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Do straight men even like women? the straights are not ok


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u/JDude13 13d ago

When you’re not attracted to women, you just have a woman fetish


u/mjkjg2 12d ago

big “I’ve been told that I’m supposed to desire this” energy


u/444unsure 12d ago

As a teenager, had a friend who would constantly say that he thinks he might be a lesbian because he is just that into women. It was so cringe, and definitely had that same energy. The more into women people think I am, the cooler they think I will be


u/mjkjg2 12d ago

so straight that he becomes transgender and then gay, sexuality truly is more of a circle than a linear spectrum


u/GalaxyPatio 12d ago

This happened with my ex. I didn't even think about it until that person made the lesbian comment but that's exactly the type of "joke" she'd make all the time before she transitioned.


u/RedVamp2020 12d ago

My ex is very transphobic and joked that he’s a lesbian and consistently fetishized the community, but I sincerely doubt he ever will transition. He firmly believes that he would be a very ugly woman and is rather misogynistic and conservative in belief. He also hates the fact that his name “is a girl’s name” though he’s never made any attempts to legally change it. I wonder how many people are really trans, just in shells too thick to crack without a bulldozer ramming it into another bulldozer at top speeds.


u/pretty-peppers 12d ago

Sounds like your ex is compensating for some serious internalized transphobia.


u/fireblyxx 12d ago

Yeah, stating that you wish you were a lesbian but think you'd be an ugly woman implies putting thought into being a woman. These same types deflect by turning their guilt and shame to hate, so transphobia, misogyny, attempting to force a (toxic) stringent masculine identity onto themselves.

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u/notactuallyabrownman 12d ago

Big repressed homosexual energy, imo.

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u/fencerman 12d ago

They don't like women, they get off on degrading them.


u/Beard_o_Bees 12d ago

This... and their actual real-life experience with women is pretty much spanking the monkey while watching porn.

I'll bet they think that the feeling of 'desire' (there's probably a better word, but i'm going with this) goes away IRL - the same way it does after a chicken choking session.


u/moizuess 12d ago

"after I jerk off to a girl I can't look at her again for hours, until I need to jerk off again"

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u/Lia69 12d ago

"Desire" works, "lust" might be the better word though.

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u/forteofsilver 12d ago

you can tell that one guy is a dipshit moron with no real life experience outside of being a douchebag because he has an NFT image for his profile. Nobody with more than a dozen brain cells would invest in an NFT.

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u/ChristianEconOrg 12d ago

That explains their phony abortion concern: if it was about the unborn, their reasoning would apply to the rest of their ideology. So it’s obviously just about the subjugation of women; then it all lines back up with the rest of their violent, insecure, irrational sentiments.

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u/nvrtrynvrfail 12d ago

Which American Taliban chapter is this?

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u/Hot-Explanation6044 12d ago

I feel like "having a woman fetish" is nailing quite a significative chunk of straight men.

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u/shegedep 12d ago

Lmao well put


u/Improving_Myself_ 12d ago

Yup. This just screams repressed sexuality to me.

They grew up in an environment where it's not ok to be gay and don't know how to deal with it, and might not have even realized it themselves yet.

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u/thehillshaveI 13d ago Silver Gold All-Seeing Upvote

fellas, is it gay to want to touch your girl?


u/1CoolSPEDTeacher 13d ago Silver

It's super mega ultra gay if you wanna touch your girlfriends butt. Ever. That's why cuddles are gay. You end up spooning and butts touch and the next thing you know, the gay agenda has it's hooks in you.


u/Pretend-Marsupial258 13d ago Baby Snoo

And what is a vagina except for a front butt? Clearly, being with a woman is the most mega super ultra gay thing you can do.

A dick, on the other hand, looks nothing like a butt and is a symbol of peak masculinity. There's nothing gay about enjoying a good dick. It's the most masculine thing a man can do!


u/Prostate_Punisher 13d ago

I agree!

I punish prostates on a daily, I'm not gonna have some NERD call ME gay. I'm just masculine.

