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Brian Burke “extremely disappointed” in James Reimer’s decision to not participate in Pride Night [Image]


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u/BaephBush BOS - NHL 13d ago

Oh god i didn’t know Burke’s son was killed in a crash at 21. I don’t ever want to know what that feels like.


u/Sarcastic__ Sparta Sarpsborg - ES 13d ago

I will always respect Brian Burke for how hard he's championed this cause from his own personal life experience with his son.


u/salamiolivesonions VAN - NHL 13d ago

it's honestly so great that he is an ally. An "old Time hockey guy" like this is great to have supporting


u/sweetplantveal Colorado Rockies - NHLR 13d ago

He means a lot to me because of his advocacy.


u/LeroyJanky80 VAN - NHL 13d ago

He couldn't have explained this simple act of decency any clearer or better. People need to get over their own shit and demonstrate their tolerance. It isn't always about you.


u/Bahamas_is_relevant VGK - NHL 13d ago

Seriously, having one of the “old boys club” be this much of a champion for LGBTQ rights is huge for the game.

Say what you want about his GM ability, but Burke seems like a genuinely good human and that’s what counts.


u/BaephBush BOS - NHL 13d ago Stanley Cup


u/freewaterfallIII 13d ago

This speaks volumes about grubauer. Someone should tell Reimer, "this isn't about you, it's about them."


u/Revival93 COL - NHL 13d ago edited 13d ago

Technically, 99.99% of the league don’t become insufferable divas when it comes to this stuff, but nonetheless, go GRUU.


u/freewaterfallIII 13d ago edited 13d ago

Very true. But I heard about a story of Jay beagle on the canucks was like this too. Wouldn't wear pride jerery.

Edit: jersey. What's a 'jerery'? Lol 😆


u/Bbrett9 PIT - NHL 13d ago

lmao in my own little selfish way i always love receiving an excuse to dislike someone i’ve always irrationally disliked, like Jay Beagle


u/SL_1983 13d ago

Great pic. And great example.


u/B0_SSMAN TOR - NHL 13d ago edited 13d ago

I love how outspoken Burke has always been about supporting the LGBTQ+ community


u/CanadaRu 13d ago

His son was gay. Brian was supportive of his son when he was alive, I'm sure it pains Brian to see James take that stance even more so now with his son no longer with us and James being a former Leaf as well.


u/ZRR28 TOR - NHL 13d ago

A former beloved leaf as well who came across as one of the nicest most genuine people in the league.


u/mabbz VAN - NHL 13d ago

Probably watching the Rags and Minny ditch the event warmup jersey altogether pissed him off too.


u/doihavetowearabra DAL - NHL 13d ago

So much respect for Burke. It is great that he is so vocal in support of the community. I wish we had more like him.


u/TheDesktopNinja BOS - NHL 13d ago

I wasn't really familiar with him but I just spent a few minutes looking up the details. He's a stand up guy.


u/UnluckyBuy EDM - NHL 13d ago

Burke is a solid dude


u/CaptinDerpI CGY - NHL 13d ago

Common Brian Burke W


u/psyopsono CAR - NHL 13d ago

More comments here. What a class act.


u/GatesofDelirium 13d ago

Thanks for posting, nice to see a voice of reason.


u/BallistaInChains 13d ago Wholesome

Burke cuts right through the bullshit and gets to the very heart of the point.

Saying, “I’m for inclusion and I love and welcome all” but refusing to wear the jersey is 100% a direct contradiction. It is a direct statement, without ambiguity, that you do neither love nor welcome all.


u/Parmesanchzgorl 13d ago

Unfortunately I have found that a sad amount of Christians spew contradictory statements. Being a religious person but judging the lives of others to me is inherently contradictory but hey that’s just me


u/dumbfoundry SJS - NHL 13d ago

Just a crazy thing to see. Here I am thinking Reims is one if the nicest dudes in the league in one minute and being confused as fuck in the next.


u/YvesSaintWarrant TOR - NHL 13d ago

The disappointment I felt when I saw this earlier cut like a knife.


