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DAILY DISCUSSION Kings Off-season Discussion Thread - 05/29/23


Use this thread for any Kings discussion during the off-season. Try to keep your semi-low effort self-posts in here.

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CA Classic in Sac on 07/03 & 07/05, w/1st & 2nd Draft Pick Teams

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Fox and the Ox

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The Sacramento Kings need to target this electric free agent

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Who wins the chip?


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Jordi stayed !


The 3 finalists for the Suns’ head coaching position:

Doc Rivers Frank Vogel Kevin Young

“A hire could be made as early as the end of this week.”

(Via @Gambo987 )

Meaning Jordi is off the race, and he is staying with us.

Good news!

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20 Minute Kevin Huerter Season SUPERMIX | 2022-23

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Davion Mitchell w/ New Ink

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Happy 31st Birthday HB 👑

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Prospects the Kings May Select: Part Three

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Beam Team


Was just thinking about past nba teams with nicknames...lob city, bad boys, run tmc, and even the heatles, etc [pls add if you can think of any more] and was wondering when do we stop using the beam team nickname? Never? When the core is gone? And who really is the core? Fox, Domas, Keegan? Does it include huerter and monk?

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Which former Kings' 1st Rounder did you have the highest hopes for?


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Draft Crush: Bilal Coulibaly



6'6'' SF (turns 19 on Jul. 26) with a 7-3 wingspan.

Extremely long and athletic SF who is a force on defense. He also shoots 35.4% from 3PT and 61.2 TS% who can get to the FT line (which means he can get to the rim) where he shoots 72.5%. This guy's ceiling is insane. He's a true 3 and D SF. I've seen him mocked anywhere from late lottery to late first round. He would fit the roster perfectly by providing a long, young, defensive minded SF who can space the floor and get to the rim. He would be a great at 24 (or even higher if we could move up with some of our stockpile of 2nds). I mean--this guy screams every metric Monte has ever prioritized. He is my draft crush and I would dearly like to see the Kings draft him.

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I fw those City of Trees Jerseys GOS824 made

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Offseason why not

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We are going to have the meats.

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[OC]Showin' The Rook Some Love


Self-explanatory. Wasn't really considered a top 3 option for the team, hence the lower point production, but almost 30 mins/game tells me the Kings see something in him. Let's hope he get's more opportunities to shine!


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The duality of man

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All-time team with a twist.


Give me your all-time, Sacramento-era only, starting five... EXCEPT... you cannot choose:

  • Webber
  • Richmond
  • Bibby
  • Divac
  • Fox
  • Sabonis
  • Cousins
  • Stojakovic

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Sasha Vezenkov comments on his possible departure to Sacramento Kings

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Memorial Day pre-draft workouts in Sacramento today as the Kings hosted headliners Jalen Wilson of Kansas and Indiana’s Trayce Jackson-Davis, according to league source.

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Jalen and Trayce have been locked to go second round btw.

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Hello I am 35 years old and I made this high-tech video for all Kings fans to reminisce about our 16 year old playoff drought. Hopefully I am not 51 before their next playoffs appearance. Go Kings.

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Next season is there a big risk of most teams successfully applying GSW type of defence by sitting deep against Sabonis?


I think most likely Domas won't have a significantly better midrange shooting after this offseason, so after the playoffs it seems to make sense for teams to continue doing the same what GSW did as that severely limited his and overall team offence. What are your thoughts?

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It could have been us.


Maybe we weren't ready, and we let the moment get to us, and it took a historic performance from a top 10 player of all time to knock us out, but we could have beat the lakers and nuggets and heat. Damn

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Atleast we didn't get swept or blow a 3-0 lead...

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Reddit Mock Draft 24th pick


Hey Kings,

I'm putting together a mock draft from the NBA subreddits through a poll, assuming no trades. I will be going to each teams reddit to put a poll so they can vote on their pick while removing players that have already been picked. There will be 2 hr per pick and then I will move onto the next subreddit while updating my draft board. If your preferred pick is not in the poll PLEASE USE OTHER AND COMMENT BELOW ON WHO YOU WOULD PREFER.

  1. Spurs- Wemby
  2. Hornets - Scoot (Charlottes pick was BPA on athletics list due to mods closing the poll since they hate fun)
  3. Trailblazers- Miller
  4. Rockets - Amen Thompson
  5. Pistons- Ausar Thompson (in an extremely close vote).
  6. Magic - Taylor Hendricks
  7. Pacers - Jarace Walker
  8. Wizard - Cam Whitmore
  9. Jazz - Anthony Black
  10. Mavericks - Gradey Dick (Super close and I actually had to extend the timer due to a tie multiple times.
  11. Magic -Jordan Hawkins
  12. OKC - Leonard Miller
  13. Raptors - Cason Wallace (had zero replies after 2 hours and so they defaulted to BPA)
  14. Pelicans - GG Jackson
  15. Atlanta - Dereck Lively II
  16. Jazz - Jalen Hood-Schifino
  17. Lakers - Kobe Bufkin
  18. Heat - Dariq White head ( mods removed the post after 10 minutes so had to go with highest votes at that time. Sorry heat fans if you don't like it, get better mods.
  19. Warriors - Bilal Coulibali
  20. Rockets - Nick Smith Jr.
  21. Nets - Keyonta George
  22. Nets - Brice Sensabaugh
  23. Trailblazers - James Nnaji

Who will you select at 24?

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