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Today, two Democrats voted with Republicans to say that not only should student debt relief be repealed, not only should the pause on payments end, but that you should make *retroactive* payments from previous months.


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Jared Golden and Marie Gluesenkamp Pérez


u/JK_NC 5d ago

Golden- Maine
Perez- Washington


u/kevnmartin 4d ago

Am I right in assuming Eastern Washington?


u/viperchrisz4 idle 4d ago edited 4d ago

Nope, SW Washington and everyone here who voted for her against the MAGA Republican Joe Kent is shocked, pissed, and feel betrayed.

Sucks for those who spent time and money helping her small campaign and did what they could to stave off MAGA takeover and this is their reward


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"My wife and I campaigned for you, talked about you to family and friends, canvassed our neighborhood because the alternative was Joe Kemp.

Today I found out you voted to repeal student debt relief and that students should make retroactive payments. This issue doesn't directly impact me, I graduated from college 30 years ago, but it shows a complete disconnect from your constituents.

I didn't want to see Joe Kemp in office, but at least I knew he was a rat fink. You surprised me by being one today. You'll never see another vote from this household unless you decide to align with your voters.

As much energy as I put into getting you elected, I'll happily use twice as much to have you never sit in congress again in my district.

Rat fink."

My letter to her.


u/iijoanna 4d ago

Thank you.


u/Shacky_Rustleford 4d ago

For the record, the shitheel's name was Joe Kent, not Joe Kemp.


u/Antelope-Subject 4d ago edited 4d ago

Leave Tulane former Quarterback Joe Kemp alone he just wants to throw a football.

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u/whitethunder9 4d ago

And JOe KEnt has already announced he is running again for the same seat. He’s a carpetbagger shill fascist with Trump’s dick halfway down his throat.

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u/Baileycream 4d ago

Pretty much how I feel about Sinema.

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u/bLue1H 4d ago

It's legit chief. Get it.


u/Bocchi_theGlock 4d ago

Make sure to clearly state you're a constituent with your voting address so they have to listen to it

(randoms from across the country will also call, but they have to record constituent concerns)


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u/ImStillHighNick 4d ago

I'm high and still clicked it. Go for it homie.


u/Zealousideal-Feed156 SocDem 4d ago

High also. Already called her.


u/GrilledCheeseDLX 4d ago

Doing the Keef’s work, my guy.


u/guerrera77 4d ago

I was high when I emailed her. Respect brethren.

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u/oystertoe 4d ago

Lol I swear it’s legit


u/familyHut 4d ago

This is real


u/GirlCowBev 4d ago

I clicked it. Can confirm it’s real.


u/CaraKino 4d ago

It’s real homie. Tear her shit up

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u/calmdrive 4d ago

Thank you! Emailing her

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u/trebory6 4d ago

This is the kind of energy we need in our current political atmosphere.

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u/[deleted] 4d ago


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u/CannaVet 4d ago



u/republicanvaccine 4d ago

Thank you for your service! It’s a long weekend for these servants.
Get comfy with the dialing.

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u/withoutamartyr 4d ago edited 4d ago

I'm in that boat. I'm feeling extremely pissed off. She's my rep


u/jackkieser24 4d ago

Did you call her office? As someone in NW WA, we need people who she represents to scare her into understanding her job is at stake for this.


u/trebory6 4d ago

Might get lost in the fold right now, someone already posted her office's contact information and an address that is approved to email her office, as her contact info is behind an address check.

I would advise /u/withoutamartyr to talk to all his friends in the area who she also represents to, and over the course of the next week physically call her office and voice their frustrations.

Her offices also have a local address, so if viable make a public protest in that area as well.

Just whatever you do DO NOT be quiet about this. Talk about it with anyone in the area who voted for her.


u/MutedSongbird 4d ago

Over the next week? Any reason to stop calling after a week? I’ll definitely be angry much longer than a week.


u/trebory6 4d ago edited 4d ago

Haha No, but most people don't have that long of an attention span.

Also it's about the concentration of legitimate calls. Right now it might be full of junk emails and calls because of the previous comment, and they might disregard it all as simply backlash.

But over the next week will maintain a good concentration of local support they might take more seriously. Best to ride that wave and be a part of the many voices.

Past that they might disregard it as the occasional angry voter, but that's not to say to stop, might just be less effective.

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u/youwerewronglololol 4d ago

This is why when people left of the democratic party say the real contest is in the primaries we mean it. There's absolutely no reason why someone representing as progressive of districts as these two do should be voting for such reactionary garbage. Primary them and get them out!


u/AthkoreLost 4d ago

Washington state only does jungle primaries so your complaints abt primary politics don't apply to MGP. She took second in the primary against 2 Republicans. Then the third place republican endorsed her to help beat open Fascist Joe Kent.

Be mad at her for this dumbfuck vote, but be right abt the details that got us here please.

Also MGPs district is far from progressive, rural Lewis County in WA is Maga country.