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u/purpleseagull12 CGY - NHL 13d ago

Also, Jesus loved everybody. If you think Jesus himself wouldn’t wear these pride jerseys if he were alive today, you are fucking kidding yourself.


u/[deleted] 13d ago

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u/SpacemanSpiff25 DAL - NHL 13d ago

Actually he was very likely a real person. There’s a fair bit of historical evidence that says that Jesus of Nazareth was an actual dude who lived around the appropriate time period. Son of God? That’s a little harder to prove.

But the point remains. Put aside whether you believe in Christianity or not. It’s pretty hypocritical to say you do but won’t support X or Y people, when the single biggest Christian teaching of the guy you profess to follow was “love thy neighbor.”


u/cdcformatc COL - NHL 13d ago

ignoring the actual man Jesus who may or may not have existed and just speaking about Jesus as a character from the Christian Bible, it's crazy making to hear people using His name to promote hate and ignorance

it's like they haven't even read the Bible



Exactly. Being of a different religion or being an athiest is a sin to Christian values, but you're taught not to hate or exclude those different from you. Reimer probably doesn't care if he has or had teammates being athiest or believe in a different religion like Kadri in Toronto. It's promotion that hockey is for everyone and hockey is also for LGBTQ athletes. It's also for professional athletes like Luke Prokop and promoting openness to any closeted players.

If it's really about Christian values donate a huge portion of your salary to the poor and suffering Reimer.


u/LeroyJanky80 VAN - NHL 13d ago

Religion, teaching intolerance and exclusion and judgement for millennia. Way to go.


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u/psyopsono CAR - NHL 13d ago

I like the Penguins now???


u/AnOwlFlying 13d ago

Burke has always been behind the LGBTQ+ community since his son came out as gay


u/NefCanuck TOR - NHL 13d ago

I was hoping that Brian Burke would comment here.

The fact that there are NHL players so terrified of wearing a Pride Jersey because of their “religious beliefs” is utterly disappointing.

It’s not like any of them can actually point to anything in their religious teachings that actually says “you shall not like LGBTQ+” people 🤷‍♂️


u/satelliteridesastar DAL - NHL 13d ago

No see James thinks all people have value and worth and he thinks LGBTQIA+ people should be welcome in all aspects of the game of hockey, he just doesn't want to wear a shirt that says that because reasons.


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u/nameistakentryagain SJS - NHL 13d ago

This is why it’s so maddening. It takes MORE EFFORT to be a twat about pride night then just keeping your mouth shut and wearing the jersey for a 5 minute warm up. there are a nonzero amount homophobic players in the league, more than just Reimer & Provorov, but I can count on 1 hand the amount of them who publicly stated they won’t participate in pride night for their own reasons.


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u/BaephBush BOS - NHL 13d ago

This is worse though, because all Reimer had to do was one warmup right? As a kid, dressing up for church is for many a weekly occurrence.


u/BaephBush BOS - NHL 13d ago

His (in)actions don’t line up with his words.


u/[deleted] 13d ago

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u/DtheS 13d ago

Thank you. I don't think it matters what religion they subscribed to, if you ask a player the question, "Do you think your homosexual and/or queer fans should watch hockey games?" the answer should be a unanimous yes.

It's not an endorsement, it is just letting all the fans know that their sexuality isn't a barrier to enjoying hockey. If it is the case that you can't even acknowledge that it is fine for gay fans to come watch hockey, then your values are fundamentally flawed.


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u/PepperidgeFarmMembas 13d ago

I knew Brendan. Amazing guy, was destined for great things, taken from us way too soon. Funeral was basically a who’s who of NHL royalty. Wish more guys like Brian would speak out.


u/7Stringplayer SJS - NHL 13d ago

Just start Kaapo the rest of the season. Scratch this clown


u/rwhockey29 DAL - NHL 13d ago

That helps yall more than hurts you tho


u/7Stringplayer SJS - NHL 13d ago

Kaapo has been pretty damn rough this year. It's a push at best


u/Softestpoop 13d ago

In that case, it helps your chances of getting Bedard, which is more helping than hurting


u/Jugs-McBulge CGY - NHL 13d ago

Wrian Wurke > Lames Leimer


u/dudewithchronicpain DET - NHL 13d ago

Go Brian


u/deletedtheoldaccount VAN - NHL 13d ago

I wish reporters would ask Reimer to point out where Christ condemned the gays… or mentioned them. Since Christ was his excuse.


