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Other ANNOUNCEMENT! ELI5 introduces the ExplanationCoin!


Hey there, Explainers!

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Bots and AI generated answers on r/explainlikeimfive


Recently, there's been a surge in ChatGPT generated posts. These come in two flavours: bots creating and posting answers, and human users generating answers with ChatGPT and copy/pasting them. Regardless of whether they are being posted by bots or by people, answers generated using ChatGPT and other similar programs are a direct violation of R3, which requires all content posted here to be original work. We don't allow copied and pasted answers from anywhere, and that includes from ChatGPT programs. Going forward, any accounts posting answers generated from ChatGPT or similar programs will be permanently banned in order to help ensure a continued level of high-quality and informative answers. We'll also take this time to remind you that bots are not allowed on ELI5 and will be banned when found.

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Other ELI5: How do singers (like Taylor Swift) prepare for the athletic demands of touring? As in dancing and singing for hours while still having their breathing completely under control.


I've been wondering this since I saw a clip of Beyonce's Coachella set where she was running up and down stairs without getting winded. Are they doing a training plan 4 months out like marathon runners?

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Biology Eli5 why does pressing my palms against my eyes create a kaleidoscope effect?


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Engineering ELI5 - Why can't front windshields have the same defrosting method as rear windshields?


The rear windshield defrosters seem so much more effective. Is it just the lines across the drivers field of view that makes it decidedly unsafe?

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Technology ELI5: How can a sudden power outage break your computer?


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Other ELI5: how does a sign language interpreter deal with unfamiliar words?


Gameshow I'm watching just asked which citrus fruit is also known as a shaddock and, having never heard of it, wondered if the interpreter was in the same boat and had to spell it out or something

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Biology ELI5 - If aliens came and made humans into pets, what would be the ideal habitat temperature?


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Technology ELI5 How can someone else see my router settings like what ports are open?


Title says it all. Not tech savvy.

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Biology ELI5: Why is manure/feces used as fertiliser for plants?


Why are animal waste products used as plant food? Wouldn't the animal have already absorbed the nutrients from the food?

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Physics Eli5: How does multifocal contact lenses work?


How can the same pair of lenses correct for both nearsightedness and farsightedness when they sit on the same place on the eyeballs?

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Other ELI5 why aren't tranquilizer guns used on humans during stand-offs


Like, instead of tasers, live ammunition, etc, why isn't there some sort of investment in making tranquilizer guns to incapacitate criminals?

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Chemistry ELI5: With all of the advancements made on this world, how have we not been able to make zero or low calorie amazingly tasting food like chocolate chip cookies!?!


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Other Eli5: How is dim sum made?


I’m curious how traditional dim sum restaurants (those with carts) make enough food to feed thousands and thousands of people every single day, or at least Fridays and Saturdays when dim sum is most popular. What does the process look like to prep all of the food behind the kitchen? What do restaurants do with the dishes that aren’t selected by guests and brought back to the kitchen? Are they reheated and brought out to the guests again on a second pass through?

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Mathematics ELI5-What is the fibonacci sequence?


I've heard a lot about the amazing geometry of fibonacci and how it it's supposed to be in all nature and that's sacres geometry... But I simply don't see it can some please explain me the hypes of it

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Biology ELI5 : How do scientists determine what part of the brain performs what function?


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Engineering ELI5: Why do aeroplanes at cruising altitude appear so large?


Just watched an aeroplane fly over my city at 32,000ft according to FlightRadar24. I could see its wings, tail and (roughly) its branding.

Is it because 6 miles isn’t that long a distance for our eyes? On the flip side, looking down at earth from 32,000ft I don’t think I could see an aeroplane as clearly?

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Economics ELI5: Why is the the US embargo on Cuba still ongoing?


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Chemistry eli5 Why does glass explode on the stove but can handle being in the oven just fine?