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u/Val_kyria 4d ago

SW Washington is pretty damn red


u/DepressionDokkebi 4d ago

Vancouver in shambles


u/MutedSongbird 4d ago

Vancouver is where they brought an actual literal armored vehicle and guns to protest a candlelight vigil of a man killed by local sheriffs 🙃 I wish I was joking but I was there myself.

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u/Bluefastakan 4d ago

Vantucky BEEN in shambles.


u/notrolljustasshole 4d ago

Fuck off, our new $17B waterfront is going to make it the greatest city since 2021 Portland, absolutely can’t wait.


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u/SavagePlatypus76 4d ago

I knew I recognized that name.

Corporate Democrats suck.

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u/TyrannusRexApex 4d ago

Same here, but for Golden in Maine.


u/1st-teamalldefense 4d ago

This has clearly been who Golden is throughout

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u/thegamenerd Socialist 4d ago

I voted for her and donated to her campaign. I'm pissed.

She's hands down better than that bastard Joe Kent but this feels like a betrayal.

I don't have student debt but forgiving that debt is massively helpful to not only those that have the debt but to their local economies as well. And to their families or their ability to even have a family.

I just hope she doesn't turn into another Kyrsten Sinema, but if she does at least her election will come up sooner.

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u/tistalone 4d ago

That's always the danger if our two party system ends up having one of them be fascist. It becomes a pick your poison: get potential inaccurate representation or no representation.

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u/PullinUpBootstraps 4d ago

As they 100% fucking should be. Time to dig into her donations.


u/EquationsApparel 4d ago

One of the things she mentioned in her campaign was not having health insurance.

Now I'm starting to think she's another Krysten Sinema.

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u/Jayples 4d ago

Sounds like it's time for a recall

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u/NeedsToShutUp 4d ago

Vancouver. She took the seat that belonged to Jaime Herrera Beutler, a Republican who lost the Primary for being one of the 10 Republican members of congress to vote to impeach Trump.

The Republican Candidate in the general election was Joe Kent who ran on a MAGA platform.

As for Golden, he represents rural Maine and is one of a handful of Democrats who won a seat in a district which voted for Trump.


u/SpacemanSpleef 4d ago

Yeah they did a jungle primary for the seat, with Perez and Kent taking the top two (butler took third)

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u/linczzy 4d ago

No but she's located in basically the reddest County in Western Washington. Look up Lewis County voting statistics.


u/firelight 4d ago

Lewis County is like some dropped a slice of the confederacy into Washington. For example, the infamous Uncle Sam billboard.

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u/Merfkin 4d ago

Pérez campaigned on "not representing special interests" but is unsurprisingly fighting for the special interests of student loan creditors.


u/fordchang 4d ago

well shit, Synema 2.0


u/Attentionhoard1 4d ago

She's also of the ilk that feel we should have kids go into the trades and blue collar work, which we do need...but she resents people who chose college instead. That's why she is problematic, that chip on her shoulder.

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u/pensive_pigeon 5d ago

Thanks. I was wondering who the scumbags were and I didn’t want to have to click on a twitter link.

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u/ohea 5d ago

Marie Gluesenkamp Pérez

Ugh, I thought she was cool


u/Boss_Boggs 4d ago

Cool enough to get her $67,000 PPP loan forgiven before pulling up the ladder.



u/FreeFortuna 4d ago

I mean, since they support retroactively changing shit, how’s about we cancel the forgiveness for all PPP loans? And while we’re at it, let’s retroactively repeal the Trump tax cuts for the wealthy, and charge them what they should’ve paid this whole time?

If only. But hey, if those are the rules they want to play by, I guess we can push for all sorts of shit now. The only rule is there are no rules, and whatever was given can be taken back whenever the mood strikes. That’s a great way to govern.


u/thereIsAHoleHere 4d ago

charge them what they should’ve paid this whole time

Don't forget interest on those payments. They're months and months overdue.

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u/PossiblyALannister 5d ago

If I recall she’s a Democrat in a district that went for Trump in both 2016 and 2020, so that might put some context into things. Not that I think she’s right, just providing context for a probable reason why she voted the way she did.

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u/flyingace1234 5d ago

Can someone primary these suckers?


u/sir_psycho_sexy96 5d ago

They're in Republican leaning districts so they can primaried out but you might not like how that turns out.


u/Shdwrptr 5d ago

Yup. Jared Golden isn’t in my district but I live in southern Maine. Voting him out would do nothing since a democrat winning in that district was a miracle to begin with

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u/lilmawkie 4d ago

Gotta draw the line somewhere(unless you’re Manchin or Sinema). The deferred interest part is a bit too far.

