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Meta Weekly Discussion Thread - May 29, 2023


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Meta 2023 Offseason Megathread


The Bulls end their season 40-42 and have been eliminated in the Play-In Tournament

The Bulls have 6 players on contract for next season and 2 players with player options

Active Contracts
Player Contract
Zach LaVine $40.1M
DeMar DeRozan $28.6M
Lonzo Ball $20.5M
Patrick Williams $9.8M
Alex Caruso $9.5M
(Andre Drummond) $3.4M - Player Option
(Derrick Jones Jr.) $3.4M - Player Option
Dalen Terry $3.4M
(Carlik Jones) $1.9M - Non-Guaranteed
(Marko Simonovic) $1.8M - Non-Guaranteed
Depth Chart
Lonzo Ball Zach LaVine DeMar DeRozan Patrick Williams
Alex Caruso Dalen Terry (Derrick Jones Jr.) (Andre Drummond)
(Carlik Jones) (Marko Simonovic)
  • The 2023 first conveys to the Orlando Magic with the 11th pick

  • The pick from the Portland Trail Blazers did not convey and is lottery-protected through 2028

Bulls Free Agents
Player Free Agent Status
Patrick Beverley UFA
Ayo Dosunmu RFA
Javonte Green UFA
Justin Lewis RFA
Terry Taylor QO
Nikola Vučević UFA
Coby White RFA
Important Offseason Dates
  • May 16 - Draft Lottery

  • June 22 - Draft

  • July 1 - Vučević Extension Deadline

  • July 6 - Start of Free Agency

  • July 7-17 - Summer League

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NBA Draft [Wojnarowski] Chicago-native Matas Buzelis – a 6-foot-10 projected No. 1 overall pick in @Draftexpress’ 2024 NBA mock draft - has officially signed with G League Ignite for next season, Buzelis’ agency Excel Sports Management tells ESPN.


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Fan Art Thought I’d draw a sad Pippen given his recent comments. Growing up watching the Bulls I never would have guessed this is how he felt or, how it would pan out. Either way, I’m sad it’s soured. Hope you like it.

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Rumor [Charania] "Sources tell me that the Bulls and Nikola Vucevic have opened up extension conversations. There's mutual interest in getting a deal done."


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Shitpost Had to cop the mvp’s jersey 😤

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Shitpost “We feel we are really close. We were a a few possessions away from making a run like Miami did”

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Fluff Since the Bulls traded Jimmy Butler: Bulls has 1 playoff appearance… Jimmy Butler has 2 Finals appearances



Dear Diary: Just another day to spread my hate for Jerry Reinsdorf, Gar Forman, and John Paxson. Bulls failed their rebuild, Bulls traded their young pieces to be competitive… just to squeak into their only playoff appearance and lose in 5, and Butler has been leaving his impact around the league. I’m not saying Bulls would be living in the finals with Butler, but they would be in a much better position compared to their dumpster fire rn.

Bulls fans like to say: “Media made the Bulls pick Rose or Butler”. Rose is a Chicago legend, but at that point it was always Butler. He was younger & better… Bulls fans would be upset, at first, but winning solves everything.

Bulls fans like to say: “Bulls tried to build around him & it didn’t work”. LOL you call Rondo & Wade a legit way to build around your star player? Wade was a shell of himself and came for the hometown paycheck. Rondo was a viable role player, but he shouldn’t be your 2nd/3rd best player. Jimmy’s only real chance at being competitive was with Rose’s old running mates + Pau, and they were damn competitive… a buzzer beater away from being 3-1 at one point against Cleveland LeBron.

Bulls fans like to say: “He would’ve left anyway.” Maybe he would’ve, maybe he wouldn’t… doesn’t mean you just give up on your star player because he might leave. You put your best foot forward, which the Bulls didn’t, and produce the best result you can get. If it sucks, oh well at least you tried. If it works, Jimmy would be happy with being competitive & be inclined to stay with a competitive team who drafted and did right by him.

Instead of all of that, Bulls gave up on Butler and traded him away for a good player with a shit plan. End of diary

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Free Agency Reinsdorf Curse?


How come organizations such as the Lakers, Celtics and Spurs have sustained success and have won championships in multiple decades since the 90’s? Bulls haven’t made an appearance since 98!

How come a Top 5 player never wants to sign as a FA or “force” their way to Chicago? Ownership? High taxes? Jordan shadow? Weather?

With the recent Lonzo rumors Expected decline in Demar Lack of Draft Capital Donovan Extension

Bulls are at least 6-8 years away from even competing and should trade Lavine and Demar this summer.

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Fluff [Front Office Sports] Jerry Reinsdorf Gets Controlling Stake of Stadium Network


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Trade Chicago Bulls (superstar) trade targets. I don’t know if all of them are realistic options if we can keep Zach around.


