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Megathread The Eras Tour Megathread: Chicago, IL (Warning: Spoilers)


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Hey Chicago! Are you ready to make the whole place shimmer?

Please use this thread to share photos and videos, talk about the show, arrange meetups, ask questions, etc. We will be posting a new thread for every city.

Please do not post spoilers on the sub as they will be removed.

Show list

  • June 2nd @ Soldier Field with girl in red & OWENN

  • June 3rd @ Soldier Field with girl in red & OWENN

  • June 4th @ Soldier Field with MUNA & Gracie Abrams

For more information, make sure to check out the official Eras Tour website. Upcoming tour dates can also be seen in our events widget.

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I know this isn’t about Taylor exactly but I wanted to see what you guys thought on this sub! I don’t think I’ve seen lots of discussion here about this yet.

See open letter and more information here: open letter and detailed info and Reddit blackout (this sub doesn’t allow cross-posting)

TLDR; Reddit is gonna kill off 3rd party apps

Not sure how many of you are active on other subreddits or on Reddit overall, but the recent API changes/announcements are a huge deal. For many people, including myself, I use Reddit on 3rd party apps exclusively. I don’t use Reddit on my computer because I usually doom scroll on it and the official app is not functional in comparison.

What does this mean for r/taylorswift? It means that there may be a significant drop in users. I don’t know the numbers because I am not a mod, but just a regular lurker. However, I do know that I will be quitting Reddit (and this sub) if I can’t use Apollo anymore because I will have no way to use this app.

Anyways I just wanted to see what you all think, since this sub is THE place I go to for Taylor updates and discussions. Twitter is a cesspool and I don’t use tiktok. I really like this sub and I want to keep using it. Please consider joining the blackout and signing the open letter!

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Discussion TMZ reports Taylor and Matty have broken up


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Official Social Media ☑️ Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) track list

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News Taylor Swift Still Isn’t Your Friend


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Photo And they said Speak Now 💜

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Costume 🎭 I knit a shawl for the Eras Tour!

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Official Social Media ☑️ Taylor has announced the back cover & vault tracks of Speak Now (Taylor’s Version 💜

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Discussion Am I the only one who is sad that Speak Now isn't getting a puzzle?


The tracklist got published today, as we all know, and most likely cos of the leak (if someone doesn't know: someone posted a pic of it online before Taylor). Taylor has reacted quickly and posted the whole tracklist to prevent giving the leak more attention but... This means there won't be any puzzle. No crossword or decoding. And that makes me genuinely sad.

Why are people so obssesed of getting to know every single detail asap? I feel this leak didn't enhace SNTV experience, but rather hindered it. The puzzles were part of the re-recording journey, and I can't help thinking that, given that Taylor isn't releasing all at once, shouldn't we just enjoy the trip? Play the games, be surprised, see what she offers.

Idk, maybe this is very childish, but the puzzles were one of my favourite parts of all this. Am I the only one who's sad about this?

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News “Karma” feat. Ice Spice debuts at No. 2 on this week’s Hot 100

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Discussion Castles Crumbling Theory???


When I saw that Hayley Williams is gonna be featured on “Castles Crumbling” my first thought was “wait doesn’t Paramore have a song about that already?”

Turns out, yeah. It’s called Brick by Boring Brick. The lyrics feature fairy tale imagery and it’s all about growing up, putting on fronts, etc. Like, watch the music video and tell me it doesn’t have Taylor Swift energy (it’s such a bop too)!!! https://youtu.be/A63VwWz1ij0

I can’t find anything objectively confirming Taylor’s new song will be an extension of this one or that it’s related, but the timeline sorta adds up with Speak Now’s release (2010), since Brick by Boring Brick came out a year earlier…

I found this twitter thread from 2021 though, and…I mean look at it: https://twitter.com/kissevermore/status/1439966198741929993?s=20

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Art Want everyone to know that I make guitar pick necklaces instead of friendship bracelets


Do…do I tag this as art or something else?

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News "Cruel Summer" is now Taylor's most streamed non-single of all-time on Spotify, surpassing "Don't Blame Me".