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u/Ill_Dirt_979 13d ago

FELLAS, is it gay to breathe? You’re litteraly inhaling dick particles


u/NickofTime2247 12d ago hehehehe


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u/rigs35 13d ago edited 12d ago

it doesn't sound like you love them, it sounds like you're using them for sex and are projecting your own self-loathing onto your partner

Edit: removed "Hate to break it to you" bit because when I re-read it later it sounded super douchey


u/caniuserealname 12d ago

Never mind love, it doesn't even sound like they are attracted to them.. only being able to bear to look at them when they've got enough of a sex drive. They're just horny.


u/1ndiana_Pwns 12d ago

Yeah, they sound like they are just using their partners as sex toys with a pulse. And not even in the consensual degradation kink kinda way, but in a very literal "you are worthless to me except when I wanna nut" kinda way

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u/FinalMeltdown15 12d ago

As someone who has had a few just sex relationships and also a ton of self loathing yeah no even then I’m not “disgusted” afterward lmao


u/pmcda 12d ago

I’d bet the difference is you wanted to have sex with them. These tweets sound like dudes who don’t want to have sex with them but can’t do any better. The disgust was always there, but their horniness was stronger temporarily.

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u/Mildly_Perverted 13d ago

Holy shit. Those men need therapy in a fucking hurry.


u/subject_deleted 13d ago Table Slap

Problem is, after they talk to a therapist, it takes them a good solid couple of years before they can even look at a therapist again.


u/ABadMagician 12d ago


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u/[deleted] 13d ago Rocket Like

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u/Craico13 13d ago

“I’mma go out like my pappy did… in a blaze of glory under the headline ‘Nutcase Kills Six’.”


u/Mixedpopreferences 13d ago

"I'm going to pass quietly in my sleep like my grandad, not screaming and sobbing like the passengers in his car and on the sidewalk."


u/snarfs_regrets 12d ago

100% bet these are the same guys who don’t wipe or wash their assholes because of the gay

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u/halal-bussy-eating 12d ago edited 12d ago

For anyone curious what this said before Reddit removed it (and banned the guy):

Therapy is for the weak, the females and the gays!! True Alpha Men like these NFT bros just commit [[a banned word by Reddit I guess]] after murdering a few people. Duh...

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u/Debbiesatramp 13d ago

MeN aRe lOgiCAl aNd cAn cOnTrOl tHeIr EmOtIoNs, UnLiKe wOmEn …

Also men: murders kids instead of going to therapy, because women won’t talk to them cos they are gross and misogynistic


u/Bored-Ship-Guy 13d ago

Every man I've known who would swear up and down about how much more logical men were than women ended up being either an emotionally unstable wreck, or so detached from understanding emotions/mental health that they were practically useless when dealing with actual people.


u/ratmand 13d ago edited 12d ago All-Seeing Upvote I'll Drink to That

They confuse not being able to articulate their emotions with having control of them.

Edit: Wow...I didn't think I'd get this many (if any) up votes. Thank you very much.


u/moonhalos 12d ago

Yeah, and they see their anger as logical, and just. They don’t count anger as an emotion.


u/Classic-End-5505 12d ago

Yeah. As a woman, I’ve never understood how yelling one’s head off or punching a hole in the wall is not being emotional. So strange.

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u/essgeedoubleyou 12d ago

Well, doesn’t that make the most sense ever.

Holy fucking shit.

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u/BoostMobileAlt 13d ago

I’m at a point where I would 1000% rather make friends with women, because some guys do the weirdest shit the second they have an emotion.

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u/GD_Bats 13d ago

I just wanted to comment how much your handle and avatar reminds me how much I need to rewatch Sealab 2021 again


u/TempestofBenares 13d ago

Sealab 2021

Why are doing this to me? Everytime i read that name the Theme song plays in a Loop inside of my head.

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u/PyrusSolus 13d ago Gold

What never developing feelings outside of anger and horny does to a toxically masculine mfer


u/UncleJaaka 13d ago

Come now dont be reductionist, they clearly also feel a deeply rooted sense of shame.

Not in the right things, but it's there.


u/PyrusSolus 13d ago

Thats a fair point, I would also be willing to put fear up there too now that I think about it


u/BoostMobileAlt 13d ago

Yeah but those are the kinds of emotions they bury and release as anger.

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u/tinygribble 13d ago

Also experienced as anger.

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u/tomjam91 13d ago

Not that I care much for gender roles but it's amazing how the men with the most toxic masculinity going on are always the least masculine in the traditional sense.

They're always into video games or anime or NFTs, very undependable people, incompetent in their careers, never useful when you ask them to help you with a physical job etc.

