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DUNKING Dunking Thread: Keep all dunking related posts here


r/Basketball 1h ago

People who foul on purpose cause they’re defense is ass are annoying af


I play pick up and there’s always that guy who bear hugs you on the way to the rim cause he can’t guard for sh*t.

Funny thing is, this rarely happens to me but even seeing it happen to others irks me.

Anyone else feel the same?

r/Basketball 5h ago

Been playing regularly for the past couple months


Played all through middle and high school and played some at the rec center my freshman year of college. Once I moved off campus stopped playing cuz I wasn’t near a hoop. Now moved back home college all done and I’m getting my game back. Got some new shoes last week and been breaking em in and feel a bit bouncier, starting to feel more confident in my threes and getting some of my strength back for the deep ones, ball handling still needs a lot of work (always been the weakest part of my game) getting a bit better at finishing but if I could get to the hoop better I would probably have more success. Thinking about doing some speed and strength training cuz I’m getting bullied by the more athletic guys. Played 3 games today, shot like 7-15? 4-10 on 3s seems about right. Had a couple nice double clutch layups and a picknroll layup. Anyways just wanted to share that I’m back on the journey of becoming a decent casual hooper.

r/Basketball 18h ago

In your opinion, which player looked weird on a different jersey?


For me, it's D-Wade, IT and D-Rose with the Cavs. Also, IT with the Lakers.

r/Basketball 10h ago

GENERAL QUESTION What position is best for me?


I am a 6’3 165 lb 14 year old. I can defend, jump, and have a post and layup package. I have the ability to shoot midranges but not a consistent 3 pt shooter. If I want to prosper in 10th grade+ what position should I play and what skills should I learn/change?

r/Basketball 1h ago

If the ball is loose, and everyone is scrambling for it, is it legal to keep pushing the ball away with ur hands?


Basically, say I am in the backcourt, ball is still on the floor, can I just tap the ball to the front court for example and let it roll and then do that one hand dribble thing where u can get the ball bouncing. I have been doing this in pickup and it honestly has a lot of us confused whether it’s a travel or not lol. Another example could be the ball is actually loose in the front court and I would for example keep pushing it away from defenders trying to get the ball by basically rolling it along the floor and then try picking up my dribble in the same fashion. Legal or a violation?

r/Basketball 10h ago

I need a gym workout


I am basketball player and I need a gym workout schedule do you recommend any

r/Basketball 16h ago

4 vs 5 defense


Wussup everyone, so next week my rec league team has a championship and most guys are going away so it only leaves 4 of us available to play. I have an idea of what to do on offense but what kind of strategy should we use on defense???

r/Basketball 16h ago

GENERAL QUESTION What basketballs would y'all recommend for both indoor and outdoor courts?


I'm trying to get back into playing again, and it's a bit difficult to decide which ball to get, because I know next to nothing about what's good and what isn't. Been eyeing the Wilson Authentic Series Indoor/Outdoor ball, but what are your recs?

r/Basketball 17h ago

NBA What's your favorite #NBAFinals memory? 🏆


We read you!

r/Basketball 1d ago

NBA Top 5 All Time


I have had a lot of debates with people on who are the top 5 best of all time and it’s usually Lebron MJ Bill Russel Kobe and etc but one time one guy put Curry as number 2 thoughts? What should I tell him?

r/Basketball 6h ago

NBA Starting 5 all time who you got?


You can pick anyone name your starting five.

My picks are the following.

Center-Bill Russell

Power Forward- Dennis Rodman

Small Forward-Kawhi Leonard

Shooting Guard-Sam Jones

Point Guard- Magic Johnson... My pics are based on winning percentage.

Tell everyone who you got.

r/Basketball 1d ago

NBA Jimmy Butler shoes?


Does anyone know what shoes Jimmy Butler is wearing right now (game 2 of the finals)?

Light blue and white. I’m in the market for some new shoes…

r/Basketball 22h ago

where to buy long smooth shorts in person


foot locker used to have generic pairs long smooth silky kind you could buy like 5 for 20 dollars do they have similar ?

I like the king over the knee smooth fabric kind i don’t like buying online some are made in china and not accurate

anyone know STORES where i can shop and buy this kind anymore of ANY brand it doesn’t have to be Foot locker Generics just the smooth fabrics kind of like silky i don’t know what material the shiny smooth comfy kind long below the knee IN PERSON thanks any help appreciated

r/Basketball 1d ago

Why don’t you jump on free throws?


r/Basketball 1d ago

Who you got winning game 2 in the NBA Finals?