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Tour/Concerts Taylor chokes up while singing ‘wondering if I dodged a bullet or just lost the love of my life’


I was at the show last night, Chicago N2, and even before this song my friend and I noticed Taylor seemed sad this show. She cried or got choked up a few times, and I truly don’t like to speculate too much because I just love her music. But it didn’t seem happy sad, she had a sad sad vibe. She choked up while singing this line and it just made me feel for her. Of course we’ll never know what’s going on in her life but I recently got out of a long relationship almost as long as hers, and I flip flopped between feeling fine and being sad on a weekly basis. Of course it could be anything but this performance was beautiful and emotional and I wanted to share it.

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Art Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) by Alef Vernon

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Tour/Concerts First Secret Song, N3 Chicago, with clear vocals

Thumbnail youtu.be

I've seen other videos uploaded, but I was in the literal back row for my show so I was able to get pretty clear vocals without much crowd interference. Thought y'all might appreciate! Also YouTube sadly jacked up the video quality 🥲

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Merch New Speak Now (Taylor's Version) vinyl

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Art The Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) Castle

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Discussion Can you be a fan and not care about Taylor's personal life?


My somewhat controversial take: I'm not invested in Taylor Swift's personal life. Don't get me wrong, she's my favorite artist, and I wish her the best. I just opened up a new bank account so I can have early access to tickets to Eras Tour concerts in Brazil. However, I only became a fan in my late 20's, with the release of Folklore, and my interest in her love life, opinions and finances are only limited on how they influence her music and storytelling. Does it make any sense?

As a fan, I see Taylor Swift as a brand with a team of employees and marketing strategies, and I do admire the intelligence, talent, and success of the person behind it. But I find all the celebrity gossip to be unnecessary noise. I don't know if it's the right parallel, but I can enjoy products from companies without feeling the need to delve into the personal lives of their CEOs. If a company's services stop meeting my needs or they do something that goes against my morals beyond the point of 'not caring,' I could reconsider my support. My fandom follows the same principle.

So, here's my question: does this perspective make me less of a fan, or am I simply a "boring adult"?

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Photo Julia Roberts posts about Taylor

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Discussion What's Taylor's most soul shattering song?


I recently revisited evermore and really felt how much of a soul shattering, earth crashing, heart wrenching song "marjorie" is. I instantly start crying when i hear it. It really hits different than other sad songs especially with the lyrics "the autumn chill that wakes me up" that give a cold but comforting feeling to it. I don't know if this makes sense i just wanted to share this and get to know your opinion on this.

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Discussion How is False God so unpopular?


False God is probably one of my all time favorite songs by Taylor. I LOVE the saxophone and the sexiness of it. I am surprised by all the negativity about it on here. What do you like or not like about False God?

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Costume 🎭 Finally finished with my Eras Tour outfit!


I started working on this the day the presale dropped and we managed to get tickets! All 218 songs Taylor has sung so far on the Eras Tour is on this dress (setlist and surprise songs for every city). It only took 8 months to make :') This is my very first Taylor concert and I've been a fan since 2006 so I wanted to go all out. We'll see you in 4 days in Detroit 💓

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Taytoo Got this Taytoo after my show in Houston. "I had the time of my life fighting dragons with you."


This was my sixth tattoo but my first Taytoo. Speak Now is my favourite album, and I love the message of Long Live. I wanted something that was meaningful to me, but subtle enough that other people wouldn't pick up on (unless they're a fan too!)

I had to go with three dragons because it's the third album. I love how it turned out 💜💜💜

(Swipe for close-ups of the dragons!)

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Discussion What's the strangest combination of surprise songs you can think of?


I was just listening to my liked songs on shuffle. Epiphany had just ended, it was fading out and being all sad, but then 2 seconds later:

"Now go stand in the corner and THINK about what you did"- Better Than Revenge.

The whiplash caught me so off guard that I just cracked up laughing, but it had me imagining if those were 2 surprise songs for the eras tour. Picture it: Taylor has just finished playing Epiphany on piano, everyone is misty eyed, the lights fade down for a few seconds while Taylor picks up an electric guitar and starts playing Better Than Revenge.

What's a similar combination of songs you can think of?

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Photo Drop your favorite photo of Taylor.

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Here's mine. I love this picture so much. She looks so happy.

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Video Chicago N3 Surprise Song & Speech


Wanted to share because I’ve reaped the benefits of everyone else’s surprise song videos the last few months! 🫶