The lack of self-awareness is actually incredible.


u/PyrusSolus 13d ago Respect

Their lack of self-awareness is why they identify so closely to the toxicly masculine. Society (at least in the US) tells men they need to be emotionless robots who are physically strong and protect their families, and that appeals to these scared men who have no real sense of self or identity. They would rather take the easy route and try to fulfill society's expectations without knowing who they actually are as individuals and what they may truly want to do with themselves.

Source: myself, as I went down the alt-right rabbit hold for quite a while before reality and meeting people with widely different backgrounds from my own showed me the emptiness of these right-wing spaces


u/tinypiecesofyarn 12d ago

Congrats on getting out of the hole!

It's like the internal side of "if you're strong/smart/a good leader, you don't go around saying you're strong/smart/a good leader". If you have a sense of identity, you're not going to cling so hard.

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u/BluudLust 13d ago

It's what you call growing up in a sexually repressed society where you're taught that sex is shameful and animalistic, rather than human.

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u/princeofpriam 13d ago

Theres a strong societal thing going on here, a result of very conservative ideology most likely. People are conditioned to feel disgust about every aspect of sexuality. This fits well in that paradigm. As an ex-catholic I can confirm feeling disgusted with myself after doing anything sexual in my youth, even if I enjoyed the act in the moment.


u/Mildly_Perverted 13d ago

I just don’t get Christianity/Catholicism. They glorify not being alive (“the afterlife”) and stigmatize the one activity that assures our species’ survival. It’s like they really just want humanity to die out.


u/MykeEl_K 12d ago

Yet they always seem the most scared of actually dying. I've never understood that

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u/nothing_is_perfekt 13d ago

They needed the kind of social and emotional skills training as children that conservatives keep defunding and banning in schools, not to mention comprehensive sex education. By the time they are adults, a therapist can only do so much. They aren’t magicians.


u/ohdearsweetlord 13d ago

And they could do some of the work themselves, but they're so terrified of what they've repressed that it wouldn't even occur to them to introspect and analyse what isn't working.

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u/TheOtherGlikbach 13d ago

This is some weird shit. I love cuddling before and after... Then before and after again.


u/SaltRevolutionary917 13d ago edited 12d ago

This guy has a bored ape NFT in his profile picture. He has never been close enough to a woman to actually confirm any of his theories, he’s just parroting what the Manosphere told him.

EDIT: It has been brought to my attention that this comes off as an attack on virgins, so let me state clearly: Whether or not you have any sexual experience is completely immaterial to your worth as a person, or whether you’re allowed to speak on topics concerning sex. Just don’t be a misogynist/misandrist shit-stain and you’re good in my book.


u/zeke235 13d ago

Yes, he has! She goes to another school!


u/DisposableSaviour 13d ago

She lives in Canada, so, you wouldn’t know her.


u/thegza10304 13d ago

i thought she lived in oklahoma and is a model?


u/PM_ME_YOUR_ROTES 13d ago

She lives in, uh... Canada, Oklahoma!


u/Darth_Andeddeu 13d ago

Canada for American guys.

Oklahoma for Canadian guys, you met on vacation in Florida.


u/ShowMeYourMinerals 13d ago

Canadians know about Florida??


u/bestfrenplank 13d ago

Canadians know a great many things. My Canadian friend even knows how to open cabinets. He'll go in the kitchen and paw at the handle for a moment, and bam, in the cabinet he goes. Candains are funny like that.


u/Ok_Improvement_5897 13d ago

.....is your Canadian friend a cat??

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u/[deleted] 13d ago edited 12d ago All-Seeing Upvote

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u/saucisse 13d ago

He met her at summer camp.

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u/JustARandomGuy_71 13d ago

He is probably extrapolating from his experience with masturbation.


u/Trvlng_Drew 13d ago

Yeah probably a product of porn disgust actually


u/travelinmusician 13d ago

I just commented this! 100% he’s projecting his self disgust onto the porn stars

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u/enickma1221 13d ago

Thank you for making this make sense

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u/Rokey76 13d ago

What he really means is after he jerks off, he can't look at porn for a couple hours. So he assumes sex is the same.


u/DoJu318 13d ago

Incels just love telling on themselves.

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u/imitatingnormal 13d ago

The Manosphere insists that women are valued primarily for their chastity.

So naturally, she falls in their estimation immediately following sex, and her worth is completely dependent on HIS libido.


u/The_Voice_Of_Ricin 12d ago

Yeah this has big "how could you let me do that to you?" vibes.

