculture is always in demand. By engaging in small-scale farming, I can meet the local demand for crops and potentially expand my operations over time.

In summary, the three options for maximizing returns on my land in northern Somalia are building an apartment property, establishing a private school, or engaging in small-scale farming. Each option presents unique advantages and potential profitability, and I will carefully evaluate the feasibility and market dynamics to make an informed decision.

I edited my post by the way , so sorry about the title.

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WTF ಠ_ಠ One thing I’ve always found ironic in Somali culture


If you ever go to a Somali mixed wedding 9/10 times you gonna see a Somali girl with a seethrough diraac and her bra and stomach is showing and nobody bats an eyelid even the moms are chill about it

But than when girls be wearing jeans or pants they being told it’s ceeb , showing of her body and to cover up so she listens to her moms advice and she starts wearing a maxi skirt but the ironic thing is its tight and showing off her curves and booty more than the pants even did and now the moms chill about it

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Why am I only attracted to somali men?


A lot of really good ajanabi guys are attracted to me but I always prefer somali guys. But the somali guys that i meet arent ones i would like to marry. Like they dont have their life sorted out. I dont even know what to do at this point.

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Discussion 💬 Jasiirada Socotra The island of Socotra


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Any one here in Canada?


Asc. My dad is in Toronto and wants to sponsor us to go to Canada, that is my mom and 6 children.

I heard it's pretty expensive in Canada. Dad does UberEATS. How can he support us?

Can someone explain to me what happens once we land in the airport? Thanks.

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Situation in Somalia


Can someone tell me how the situation is in Somalia right now and specifically Mogadishu, has it improved or not?

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Can We Be Proud of Our Own KNOWN Heritage?


Instead of claiming to be puntites, ancient Egyptians, and the mysterious and possibly non-existent macrobians?

It's painful seeing Somalis latch on to mythical, uncertain, and unverified histories. It's giving ....low self esteem.

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Serious Answers Completing the constitution


How can Hassan sheikh mohamud successfully complete the constitution? As you guys know the news that came out of the NCC recently how they want to remove the PM post and move towards a president and vice president on the same ticket in a 1p 1v election. They also proposed 2 political party and a term limit of 5 years. This created a uproar from oppositions though they welcomed the proposed 1p 1v. What does HSM need to do to complete the constitution? Would you say bring everyone on the table (including puntland and Somaliland) as well as past presidents as well as cultural and religious leaders and get everyone to agree to a system which will work well in Somalia ? Let me know your thoughts.