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u/c0ff1ncas3 5d ago

Cool - well I’m gonna pay off my student loans with a credit card and declare bankruptcy I guess.


u/Tristain7 4d ago

Alternatively, everyone just refuses to pay and we watch them panic while the banks start piling up the defaults. If they can bail out the banks for shitty house loans, they can do it for college loans too.


u/ardycake 4d ago

This is exactly it. We collectively should stop paying. Reform would happen fast and the rich would stop lining their coffers on the backs of the middle and working class.


u/ln2b8 4d ago

Stop paying and they'll just get a court order garnishing your wages before your check even gets to you. 100% the only reform would be the opening of student debtors courts so they could streamline the lawsuit to judgement to garnishment pipeline.


u/mikeyfreshh 4d ago

What if we threaten a bank run? Cancel student debt or we all go pull our money out of the banks. The SVB situation made it pretty clear that it would be extraordinarily easy to crash the economy if we really wanted to.


u/jesuswantsbrains 4d ago

That's why cashless digital currency is a big goal of theirs.

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u/greenskye 4d ago

Aren't there limits on how much they can garnish your wages. Like 30% or something? Could still be a major downturn in revenues.


u/Mathmango 4d ago

They already exclude student loans from bankruptcy forgiveness, what makes you think they wouldn't do it for garnished wages caps?

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u/LividSelection5605 4d ago

What if u don’t work but ur partner does? Would their wages be garnished? Asking for a poor friend 👀


u/heyitsthephoneguy 4d ago

They can’t touch your partners wages. That I can guarantee you.

I don’t know if they can garnish your legal spouses income. Doubt it though I’m not as certain

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u/ShadowofaLily 4d ago

I stopped paying for years and have never been garnished. The biggest consequence has been having credit in the toilet. Then you call the servicer, make some sort of arrangement to pay $5/month good faith payments for a while which pulls you out of default. Use this time to buy a house or a car, then when they re-evaluate you stop paying again. They would never care that I made $18-19/hr and my degree never brought a career to fruition.

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u/Rubric_Marine 5d ago

I mean, if we all started doing that... they would change the rules probably... but for the first few that can slip that through the courts, good on em.


u/xprettyguardianx 5d ago

Maybe it depends on the type of loan or the servicer or something but mine says you explicitly can't use credit cards to pay them down.


u/lrrc49 4d ago

Just get the cash advance on the cards. Live on the cards to pay the Loan down faster etc


u/whodeyalldey1 4d ago

Just get a personal from lending tree or something

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u/Rubric_Marine 5d ago

Its fucking awesome that the rest of this thread is about people trying to game the system.


u/DroneOfIntrusivness 4d ago

It’s what the rich do!

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u/Trazodone_Dreams 5d ago

All of them do

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u/c0ff1ncas3 5d ago edited 5d ago

In all fairness it probably won’t work. Moving from a lower interest rate to higher one will trigger presumptive fraud and the case would get dismissed. It’s probably be better than just declare and file adversarial along side. I went through an MA for a field that collapsed and have been stuck living in a place with a high cost of living. I’ve been unable to secure work in my field for several years now. With 10k forgiveness I could have covered one of my loans but not the other one.


u/Mountain_Offer1348 5d ago

It’s even simpler than that— the vast majority of loan servicers will not accept credit card payments.


u/Fooka03 5d ago

Cash advance, get that extra interest rate penalty in there to boot!

But seriously, declaring bankruptcy costs money. It's yet another tool for the rich to avoid consequences, not to help the poor.


u/Solnx 5d ago

Which is why people have 10k+ in credit limit, but less than a thousand in cash advance limit.

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u/MouseMouseM 4d ago

I should have paid off my student loans with a PPP loan

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u/wishiwashi999 5d ago


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u/kchewy 5d ago

Psst.. check this out



u/Yourwifesahoe 5d ago

Could somebody actually do that?


u/Knuc85 4d ago

My student loans don't allow payments with credit cards.

I got a CC just so I could make my payments (since I have five fucking payments a month) with it and pay them all at once together.

Nope, fuck you.

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u/Tornadodash 5d ago

Damn, they're literally trying to bankrupt a whole generation all at once. That's really fucking impressive, that they think it is morally just to do so.


u/secretagentmermaid 5d ago

Even worse is that iirc students loans don’t qualify for bankruptcy, so even if they bankrupt you you’ll still have to pay them back


u/total_life_crisis 4d ago

You misunderstood. This law, if passed, has the potential to push the economy into the recession we’ve barely been staving off.

They aren’t talking about making a bunch of people file for bankruptcy. They’re talking about destroying the economy for an entire generation, many of whom don’t even have student loans.


u/kfish5050 4d ago

I only have $42k in loans, like no assets, and a lot of credit card debt too. If they force me to pay and make retroactive payments I'd be filing for bankruptcy every month they come knocking. They can only take so much in "assets" and wage garnishments before there's literally nothing to take. If they'll force homelessness and panhandling on me then I'll be sure to do it in my representative's neighborhood


u/hgaterms 4d ago

They'll just bring back debtors prison.


u/RrtayaTsamsiyu 4d ago edited 4d ago

Already made big steps towards that in TN with homeless being a felony now, combined with enslaving criminals being legal.


u/ParlorSoldier 4d ago

Literally just the post-Reconstruction Black Codes, but for everybody.