Yes I know Kawhi & James are aging superstars but when they’re healthy they provide elite level play on both ends. If we can pair Zach with a great PG we’ve seen what he can do. But also Zach with elite level defense around him will be a great assist to him on that end. I don’t know if either are realistic options but every day I think all players could be traded if the bulls called but again I don’t know. If they can make any I think these guys have legitimate cases to be traded 🤷🏽‍♂️ lmk your thoughts.

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Rumor SI.com, report Lonzo Ball may never play again

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Fluff What are the Bulls biggest needs and what do they need to add in the offseason?


Interested to know your thoughts on what is needed and what needs to be added.

I think a point guard is defo needed: shake milton , D Rose, cory joseph , jevon carter, monte morris/tyus jones (Trade maybe)

Rebounding help - Theis , drummond , noel , saric

Wing depth - Winslow, Richardson , Isaac, Divecenzo

3 point shooting - Konchar , Watanabe , Damion lee and T Ross could be good options

Thoughts? Out of the the big 3 I feel like Vuc is probably going to be let go or demar gets traded for a pick and some depth but I predict limited suitors and that he won't be moved until the deadline

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Fluff The Bulls were so unlucky in the Thibs era


I saw a post by House of Highlights talking about the Rose/Jimmy duo, and it just made me think of how unlucky things were during the early 2010s. The rose injury is obviously chronicled to hell, but it goes deeper than that. Noah became DPOY and Deng became an all star but of course it didn’t align with Rose’s MVP years. Then Butler became a star as well, and we saw what that duo was at their best at times in the 2015 playoffs until the missed Blatt timeout and James game winner. That doesn’t even include a ton of other injuries during that time. Just makes me sad while we watch Miami and Boston have way more consistent success building their teams.

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Fluff Jimmy is about to become the king of baaaaaad playoff series losses


Since 1984, when the NBA went to 16 teams in the playoffs:

Teams that win the first two games of a best-of-seven series on the road go on to win the series 85.0% of the time (17-3).

Jimmy led his final Bulls team to one of the three series losses, he's about to become the dominant all-time king of blowing a 2-0 lead when three of the final five games are at home.

Teams that lead a best-of-seven series 3-1 go on to win the series 95.6% of the time (152-7).

Percentage wise, this is worse than blowing a series after winning the first two games on the road. But Jimmy has a chance to top that.

No NBA team has ever blown a 3-0 series lead. And only one MLB team and four NHL teams have done it

A loss tomorrow makes history, the question is how much does it hurt his legacy?

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Playoffs [ESPN] Derrick White is the 2nd player in NBA history to make a game-winning buzzer-beater when facing elimination and his team trailed prior to the shot. The other player to do this? Michael Jordan in 1989 vs the Cavaliers.


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Rumor Looking back at the Zach Lavine Trade Deadline Rumor. What are our thoughts now on the deal?

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I remember seeing this deal at the trade deadline and getting really hyped at the potential haul we could get back for Zach. What do you guys think about the package?

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Fluff [Johnson] Former Bull and Bulls assistant gets first NBA head coaching shot: The Milwaukee Bucks are planning to hire Toronto Raptors assistant Adrian Griffin as the franchise’s next head coach. Sides are progressing on terms of an agreement.


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Highlight Patricks Williams' best plays from all 82 games this season


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Trade What's up! Trail Blazers fan here!

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Hope everyone's doing well, I've seen this deal a lot in our fanbase and I was wondering what the other side thinks of it. All hypotheticals at the end of the day but curious.

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Shitpost Hmm, Jordan can't be that bad.


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Fluff Scottie switching up again 🧂


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Fan Art Michael art

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Fluff Scottie calls Phil Jackson “selfish”🧂


Scottie never considered his crying about a contract all season, not going back into a game because a play wasn’t drawn up for you, and planning a surgery all during a 3 peat as selfish?

Mike told the Bulls to take care of you financially before they took care of him but he’s “selfish”. Scoring 50% of your teams points in a close out game in the finals cause your Robin is ailing with injury is “selfish”. Mike never once complained that you were demanding a trade while you were rehabbing an injury you could’ve taken care of the previous summer cause you didn’t wanna ruin your summer. But he’s “selfish” Just stfu Scottie.

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Free Agency Bulls should pursue Gabe Vincent


Imho respectfully the heats offense was not good without him last game and I recognize he's the glue guy that they need, however he's an upcoming UFA and seeing how their roster is over tax and the new rules will make it harder for them to retain everyone, Bulls should offer the mle and go in for Gabe. If they truly want to compete they cannot without a ball handler and Gabe happens to be one that checks a few of what the bulls need, playoff riser a defender a floor general and can shoot the 3 he's also a hustle guy and will fight for loose balls. I like him better than y'alls favorite target tyus jones who cannot defend and hugely underperformed in the playoffs.

Some of bulls fans want Max Strus back and I agree we need shooting but he's gonna command a lot more than the bulls can afford.


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Fluff The Last Jacket

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NBA Finals NBA Finals 1997 (Game 6 Highlights)