u/Ok_Tooth1831 13d ago Starry

Fuck you James Reimer


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u/Problematique_ PIT - NHL 13d ago

I don't always agree with him when it comes to hockey, but as a human Brian Burke is a class act.


u/nepats523 SJS - NHL 13d ago

Let. Burke. Cook.
Frankly James play this year implies otherwise, cause he doesn't discriminate on everybody scoring on his. 895 ass


u/ZRR28 TOR - NHL 13d ago

I just don’t know how you can hold beliefs because of a book that’s been translated multiple times paraphrasing what old men thought back in the desert over 2000 years ago.


u/BaephBush BOS - NHL 13d ago

There are so many reasons the Bible (and which version are we supposed to adhere to anyway, James?) shouldn’t be trusted. I’m going to leave the theology aside and just say that the original KJV was commissioned by King James in part deliberately to make kings look better. In other words, he ordered the content altered.


u/theinkthepen VAN - NHL 13d ago

Fun fact about King James: he was super gay!


u/letsgetbrickfaced SJS - NHL 13d ago



u/dchowchow TOR - NHL 13d ago

In my completely uneducated opinion religions helped unite people and provide a moral compass for us to develop into the society we have today. The caveat being that religious differences are cause for some our greatest wars and most terrible bloodshed events.

Today, I feel like religion plays a much smaller role in many of our day to day lives. I once had a roommate who could not believe I am a Atheist. I don’t feel like I need a book to guide me in knowing right from wrong. I think my moral compass is … well, capable of guiding me. If I need a book to tell me what’s right from wrong and I’m only following it because I fear eternal damnation or is it genuinely guiding me to be a better person?

If you’re religious? Cool. If you’re like me? Cool.


u/Spider-Fan77 TOR - NHL 13d ago

Based Burkie


u/graffeaty CGY - NHL 13d ago

That’s not what based means lol


u/PrailinesNDick TOR - NHL 13d ago

Acidic Burkie


u/graffeaty CGY - NHL 13d ago

I love Burke and all he stands for, but stating a popular & agreeable opinion, is by no means considered ‘based’ lol


u/DaltonFitz TOR - NHL 13d ago edited 13d ago

Brian Burke is 100% correct and James Reimer is a complete piece of shit. I am glad this guy isn't associated with Toronto anymore, and I am glad I don't have to act like a borderline 1B goalie is anything special again. The nice guy act goes away really quick when you can't be bothered to put a Rainbow on your shirt to show that people are welcome to a game where the main objective is to put a piece of rubber across a line with sticks.


u/imOVN PIT - NHL 13d ago

Thank you Burke!! Love that he said this. Please, more big time hockey people need to join him in this sentiment. Speak loudly on it. This is bigger than hockey and sports as a whole


u/SalamanderOk6944 13d ago

He is 100% right.

If the players can't support a diverse audience, then hockey isn't for everyone.

Maybe we should choose the audience over the players.


u/_SCHULTZY_ WSH - NHL 13d ago

The best of the old boys club


u/floodswimming SJS - NHL 13d ago

Burke is a fucking champion x


u/Iamkal 13d ago



u/Wrath_Of_Aguirre DET - NHL 13d ago

Tell it like it is, Burkie.


u/bradehhh LAK - NHL 13d ago

Typical Brian Burke W


u/COAvsHowler COL - NHL 13d ago

Well said!


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u/Bathtime_Toaster 13d ago

Do some research on why he has this opinion on this topic and you would probably can the sarcasm.


u/dchowchow TOR - NHL 13d ago

It’s very personal for Burkie and he was and remains a strong advocate in this space.

Burke is a genuinely good guy.


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u/SpacemanSpiff25 DAL - NHL 13d ago

Who care why he is? Maybe he was a hateful homophobe right up until his son came out. Maybe he wasn’t.

The important thing is that people can change and he’s pushing to help that change.


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