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u/Damasticator 4d ago

I’d go to debtors prison for 2 years if it wiped out my student loan debt.


u/TheS4ndm4n 4d ago

Only prison. No whiping out debt. And they will probably charge you for your stay too.

There used to be a word for that.

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u/Realspiffyone 4d ago

Recession will allow them to consolidate even more wealth and power at the top.


u/promonk 4d ago

As is tradition.


u/Fantastic-Sandwich80 4d ago

While they happily hand the keys to the government to Fascists who promise they won't hurt their bottom lines.

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u/OdinGray 4d ago

Remember when they were fine killing old people with COVID to "save the economy"? lol

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u/monsteramoons 5d ago

They don’t care about just. They legit think their money elevates them above such things.


u/Baltisotan 5d ago

They do think it’s just. It’s justice for those stupid kids not voting for them. They must be punished.


u/the_simurgh Antiwork Advocate/Proponent 5d ago

no things like student loans is the only thing keeping money in the fucking government coffers because of all the tax cuts. that's the real reason the republicans hate the idea of student loan forgiveness because they are using the outrageous payments to keep the fucking lights on.


u/AlarisMystique 5d ago

I think it's rather a way to force new generations into forced labor. Nothing like huge debts to force people into accepting crappy jobs.

Educated people without debt will typically protest rather than work crappy jobs.


u/esoteric416 5d ago

It can be both. We can't have nice things, but there's no cap on awful things.


u/omegasix321 4d ago

We can, all we need is a gas grill, some propane, some billionaires, a few politicians to wash them down. And a ton of barbeque sauce.


u/[deleted] 4d ago

[removed] — view removed comment


u/JactustheCactus 4d ago

Yep, time for us to give these human dragons the French answer


u/ObieKaybee 4d ago

The good ol' spicy haircut.

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u/Ok-Development-7008 4d ago

It's also to keep us in the country. If you're young and have a degree and no debt other countries will fight over you. If you're middle ages with a degree and still in debt, not so much. If everyone with a sought-after degree goes to a country with better social services and a more human standard of living (walkable neighborhoods with good public transport, safer schools, infrastructure that supports community and meeting people) then there's no more doctors, teachers, lawyers, nurses, accountants, engineers, architects, analysts, programmers, etc to support the people who already don't get enough help from the rest of society. Way too many bottlenecks exist in the US right now where we're one person getting hit by a bus away from an entire collapse of a resource chain because bus dude was the last person trained to do his job and what documentation exists hasn't been meaningfully updated in at least 4 generations of tech upgrades. Everywhere. Pick any business, shipping co, transpo hub, state govt office, fed govt office, hospital, regulatory agency, whatever, and there's one almost retired or young and overworked person who's quietly acknowledged to be the linchpin in the organization but never to their face and never for money. An exodus of educated/capable people to replace them and willing to do it for the going rate breaks everything, not permanently but long enough for a Michael Crichton style cascade of events that, if happening in enough places, ends in bread riots. We already saw that during the pandemic, and we're in a worse place because of it. Everyone's running a little leaner. Tons of knowledge retired or died. Full student loan forgiveness would do it again, and I hope it does. It's the only way to get anything fixed around here- take away all hope and chance of doing literally anything less effective.

In no way saying people who didn't go to college couldn't step in, btw. Ultimately they'd have to and they'd do just fine bc a tremendous number of intelligent and capable people don't get the opportunities they deserve in this world, and in many cases a prerequisite degree is as much or more a tool to exclude people than it is actually necessary- but I seriously believe collapse would happen way faster than you could get Dipshit McDollarbills to allow uneducated randos to actually be gasp on the job trained for higher level roles in his company. But for infrastructure and healthcare and teaching roles, where it's been decades since we had enough people to meet the demand, the sudden higher gap would be critical and the meltdown would be swift.

Idk this is rambly now. I lost my point somewhere.

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u/marzipan-emperor 5d ago


Is "trying" really the right word for it? Half of the people make <$25/hr


u/BrownSugarBare 4d ago

Yeah, our generation being bankrupt has been the deal for a while now.

They actively know we're part of the first generation to be worse off than the last and they couldn't give a fuck less as demonstrated by the fact they literally also blame us for not spending the money we don't have and destroying the economy.

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u/Tabord 5d ago

Yeah, but look at the big picture. Once that generation goes to the new for profit debtors prisons, they can be rented out for slave labor.


u/Elegant_Tale_3929 5d ago

Hey now, it's TALENTED slave labor to you, which means they can charge a lot more for those skills.

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u/n_jacat 5d ago

None of this bullshit is their problem once they’ve died with their riches and the bankrupted generations are the only ones left.

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u/ScottsTotz 5d ago

Hilarious considering they got $60k+ in PPP loans forgiven for their business. Fucking clowns🤡


u/SlyMcFly67 4d ago

The difference is obvious - they said one is socialism and the other isnt. Clear as mud.