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u/SwordDude3000 13d ago

My guy thinks post nut clarity applies irl


u/Revolutionary_Box_57 13d ago

To be fair it can, but it's usually after having sex with someone you should NOT have lol. It definitely shouldn't happen with someone you love or have a connection with.


u/SwordDude3000 13d ago

Exactly if thats hitting after your girlfriend you got bigger problems

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u/deathboyuk 13d ago

Seriously, my partner never looks more beautiful than after we've finished getting our filth on and are lying there exhausted and happy. Holding on tight and seeing her face up close is absolutely everything.

What the fuck even goes through these peoples' minds.


u/Rabid-Rabble 13d ago

What the fuck even goes through these peoples' minds

It's pretty simple, they only see women as sex objects, so when they've just nutted and aren't horny at all they are repulsed, as though you asked them to cuddle their uncleaned Fleshlight.


u/Apte79 12d ago Dread

Also they see sex as something they’ve done to her instead of with her


u/No-Cupcake370 12d ago

This. I think it speaks a lot to how the fundies view sex as a dirty, nasty act.... and it seems to carry over to even after they are married.

But maybe I'm wrong

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u/WaywardCritter 13d ago

Yup! As soon as I resolved to only have sex with people who actually like me my sex life disappeared. Like...some demonstration that you see me as a whole person and not just a living fleshlight.

That's too much to ask, apparently...


u/ArmSerious9515 13d ago

The fuck??


u/WaywardCritter 13d ago edited 11d ago Ally

When I told one potential fuck buddy that I can't be super spontaneous because I'm having odd bleeding problems that happen randomly, he "joked" that we could just use the blood as more lube.

Another when I told him I'm hoping to have a surgery soon that will mean no sex for 8 weeks said something along the lines of "oh man, 8 weeks of awesome bjs for me and nothing for you?"

They're "joking" ...

EDIT: For clarity, these were guys I was messaging with on-app and have never met up with in real life. They failed to demonstrate they think of me as anything other than a way to get off, so into the bin they went!


u/ArmSerious9515 12d ago

I'm sorry 😞

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u/Bored-Ship-Guy 13d ago

This motherfucker gets it. There's nothing better than having some time to lounge around after sex and just enjoy being with each other.

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u/Far_Design333 13d ago

This right here, I'm pretty sure they're explaining what rape feels like


u/CuriousKilla94 13d ago

I had that thought too, I'm not saying every asshole straight guy is secretly gay but maybe there's something there about pressure to perform heterosexuality and the psychological ramifications of that

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u/KiwiBig2754 13d ago

Yes exactly, I can't even begin to imagine what kind of fucked up shit is going through these people's mind but I'm sure it's so to constant usage of some twisted ass porn and an inability to separate that from a rl experience.

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u/Toqom 13d ago Starry

When you aren't attracted to women, it's difficult to be around that person right after you orgasm, your true self is there, disgusted with what you did. The amount of closeted men in conservative circles is insanely high. It's the only thing that makes sense with how.so.many hate so easily, because they hate themselves


u/TheNancyRayGun 13d ago

I mean. It’s pretty telling that a lot of them believe homosexuality is actually demonic possession. The gay thoughts aren’t their thoughts. It’s the demons.

Source: I was raised by evangelicals and I am a raging bisexual. That’s what I was told when I came out at 14. That if I let the demons in by acting out my thoughts then the demons would turn me gay and I would never find a wife.


u/LtTaylor97 13d ago

I know you're serious and I'm sorry you had to be told such a thing at that age, but that is a really funny thing to read as a lifelong atheist, those words in a serious tone are just, wow, I never expected that.

It's good you stuck to who you are though, it can be extremely difficult in that kind of situation. Hope things are going well for you now.

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u/thatbarbitch 13d ago

The classic. My church told me sexuality is a choice, and bisexual me was like, "Well, looks like being straight is easier..."


u/TheNancyRayGun 13d ago

Haven’t you heard? They switched it. The straights are oppressed now. It’s easier being gay! /s

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u/masked_sombrero 13d ago

these people are absolutely talking like they have no clue what they do after sex. because they don't. they're assuming the feeling they get after masturbation will be 100% after having sex with a woman.