Me personally, I think the Nuggets are gonna 🧹🧹🧹

r/Basketball 1d ago

Man vs Zone


This is more for y’all against the lower levels…was wanting to know what you prefer and I am asking purely as a fan of defensive basketball and Larry brown in particular…I read a quote from him saying man basketball is the best because you are always emphasizing the importance of footwork…do you guys generally follow that philosophy? Why or why not?

r/Basketball 1d ago

GENERAL QUESTION How long from 0 to dominating your local park?


So, I used to hoop a ton from ages 5-13 (mostly YMCA, no AAU or anything like that), but I basically haven't touched a ball since (I'm 24 now).

Was toying with the idea of getting back into it the other day and was curious -- how long do y'all think it would take someone like me to go from basically 0 (poor shot mechanics, zero off-hand dribble, etc) to someone who could dominate my local park until ex-college folks showed up?

In other words, how fast do you think someone could go from noob to solid high school hooper level?

r/Basketball 1d ago

GENERAL QUESTION Rule on putting a hand in someone’s face?


I was just wondering if a defender were to just always put a hand in front of the shooter’s face would that be legal? Seems like everyone in the NBA tries to block the ball but I just know personally I’d be way more distracted if the defender were to constantly face guard me while I’m shooting. Also with this strategy there’s less need for a defender to commit off his feet because the shooter’s face is so much lower than the ball

r/Basketball 9h ago

Jokic is the 2nd option sidekick, Murray is the true first option


In today's era especially, the guard should always be the first option. That's just how it is. Guards naturally get the ball easier and are naturally better shootersscorers.

Jokic should be capped at 15 shots a game, he's sabonis 2.0

While Murray should be taking 22-25 shots every single game.

The roles seem dysfunctional due to the media overhyping Jokic.

r/Basketball 1d ago

How hard are you allowed to push in basketball?


I am not so much of a contact guy but sometimes I play pick up, 3x3 and I get pushed pretty hard when I'm playing defense. Like the dude will use almost full strength and will body me, so I am not sure if this is a faul or what and If It's okay for me to do the same?

I feel stupid If I'm playing offense and would do that. Not saying that It's wrong but It's not my style of play. I don't need 100% of my strength to outplay someone.

But the same goes with defense, if he bodies me so hard, I guess I am also allowed to push him back before he pushes me? Or do I need to wait for him to initiate that contact before I push him back?

I've never complained about this, nor do I mind for people playing that way but If I do the same, I feel like some people would probably get pretty mad, think It's too much. You can argue that It's not my problem what others think but at the same time, It's a bit too try hard for a pick up game.

It's not organized, there are no referees.

r/Basketball 1d ago

If you could spend an hour with one NBA player who would it be?

238 votes, 5d left
White Chocolate 🍫
Demar Derozan🐂
Joel Embiid 🦒
Kyrie Irving 🏀
Derrick Rose 🌹

r/Basketball 1d ago

NBA A Center Goes Coast to Coast With His Weak Hand and Finishes With Contact


no explanation necessary

r/Basketball 2d ago

What is your all-time starting 5?


For me, I have:

PG: Curry SG: MJ SF: LeBron PF: Dirk Nowitzki C: Shaq

r/Basketball 1d ago

Am I talented?


This week, on tuesday, I played with some buddies basketball. I have around 3 monthsof basketball experience at best. My friends play basketball for around 5 years now and they have a lot of experience and are very good. After getting humiliated on tuesday I practiced for around 3 days kinda hard.I'M NOT JOKING that against their defense I had around at least 50% shooting from everywhere and crossedover very very hard my defender that has a lot of experience and is 4 inches taller than me. On tuesday I had only one point in 6 matches and couldn't get past litteraly anyone

I need to mention that the defense I played against was on point almost every play, we played street and I took a lot of fouls, I am 3-4 inches smaller than my friends, made shots that were incredebly hard. I never trained for basketball besides those few days this week

r/Basketball 1d ago

Questions on rules


I just had a question on the rules and was hoping someone could help me out. I think I see it done often so I think it’s legal but wasn’t sure.

Scenario: After grabbing a rebound, while I’m landing, I like to slam the ball with both hands against the ground once and catch it and go right back up for a lay up. Is this a double dribble or is it only a double dribble if you continue the dribble instead of going up for the basket?