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u/Thosepassionfruits 4d ago

Can we just skip to the part where the majority of Americans default on their loans and the government bails the banks out? I’m tired of dragging this out.

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u/[deleted] 5d ago edited 4d ago



u/WhatTheFDR 4d ago

$174k salary, $5M net worth. Wonder how that happened


u/Quay-Z 4d ago

Probably ate at home, used a flip phone, borrows library books instead of Netflix, and...is massively corrupt


u/MtnDewTangClan 4d ago

Ah flip phone. I knew I was fucking something up

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u/tdring22 5d ago

Wouldn't this be challengeable in court since people did not make payments because of the pause who otherwise could have made payments and would now be charged additional interest


u/plopseven 4d ago

Yeah. This would be like a balance-transfer card saying “no payments for a year” and then 9 months in saying “actually, you owe interest on all of that.” A lot of people wouldn’t have accepted the loans in the first place. I don’t know how it’s legal to change the terms of a loan after the fact like this.


u/SlyMcFly67 4d ago

Legal is whatever this SCOTUS says it is, unfortunately.


u/babysmalltalk 4d ago

Maybe they want us to march on D.C. idk :/

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u/jworthing 4d ago

I don't know of a better way to inspire mass protest. If they suddenly foist years of retroactive payments on people, we might actually get everyone who owes student loan debt to act (mostly) as one and simply refuse to pay in protest.

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u/[deleted] 5d ago



u/suckitlikealollypop 4d ago

This comment made me realise why they are forcing women to give birth. If you have no one depending on you financially then you can do what your comment says but if you have kids relying on you now you have no choice but to work work work till you die. This was probably obvious to most people but whatever, I just got it.


u/nomedable 4d ago

That is part of it. Also if you force poor people to give birth it ensures more poor people down the line to fill in the general labour jobs without having to increase wages. If you have people that need the money and can't afford to not work, they're likely to take what they can get.

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u/iambeyoncealways3 4d ago edited 4d ago

This is definitely part of it. I always think they want more women and children in poverty, that way their children will be easier to manipulate into joining the army or working a dead end job. Taking away abortion rights is a really creative way to diminish people’s options for a better quality of life and they know that.


u/Branamp13 4d ago

This is definitely part of it. I always think they want more women and children in poverty, that way their children will be easier to manipulate into joining the army or working a dead end job.

Hmm, must just be a coincidence that many states are looking into lowering the age minors are allowed to work. I'm sure that it isn't connected at all.

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u/Mobile_Emergency5059 4d ago

And you're bringing kids into poverty who are more likely to be under educated and brought into the poverty cycle where they're more likely to be stuck in cheap labor jobs, under educated and thus susceptible to their propaganda, and they remain in power with cheap labor and less rights.

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u/Gonzostewie 4d ago

3 hots & a cot in prison.


u/SlyMcFly67 4d ago

Sounds like socialism to me!


u/Terramagi 4d ago

It does until you realize that slavery isn't illegal if you're in prison.

Also that they won't feed you.

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u/ProDiesel 4d ago

It's crazy how this is a major focus point in America over PPP loans.

We paid for billions to be stolen by people who didn't need it who claimed to pay their workers to "stay open" and simply kept it for themselves.

But sure lets focus on student fucking loans.

It should be free to educate yourself in a functioning society. Ask yourself why anyone would want to inhibit learning in a "leading democratic nation" perhaps because they sold themselves to corporations due to citizens united and have no reason to do anything other than enrich themselves.

We're sitting here watching all of it and somehow they have mastered the 24/7 news cycle and entertainment along with lack of education to keep the massive majority of people blind to real issues and content with their meagre existence.

I really wish people would wake the fuck up. It's embarrassing how ignorant so many people have become.

This is coming from a self described idiot. You guys can be so much better.

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u/lordjethr0 5d ago

If this country defaults, I’m not paying a cent more of my student loan debt. If my country can’t pay its debts, it sure as shit isn’t gonna come after ME for what breadcrumbs I make


u/piandaoist 4d ago

The Feds will garnish your wages if you default on your loans. If you receive money back from the IRS, they will give it to Dept. of Ed. Money coming from an inheritance will automatically go to Dept. of Ed. When you die, Dept. of Ed will take their cut with interest from your estate. You cannot file your federal student loans on a personal bankruptcy. One way or another, they'll get paid.


u/ijedi12345 4d ago

So just before you die, make sure to remember to burn your home down so the government can't take it.


u/RoseTyler37 4d ago

Nice of you to assume we own a home to burn down.


u/MutteringV 4d ago

bold to assume you need to own it.

"everything burns" - heath ledger

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u/AcePolitics8492 4d ago

You can't draw blood from a stone. Once I can reconsolidate the loan without my parents as cosigners I'm going to stop paying. More than half my paycheck would be going to it for the rest of my life anyway and I'll never be able to afford a house at this rate. My parents' home has tripled in value despite being built in the early 60s because of property value skyrocketing. Apartments in my area are thousands (yes, plural) of dollars a month without utilities. And I can't move somewhere that's cheaper because they're all shithole states that would strip me and my loved ones of our civil rights.