At least one thing is clear - these guys don't go multiple rounds in one sitting. they gotta wait a couple hours. At least! lfmao - even if they're telling the truth, they're absolute shit in bed


u/DoctorGluino 13d ago

they're assuming the feeling they get after masturbation will be 100% after having sex with a woman

They can't look at their own hand the same way for hours afterwards,


u/CausticSofa 13d ago

Probably because they’re not so good at basic hygiene either

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u/improper84 13d ago

It’s because for guys like them, the only goal of sex is their own orgasm. Once they’ve achieved it, they don’t care any more, and like as not they’ve never given a woman one, nor do they care to.


u/tomdarch 13d ago Hugz

It was weird to realize that a lot of guys want to do sex to women, not have sex with them.

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u/Reneeisme 13d ago

This. Hate for themselves after taking care of themselves = imagined hate for a woman after sex. Yet another way teaching people that masturbation is "sin" is damaging.

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u/Maria_Dragon 13d ago

FWIW, most men can't go multiple rounds. What makes for great sex is paying attention to your partner's needs and desires, not marathon sex.

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u/OGZackov 13d ago

Like what the shampoo bottle says. Rinse and repeat.


u/Tour_De_Volken 13d ago

Post coitus cuddles is 10/10.

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u/ViewtifulGene 13d ago

NFT avatar detected, opinion rejected.


u/dadthewisest 13d ago

Not even an NFT -- it is a screenshot of an NFT.

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u/Melodic-Jackfruit632 13d ago All-Seeing Upvote

I am a straight man, and I love my wife. I am glad to cuddle before and after sex. These "men" are narcissists. They don't see women as anything more than an appliance to relieve their sexual tension. They literally describe treating the women in their lives how I treat my dishwasher.

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u/Any-Football3474 13d ago

So intimacy is woke or some shit?


u/atuan 13d ago

Sex with women is gay


u/LiquidWeeb 13d ago

Fellas... Is it gay to like women?


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u/Downtown_Cat_1172 13d ago

Sex is for non-masculine men

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u/MillenialShan 13d ago Gold

What an emotionally dysfunctional group of little boys.


u/thewartornhippy 13d ago

The type of guys that obsessively watch Andrew Tate videos and think he is innocent (or they know he isn't but don't view women as human beings).

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u/SpineGainEnjoyer 13d ago

They just don’t understand that some people like eachother for something other than sex

That’s sad if post nut clarity makes you not be able to look at her for hours


u/xiamaracortana 13d ago

They just deeply disrespect any woman who expresses her sexuality, even if it’s with them. The misogyny runs DEEP.


u/Infern0-DiAddict 13d ago

Yeh never understood that. Like I am attracted to all the sexual things my partner wants to do with me. Why would I all of a sudden think that's a bad thing?

These guys all need some help...

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u/[deleted] 13d ago edited 12d ago

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u/Bespokeskinsuit 13d ago

This is pretty externalized, ngl


u/The-Sludge-Man 13d ago

The impulse is though. My buddy saw it as a problem within himself whereas these two knuckleheads think its universal (and are dumb enough to say so out loud). Thats the only real difference.


u/SwadianZunist 13d ago

It sounds like your buddy was self aware. I wish we could say the same about the misogynists in the post though.


u/TheHighblood_HS 13d ago Buff Doge

Man this is what I want from people. I wish more people could just accept that they have bad thoughts, recognizes them as bad thoughts, and actively try to change how they think. I’m a white straight male, and lord knows I’ve had some prejudiced thoughts in my life, especially when I was a kid, but I learned how to say “hey man that was racist, don’t think that again”.

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u/[deleted] 13d ago


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u/be_so_fkn_fr 13d ago

This entire post made me super worried until i remembered my boyfriend strokes my face, calls me cute and gives me smooches after sex. 😭


u/urbanek2525 13d ago

That's how a normal guy feels after sex. I feel happy and content and she's the most beautiful person in the world.

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u/lithelylove 13d ago

I was trying to understand the tweets… at first I thought they meant their own sex acts were so gross post nut that they couldn’t face their girlfriends. But I guess it’s the opposite? By misogyny, do you mean they subconsciously found it jarring and disgusting that a woman could enjoy sex or something like that?


u/tardis1217 13d ago

Not OP, but it's that they hate women. They think they're inferior to men. They think women are sneaky, manipulative, oversensitive, vain, etc. But a worrying chunk of the world's societies dictate that men must fuck women, exclusively women, and the more women the better. That sucks for a guy who hates women because in order to maintain his "social currency" he has to perform what's supposed to be an intimate act with someone he's disgusted by deep down. It may be that he's actually gay and masking or it may just be that he's been programmed to hate women despite his natural attraction.

