Type of post (flair) Link Posts Text Post Rule Description
Files (post pertaining to file sharing)
News (if pertinent. Combat journalism can go in link posts.)
Albums (Photos must contain combat footage for link posts)
Audio Radio recordings under combat, the event captured was only recorded in audio. Details.
Documentary clip
News Report (A news summary that cuts to scenes of actual fighting.)
Newsreel (Old timey war news)
Newsreel Clip
Photo (Social Media) (Facebook, Twitter. Must contain actual fighting for link post)
Photo (Must contain actual fighting for link post)
Video (must contain actual combat)
Video (Social Media) (Facebook, Twitter. Must contain actual fighting for link post)
War Correspondent
Not allowed here Not Allowed
aftermath 🚫 (Please do not post)
assassinations 🚫 (Please do not post)
executions 🚫 (Please do not post)
controlled detonations 🚫 (Please do not post)
electronic warfare 🚫 (Please do not post. One exception is if footage is shown of it taking down military hardware)
violent protests 🚫 (Please do not post)
police action 🚫 (Exception to the police action rule)
narco footage 🚫 (Please do not post)
news articles 🚫 (Please do not post)
military exercises 🚫 (Please do not post)
military parades 🚫 (Please do not post)
POW's being abused or tortured 🚫 (Please do not post)
War Map 🚫 (Do not post. Please see here for links to sites with war maps.)
w/commercials edited in 🚫 (Please do not post)
Abandoned, captured or destroyed equipment/machinery 🚫 (Please do not post unless it's in the process of being abandoned, captured or destroyed.)
Obituaries about a Soldiers death 🚫 (Please do not post)
Adding music to footage not yours 🚫 (Exceptions to the music rule)
Reposts within a year 🚫 (Exceptions to the repost rule)
soldiers posing for the camera 🚫 (Please do not post)
Extraordinarily graphic content may be subject to post removal.

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