The social safety net in this country is simultaneously too meagre to give people a solid minimum standard of living and too expensive to live in an area with better-than-average welfare programs. My choice is to lash myself to the debt wheel for the rest of my life or try to live my life while ignoring it.

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u/VuckoPartizan 5d ago

How about the ppp loans?


u/Jdmag00 4d ago

Exactly this fuck these people. Republicans, "They borrowed it they need to pay it back they shouldn't have borrowed it blah blah.... Also Republicans, I need a PPP loan for some complete bullshit reason and then I vote to have my own loan forgiven. Definitely no conflict of interest here.

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u/nykezztv 4d ago

What ppp loans?



u/Boss_Boggs 4d ago

You mean Perez's?

Yeah, she got rid of that shit. Rules for thee!



u/SoundHole 4d ago

God, all the replies are blue checked Nazi fucks. Twitter sucks.

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u/[deleted] 5d ago

[removed] — view removed comment


u/pacNWbound_from_chi 5d ago

Agreed, just don't burn down the white castle


u/[deleted] 4d ago

[removed] — view removed comment


u/TheLoneDeranger76 4d ago

Unfortunately… that’s what it’s going to take. We are so far fucked that’s the only way to reset this shitshow.


u/B4NND1T 4d ago

Can we burn everything down.

Target the geriatrics that pull the ladder up

For legal reasons this is a joke...

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u/Macasumba 5d ago

CorpoDems. The worst kind.

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u/Admirable-Volume-263 4d ago edited 3d ago

Cool, I'll never pay them.

my "student" loans Almost doubled in size since I graduated, from 89k to 150k+

I came here to address the people projecting their insecurity onto me. No one wants to be called a narcissist, but if the shoe fits... I have been studying narcissism, psychology and neuroscience for a long time. So, have fun.


"Since many narcissists believe they know better, they may frequently expound and pontificate as a “know-it-all” to prove their self-imagined importance. A related type is someone who offers boorish and unsolicited advice, even when highly inappropriate. In both cases, the narcissist violates boundaries by imposing their offensive pathology upon others to satisfy their egocentric and insecure needs (narcissistic supply)."

"Having a false superiority complex is one of the most toxic traits of narcissism, whether it is extroverted (arrogant conceit) or introverted (quiet smugness). Since narcissism is often a desperate attempt to cover-up inner inadequacy (what Thoreau calls “quiet desperation”), some narcissists cannot feel good about themselves unless they put others down. To this extent, the narcissist may pathologically feel compelled to marginalize, judge, belittle, minimize, make-fun of, and/or discriminate. Without targeting victims to be their “inferior”, many narcissists feel like nobodies."

Men's Health cuz why not?


"Giving unsolicited advice A narcissist might frequently offer advice that not only isn't asked for, but is actively bad, and usually self-serving. "Because they lack empathy, and probably weren't listening before... the conversational narcissist uses advice-giving as a place for them to showboat rather than actually try to help."

Economics of Student Loans

There are many factors to consider here. First, I am not alone. I am among the majority in what I'm saying. Second, wages have not matched the increase in inflation, cost of living, or whatever metric you want to use to make an accurate comparison between let's say 2007, the year before I went to college (late), to now.

I am going to show CPI calculator, Inflation calculator, and articles on how student loans are screwing people, not the other way around. First point, society is screwing me, so I am entitled to feel like screwing it back. People who are sychophants make that clear in their loyalty to businesses, not other Americans. It's pathetic and gross. And, contrary to the trolls' beliefs, I don't want to screw them, as narcissistic as they may be. I want to screw the people responsible for this mess. I know who they are. They know who they are. But they've convinced a lot of us that not only do these problems not exist, but if and when they do, it's an average American's fault - it's the liberals' faults. It's just not true.

For one, I don't identify with this version of government and capitalism. I'm over it and these parties. And, my new purpose in life, is to work, in whatever space I have, to dispell this and to make some feeble attemp to unite us against them. That's what needs to happen. When we all can come to the table with understanding, love, and compassion, rather than judgment, criticism, and self-loathing, then we will move mountains. Until then, we're heading in Russia's direction.


Inflation since 2008 has risen 40.8%, with an estimated percentage for this year of about 5%. In the last year, rents have risen between 40 and 80%. That's one year. The average rent where I live is $1,500 for a 1 BR apartment. The median income is $33k. Tell me where in that money that people pay for a second mortgage when they don't even have one in the first place because they don't qualify - but still qualify for a $1,500/month rent. It's bull shit.

My apartment in 2005 was $600/month on the same income.

Wages have been stagnant compared to the 70s and 80s, but in general are stagnant. When compared to rises in costs of living, purchasing power hasn't changed in decades. This PEW article is fantastic.