This post clearly outlines the negative affect of toxic masculinity. Men who can't even be intimate with their partners and see them the same way a guy sees his used Fleshlight.


u/Yupperdoodledoo 12d ago

What exactly are they feeling or thinking when they look at her after sex? This is so far from my experience (as a woman who has dated loving men) that I can’t even comprehend it.

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u/PocketGachnar 13d ago

Kinda seems like one guy is disgusted with his gf after sex, while the other guy seems like he's disgusted with himself after sex.

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u/throwaway_1_234_ 13d ago edited 12d ago

If people are wanting a bit more of an explanation of this sort of thing.

I saw a post the other day where the woman was asking for relationship advice. It sounded like her guy fit the description of one of these people but she was at the point of needing more from their sex life. His response? It was unattractive that she wanted to enjoy sex more. She wasn’t supposed to like sex she was supposed to do it for him. She listens to audio porn and he was upset finding out she listens to this (he watches porn all the time) because she ‘isn’t supposed to be like that and it’s unattractive. He will only do vanilla/missionary sex because she isn’t supposed be like the girls in his porn and he doesn’t want to see her that way. Apparently they would only have sex maybe once a week, and she knew he would masturbate the rest of the week to porn. It sounded like he has a lot of disgust and shame revolving around sex and projects that onto her, making it like she is supposed to be this ‘purer’ thing that doesn’t want sex and only endures it for his sake when he needs sex.

In her update she confronted him again and he set an ultimatum basically that she had to stop being like this and basically made it out to be that she wasn’t normal for wanting this. She broke up with him, and he was blowing up her phone.

If this guy is in the same vein as the ones on this post, then they can’t look at her the same way because they are basically disgusted with her and don’t want to think of her enjoying the sex or even having it.

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u/FluffyBebe 13d ago

Sounds like post nut clarity hits and they're back to hating/seeing them as less.

Seriously, if you can only tolerate your partner while being drowned in animal instinct then was there even attraction to begin with aside from "me can have sex. *happy grunts *"?


u/SanctuaryMoon 13d ago

It seems like a kind of slut shaming. Like they don't have respect for women who have sex even when they're having sex with them.


u/Fragmental_Foramen 12d ago edited 12d ago

They’ve been so brainwashed by their macho puritan culture seeing women as only pure, they genuinely can’t see a woman as a sexual being even with them, a woman must always be “pure” or else she is not a woman anymore.

It’s an extreme unhealthy view that has been drilled into them. They apparently cant acknowledge that women are people with sexual urges like they are and it’s just normal.

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u/rctrulez 13d ago

Ofc they cant look at her, because after sex she will leave the apartment, the 30min they paid for are over.

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u/Akindmachine 13d ago

Those people do not fuck

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u/jhk1963 13d ago Heartwarming

I don't get these reactions. To me, my girlfriend is even more beautiful afterwards. The look of peaceful satisfaction that I see in her eyes makes me fall even more in love with her. I can't help but pull her in closer and talk sweet nothing's to her. Not to mention little loving kisses for her lips. As far as I'm concerned, these men don't know how to really give and accept love. Too bad. They don't know what they're missing.


u/Thanmandrathor 13d ago

Beyond love I don’t think they can properly connect with another sentient human being. It’s like they have the emotional depth of a puddle.


u/likeusontweeters 13d ago

Not to give an excuse for all men but many boys that grow up to be men have been told throughout their lives that crying, showing emotion, accepting physical love in the form of hugs and kisses from mom are less than manly things to do... and should be avoided at all costs.. then asshats like Andrew Taint become popular.. adding his flavor of misogyny.. leaving guys more confused than ever. It's really sad


u/yellowbrownstone 13d ago

It is sad and exactly why we say feminism is for everyone.

Toxic masculinity hurts everyone.

Masculinity is hot AF, but not the toxic kind. The “I’m gonna be man enough to face my demons, plus communicate directly and kindly, instead of hurting the people I love, like men I saw in generations before,” kind of protector vibes are major green flags.

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u/dr_shark 13d ago

Exactly. Wtf is wrong with these guys?

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u/Hannibal216BCE 13d ago

Who fucking has sex without post coital snuggles? That’s the best part!