I had a glass dish that I've been using in baking. The other day I fked up and turned on the wrong burner when I was making something else. I never experienced it before but when I went to sit down suddenly a loud bang happened and the glass broke into a million shards. So why did that happen? I'd imagine it's something about molecules or something.

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Chemistry ELI5: What actually happens to our wastewater? Do we actually end up drinking what was once urine?


Furthermore, what happens to traces of psychoactive chemicals, painkillers and other drugs that are assuredly washed into sewers and treated? Does that impact those who end up drinking that water downstream?

How "pure" is treated water? Is it purely H20 with nothing else present, down to its very atomic structure? Or are there traces?

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Biology Eli5: What causes bruising? And why do some bruise easier than others?


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Biology ELI5: Intelligence vs. Consciousness vs. Sentience vs. Sapience


(I think) I understand that put very simply they are all “measures” of how smart a being is; its awareness, its ability to solve problems, having a sense of the Theory of Mind, etc.

But what are the differences between the meanings of these terms? Thanks to Kurzgesagt (1) (2) I have somewhat of an understanding of the first two, but even still it all seems very abstract.

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Biology Eli5 How/why is muscular size not the determining factor for strength?


Ok so for context I’ve been in the powerlifting and general fitness community for almost 10 years now (getting old) and something that’s always befuddled me is you can’t tell how strong someone is by just how big their muscular size is.

Strength is somewhat subjective to really define anyway, you can make standards and be like: “ok strength is defined as your raw powerlifting total so the person with the higher total is stronger” but even then you could have a strongman with a shit bench press but can overhead press 300+lbs so defining his strength by raw powerlifting standards doesn’t really tell the full story. The same goes for people that train in equipped powerlifting. Like my above definition would imply that some of the lifting greats like Chuck Vogelpohl from west side barbell weren’t strong because they didn’t lift raw much but I mean fuck the guy could squat close to 1300lbs (in multi ply) and just looking at him you could see he was a titan.

So yes defining strength is subjective But what I’m talking about is for example there’s a lot of big guys that train like bodybuilders and they all around look well porportioned, big legs, big back, big chest and arms, but they are just kind of so so on strength and someone significantly smaller than them can out lift them. Like there is 170lb guys who don’t even look like they lift and can squat and deadlift 600 lbs and there’s a lot of meatheads that look way more jacked but will never come close to either. The only slight exception I’ve found to this is on the bench press and general upper body strength where it seems the bigger guy will be stronger/ be able to bench or overhead more.

Sorry this was kind of a ramble I just wonder if somebody had the actual scientific explanation as to why/why muscular size didn’t fully determine strength. I’m just surprised because my understanding of how muscles work is they pull on the tendon to move whatever limb or set of limbs is associated with the movement therefore having bigger muscles would mean you have more “troops to recruit” or pull wit

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Other ELI5: Why is there a statue of Abraham Lincoln in Mexico?


I'm watching something filmed in Mexico and there's a brief scene in Tijuana (I think) that shows an Abraham Lincoln statue.

I'm definitely not a history buff or anything, so I'm curious as to why it's there.

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Other eli5: Modes in music theory


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Chemistry ELI5: Does a battery go through a discharge cycle when charging?


Let's say I have my phone or laptop with a lithium ion battery and a setting that does not allow the battery to go above 60% and I charge device up to 60%. If I use the device for several hours in this state (or as long as the battery would have taken to discharge 100%), would I have done one charge cycles worth of damage to the battery? Or would the same chemicsl reaction not happen and the health of the battery would be better than if it had discharged and been recharged?

With a setting like this, is it better for thr life of the battery to charge the device to 60% and use it to 30% and recharge it, or is it better to keep it on a constant charge?

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Other Eli5 Why are pockets sealed off on new clothes but you can rip off the thread to open them?


I don’t know if this only happens to female clothes, particularly blazers but I always find the pockets to be sealed off. I could rip open the pockets if I cut off the threads but I just wonder why it isn’t open in the first if they intended to make pockets.