"After adjusting for inflation, however, today’s average hourly wage has just about the same purchasing power it did in 1978, following a long slide in the 1980s and early 1990s and bumpy, inconsistent growth since then. In fact, in real terms average hourly earnings peaked more than 45 years ago: The $4.03-an-hour rate recorded in January 1973 had the same purchasing power that $23.68 would today."


In fact, I've seen thousands of jobs in 2 years in and out of unemployment (i had 5 jobs last year). The average pay of jobs I qualify for is $15/hour. There are some in the 20s, but it's tough to find. What do the numbers say? According to this CPI calculator, $15 in 2007 is equal to 22.48 in 2023.

I have been offered job after job either commission only or a base of $1,000 - $2,000 a month of gross income. Time and time again. And, in each scenario, I have negotiated for more. Hiring managers refuse to move. They all say the same bull shit "This is industry-standard." Who gives a fuck?

I worked for a business that was bringing in $75,000 per day, the busiest in the industry in the history of this industry. They refused to pay any of their people over $16/hour. Same at a SMB I worked at, a start-up, a franchise, a corporate business, and more.


What else? Oh, yeah, student loans ballooning. A simple google search would answer these questions, but since I have a graduate degree in environmental law and policy, I might as well put it to use? I don't know.

Here's a story about a person who sounds like me. I have more or less this story. I'll quote the first paragraph, and you decide if you want to read it:

"Since Brandon Hartenstein graduated with his master’s degree in 2010, his student debt has ballooned from roughly $50,000 to about $110,000, despite switching careers to earn a higher salary so he could put more money towards his bill. "



"The Education Department struggles to ease the burden on students by promoting its Income Based Repayment plan. This plan reduces monthly principle payments by extending the time students have to pay. But adding time only builds up the interest offsetting the gain from lowering principal payments."


Rising costs of graduate school, and how things have changed in recent years for borrowers:


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u/YumariiWolf 5d ago

Jokes one them, I still don’t make enough money to even qualify for more than a 0 dollar repayment. 🤡

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u/shadowtheimpure 5d ago

Even more Republican operatives slipping themselves into the Democratic party.


u/Baketovens_Fifth 5d ago

I wouldn’t be too hasty to make it a party thing. There are plenty of Democrat senators with votes for sale.


u/deytookerjaabs 5d ago

Dennis Kucinich wrote a fantastic book about his time in office in Cleveland in the 70's. It's called "Division of Light and Power."

It's one of the first books that really hit home just how hard the pressures to get what they want can be from those who have investments and the wealth to back them up. Just because they don't donate to your campaign doesn't mean they can't find other ways to ruin your life.

The biggest problem for those in office is the imbalance of power between the investment class and everyone else.


u/Tristain7 4d ago

"The biggest problem for those in office is the imbalance of power between the investment class and everyone else."

It's also their biggest opportunity, which is why corruption is so rampant.

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u/Oersch 4d ago

Ah, two more have been purchased and are switching parties soon. Another Friday, then.

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u/RhitaGawr Tear down the Corporations 4d ago

How about I keep doing what I've been doing and just don't pay

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u/Initial-Rope 5d ago edited 5d ago

And this is why Democrats are constantly losing ground to Republicans. Fucking sell-outs like this.


u/businessboyz 5d ago

I mean…MGP literally unseated a 12 year GOP incumbent in a district that voted for Trump twice.


u/Initial-Rope 5d ago edited 5d ago

Means nothing if we can’t count on her to vote in our favor regarding issues that the majority of Democrats agree on.


u/EvaUnit_03 5d ago

We call that a wolf in sheeps clothing.

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u/NeuroXc 5d ago

To be honest, this bill goes beyond that. This is such an obscene bill, the reps who voted in favor of this should be expelled from the Democratic party. It goes against everything Dems are supposed to stand for.

In reality the DNC doesn't give a fuck.

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u/CannibalJeebus 5d ago

That's not technically correct. Joe Kent, MAGA candidate, won the primary against the previous representative because she voted to impeach Trump the second time.

She also barely won, something like 2700 votes.

Regardless, it's seriously disappointing to see her vote like this.

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u/874765985794 4d ago

Our government is run by psychopaths. Our system has rewarded their behavior to the top.


u/BeastXredefined 5d ago

I really appreciate getting scammed at college, then having my whole life ruined cause of debt. Really cool. Fuck this country.

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u/VeshWolfe 4d ago

They don’t get it. This money CANNOT be paid back. People cannot afford it.


u/IsThereCheese 4d ago

Of course they get it, you aren’t supposed to afford it. You’re supposed to go broke/bankrupt and be even more of a wage slave.

And then to “fix” inflation, they have to “lower wages”.

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u/Spezzit 5d ago

I take it these are Manchin and Sinema 2.0? This timeline sucks balls.

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u/Niijima-San 5d ago

ah yes the faces of those who are part of the fuck you i got mine crowd


u/Bakersquare 4d ago

I fucking get so irritated that I'm not considered a "working american" in their eyes.

Fuckers, I spent the entire pandemic working as an "essential worker", I contribute more to society than most rich fucks but I'm the problem cause I got some shitty student loans for an associates degree?