Honestly, I’m okay with skipping the first part and just going straight to the cuddling sometimes.


u/ObidiahWTFJerwalk 13d ago

"What? You hug your monitor after whacking off to PornHub?" -- the guys posting green and red in this image


u/zeke235 13d ago

But it's all warm!

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u/just_sayi 13d ago

I dated a guy who needed porn before I could even give him a blowjob. He hated cuddling


u/tomjam91 13d ago

I hope you've upped your standards since.


u/tesseract4 13d ago

That's gonna be a yikes from me, dog.

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u/entropySapiens 13d ago

I'm glad you used past tense. Fellas like that just ain't right.


u/HeavyVoid8 13d ago

Addiction for sure

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u/calartnick 13d ago

I don’t mind the idea of not wanting to cuddle because you want your space, or you get too hot, or it’s uncomfortable, or whatever.

But dude is implying after sex he’s disgusted by his partner. Like if he didn’t get horny he’d never want to look at her.

Like sure sex is a big part of a romantic relationship but….I really like my wife as a human being too, not just a sex doll. These Andrew Tate disciples are all kinds of messed up

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u/bacchic_ritual 13d ago

You gotta pee to avoid a UTI, then cuddle.


u/ThatRandomIdiot 13d ago

^ this is the true move. My gf and i each take a quick bathroom trip after then cuddle.

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u/FBI_Agent_82 13d ago

I thought they were dumb AF when they said being the little spoon wasn't manly. Now cuddling is off limits?


u/gingerfawx 13d ago

Nah, they aren't getting any, so they're trying to sabotage it for the rest of the world. Do not listen to the incels behind the screen.

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u/msondo 13d ago

Then falling asleep for that intense nap and waking up and doing it all over again. Rinse and repeat a few times then finally go out for that 3pm brunch early dinner meal.

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u/Spikedcloud 13d ago

Do they see this theoretical woman as less attractive because she let them have sex with her? So they simultaneously want a virgin and a woman who wants to fuck them only? Schrödinger's virgin.


u/MurdiffJ 12d ago

It’s on Reddit I first heard someone talk about how their husband justified cheating because once their child was born he saw her as the mother of his child and lost all sexual interest. That the mother of his child shouldn’t be doing such unclean things as having sex….with him.

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u/[deleted] 13d ago

Yeah I think some men are so self loathing that when a woman likes them in anyway they hate her too. She must be desperate or even more flawed and damaged as them, or just crazy, to want to be with them.

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u/MostBotsAreBad 13d ago Silver

A lot -- A LOT -- of straight men absolutely do not like women.

They are sexually attracted to women.

These are extremely not the same thing. A lot of straight men do not understand women (and see them as being unknowably different from men), and do not trust them, and absolutely do not want to be vulnerable to them.

These men want to have sex with women. Most of them dream of and attempt to find one woman they can establish an at least somewhat trusting relationship with -- a wife, or permanent girlfriend. Although many of them will need years, at the least, to be able to trust her, and deep down will always be suspicious.

This isn't new. This is how many cultures work. It's terrible and stupid, but it's really jammed in there.

A lot of people get mad the first time they consider this idea, but the path forward is to look at it directly.


u/Thameus 13d ago

absolutely do not want to be vulnerable to them

Probably the key point, not realizing that vulnerability is inherent to real intimacy. Afraid to risk emotional pain of their own.


u/SoulingMyself 13d ago

I think of it a lot like the ancient Greeks.

Greek men considered women to be basically a talking animal. But true friendship, comradery, and love could only be had with a man. Greeks considered women useful for breeding and taking care of the household.

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u/violetsprouts 13d ago edited 12d ago Gold

These types really don't want to have sex with women. They want to use a woman's body to masturbate. Best if the actual woman's consciousness is not present. They want a flashlight that cooks and cleans for them.

Edit: Autocorrect made it say flashlight. Sorry


u/VroooomSkkkkrttt 13d ago edited 12d ago

Bangmaidmommy - that’s what they see women as.

Sentient fleshlight that cooks, cleans and change diapers of the offspring.


u/Thameus 13d ago

Sentient fleshlight that cooks, cleans and changes diapers of the offspring.

Also makes the offspring, whether it wants to or not.


u/nothing_is_perfekt 13d ago

And raises the offspring, as they only want children to check off a box on their male supremacist card. These dudes don’t possess the capacity to love their own children either. Children are just another subject over which they have dominion by birthright.

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u/harosene 13d ago

Sounds like misogyny

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u/adorabull 13d ago

Wow you just used a description I have never seen that completely describes my ex. We are in the middle of a divorce and he actually just recently told me, while crying, that he misses how I “cook and take care of the house.” He misses that I added things for him and that I made all the calls (like scheduling appts or ordering pizza, geez anything honestly).

Boy you sure are winning me back w those words!

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u/amboandy 13d ago

...and then go on twitter to brag about their 'alpha male' credentials, thinking that all men want to be like a 'real' man and women will crawl naked over broken glass to be with such a vision of adonis-like masculinity.

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u/ExistingPosition5742 13d ago

Yeah. I'm certain my ex actually does not like women at all.


u/Duel_Option 13d ago

100% agree.

A close friend of mine just doesn’t really have the ability to identity with other people, he loves his wife obviously but they are at odds quite a bit and he thinks it’s “because she’s a woman”.

I blame it on the way he was raised, he expects subservience and she ain’t about it lol

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u/Kronos1A9 13d ago

These dudes are not mentally healthy and do not respect women, and DO NOT speak for the rest of us.


u/Necessary_Row_4889 13d ago

This is what happens when you don’t date or have premarital sex. These god bothering incels say “God will provide a wife” and then end up married to whatever other church members daughter who is dumb enough to pressure their often underage child to marry them because they said god sent them a dream that it was ordained Now you have a teenager who was likely raised in a bubble and an older guy who has been told women and sex are only there to tempt him and he should avoid it unless procreating. That’s how you get shit like this

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u/KaleAlternative3500 13d ago

What the actual fuck? Post sex cuddles are the best part. You get to just hold each other in a giggly mess and telling each other how awesome it was. I read somewhere that words of affirmation post sex are one of the few universally positive experiences.

Do conservative men just not like women?


u/notbeleivable 13d ago

I dated a conservative woman. Cuddling is part of intimacy, hard to be intimate with someone who is angry at the world and cruelty is their life

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u/BemusedDuck 13d ago edited 13d ago

You fool, don't you get it? Humanity bad.

Negative good because portrays strength and distance.

If show woman you love her woman get too comfortable. Must show hate to keep woman, this UGG learned from his father and his father before him.

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u/Thesyckid 13d ago

They don’t have girls


u/Drewy99 13d ago

They don’t have like girls



u/NormieSpecialist 13d ago

Yup. They don’t want girls. They want sex dolls and don’t understand why women don’t want to be one.

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u/nuancednotion 13d ago

Ladies, you can tell exactly what a man thinks of you, 2 seconds after he nuts. I love my wife, and I tell her immediately afterwards. I gracefully hand her a washcloth so she can clean herself up.

If your man ignores you, that means he only sees you as a sex object.


u/nnooll 12d ago

I’m sorry, I love, LOVE what you said. But my silly ass is focusing on you saying how you gracefully hand her a towel. And I just imagined you like twirling across the bedroom and floating back down onto the bed, reaching out to your wife with a towel like in a Renaissance painting 😂 Love it, you’re awesome.

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u/tomjam91 13d ago

These weird attitudes towards women are on the same spectrum as domestic violence and sexual abuse.

Some people are really fucked up.

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u/GenericPCUser 13d ago

Conservatives have bad sex.

Like, are physically bad at the act of having sex.

If sex leaves you hating your partner you need some fucking help, god damn.


u/Amathyst-Moon 13d ago

Have you considered they always hated their partner? Maybe hate isn't the right word. This is assuming they actually had one. Sounds like they're talking out their ass to me, but that could be wishful thinking.

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u/Gonzostewie 13d ago

To quote Carlin: Have you ever seen any of these people? Ever notice that most of the people against abortion are people you wouldn't wanna fuck in the first place?


u/WhiteRabbitLives 13d ago

The best sex I’ve had in my life (I’m a woman) has been with feminist men, a bisexual man and women.

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u/ThePresidentsHouse 13d ago

Bro cuddles after are top tier what type of take is this?

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u/doonieburg 13d ago

These are the type that are also made uncomfortable with the thought of women pooping or having periods. Because they see women as objects rather than humans.

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u/fumoking 13d ago

Damn conservatives get so into purity = attractiveness that they can't even find a woman THEY fucked attractive? That's some shit haha

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u/ABeastInThatRegard 13d ago

There is nothing better than pulling her into your arms after you are both exhausted and satisfied. Imagine not having emotional intimacy, that’s really sad.