I've gotten hit harder by inflation being poor and having debt. Ridiculous


u/Indecks9999 5d ago

What is the word for a republican pretending to be a Democrat?


u/althor2424 5d ago

Well, take your pick. You used to called them Sinemas but she had the decency to say she’s independent finally. (meaning she’ll vote whichever way the people paying for her lifestyle tell her to). I guess we could still call them Manchins

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u/RadioMelon 4d ago

Your representatives don't care about you.

They only care about that sweet, sweet lobby money.


u/JohniiMagii 4d ago

That previous month payment piece is how you actually start a revolution. People cannot possibly make a large lumpsum payment. 36 months at $250 average is $9000. People will go bankrupt if such is demanded.

And staring that down, there should at least be a repayment strike, if we could at all organize ourselves.

Barring that, we will see rioting.

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u/ImfamousDante87 4d ago

They can kiss my ass if they think I'm paying interest on the payments THEY paused. This is ludicrous.

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u/RL_Fl0p 5d ago

My only reasonable guess is these two youngins have caved in to bank & republicant pressure, or are selling their votes. Probably both.

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u/oliefan37 5d ago

People in this thread really don’t understand what’s it’s like to be a victim of predatory loans.

“Cancelling” federally backed student loan debt is on par with FDIC insurance. The banks will get there money. And all of the sudden there would be $1.6 trillion in economic activity flooding the economy.

The GOP made this mess where public and private colleges can overcharge for a service and for the current student loan ecosystem.

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u/Sserpent666 4d ago

I'd be "okay" with repaying my predatory loans if that payment was matched for retirement funds. People say "oh if you don't contribute to 401k you're leaving free money on the table" you're right. I am...because I have to be able to house and feed myself now, let alone pay these ridiculous, predatory loans. I don't want to leave "free money" on the table, but even a small contribution is next to impossible for the savings, necessities, housing, etc...let alone those student loans that I've paid off already but have almost the same balance... ridiculous...and "retroactive interes"? If that happens I'm never gonna get paid over the table again. Fuck em

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u/bradleyupercrust 5d ago

[Your Name]

[Your Address]

[City, State, ZIP]

[Email Address]

[Phone Number]


Representative Jared F. Golden

123 Cannon House Office Building

Washington, DC 20515

Dear Representative Golden,

I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to express my concerns and disappointment regarding your recent vote in support of overturning President Joe Biden's student loan cancellation plan. As a constituent and someone who deeply cares about the future of education and economic opportunity in our country, I believe it is crucial to address this issue.

The President's plan to cancel up to $20,000 in federal student loans for 43 million Americans was a significant step towards alleviating the burden of student debt and providing much-needed relief to individuals who have been struggling to make ends meet. By supporting the resolution to overturn this plan, you have undermined the hopes and aspirations of countless Americans who were relying on this debt cancellation to achieve financial stability and pursue their dreams.

While I respect your concerns about the cost and potential implications of such a plan, it is essential to remember the systemic issues that have contributed to the student loan crisis in the first place. Many individuals pursued higher education with the understanding that it would lead to better job prospects and financial security, only to find themselves burdened with insurmountable debt and limited opportunities. The cancellation plan offered a glimmer of hope to those who have been grappling with the consequences of this broken system.

Furthermore, I am disappointed by your opposition to other crucial policies. Your vote against the Build Back Better Act, despite its potential to address critical issues such as prescription drug pricing reform and infrastructure investment, raises concerns about your commitment to comprehensive and progressive legislation that benefits all Americans. Additionally, your stance on criminal justice reform, gun control, and voting rights, among other issues, does not align with the values of inclusivity, equity, and progress that I believe are essential for our society.

As a Marine Corps veteran and a member of Congress, I appreciate your dedication to public service and your willingness to engage in important debates. However, I urge you to reconsider your positions on these critical matters. It is crucial for our elected representatives to prioritize the needs and aspirations of their constituents, especially those who have historically been marginalized or burdened by systemic inequities.

I kindly request that you carefully consider the consequences of your votes and align your actions with the best interests of the people you represent. I encourage you to support policies that promote affordable education, economic opportunity, social justice, and a sustainable future for all.

Thank you for taking the time to read my concerns. I hope that you will give them thoughtful consideration and continue to work towards policies that uplift and empower the people of Maine's 2nd congressional district.


[Your Name]


u/ioncloud9 5d ago

Nobody ever presses a Republican how we are going to pay for our ballooning defense budgets or trillion dollar tax cuts. They always just snarkily reply with "they will pay for themselves."


u/Fromaestro Eco-Anarchist 5d ago

A well written waste of 63 cents.

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u/JadedGeneralG 4d ago

How about this: we. aren't. paying. it.


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u/DikkAntlers 4d ago

Who does this help? To me it seems like it only hurts Americans that are graduating and trying to further education.

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u/jolinar30659 4d ago

These people have no idea what it’s like to have no money. They think poverty is a lie.

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