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Game Threads Index (March 31, 2023):

Tip-off GDT Away Score Home PGT
07:00 pm ET Link Chicago Bulls FINAL 121 to 91 Charlotte Hornets Link
07:00 pm ET Link Oklahoma City Thunder FINAL 117 to 121 Indiana Pacers Link
07:00 pm ET Link Toronto Raptors FINAL 110 to 117 Philadelphia 76ers Link
07:00 pm ET Link Orlando Magic FINAL 116 to 109 Washington Wizards Link
07:30 pm ET Link Utah Jazz FINAL 114 to 122 Boston Celtics Link
07:30 pm ET Link Atlanta Hawks FINAL 107 to 124 Brooklyn Nets Link
07:30 pm ET Link New York Knicks FINAL 130 to 116 Cleveland Cavaliers Link
08:00 pm ET Link Detroit Pistons FINAL 115 to 121 Houston Rockets Link
08:00 pm ET Link Los Angeles Clippers FINAL 94 to 108 Memphis Grizzlies Link
08:00 pm ET Link Los Angeles Lakers FINAL 123 to 111 Minnesota Timberwolves Link
10:00 pm ET Link San Antonio Spurs FINAL 115 to 130 Golden State Warriors Link
10:00 pm ET Link Sacramento Kings FINAL 138 to 114 Portland Trail Blazers Link
10:30 pm ET Link Denver Nuggets FINAL 93 to 100 Phoenix Suns Link

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u/myassholealt Knicks Mar 31 '23

Is Kyrie fasting for Ramadan again this year? Or nah cause he's Jewish now?


u/flippinbirdss Mar 31 '23

I’ve been wondering that too unironically


u/Jimm120 Knicks Apr 01 '23

he's not "that type of jewish". He's "True Jewish" and the others are "facke jewish"...or at least that's what he was promoting


u/PicklePanther9000 76ers Apr 01 '23

Yeah hes jewish when it comes to pseudohistory from mentally ill guys yelling on street corners. Not when it comes to practicing judaism or being ethnically jewish


u/Dawk320 76ers Apr 01 '23

Jewish in the "Hitler was right, the guys currently in Israel are fake liars and need to be replaced with me and my real black Israelite brothers" sense.


u/wise_comment Timberwolves Apr 01 '23

It's funny, because literally antisemitism is being made acceptable

Did I say funny?


u/Try-Imaginary Apr 01 '23

I met a muslim girl at work at the start of ramadan, and we became fast friends.


u/MelonElbows Lakers Mar 31 '23

What weirdo decided 13 games today and 2 games last night??


u/SeanSungASong [HOU] Hakeem Olajuwon Mar 31 '23

Sorry my bad


u/sure_me_I_know_that Lakers Mar 31 '23

They weirdo that likes baseball lmao MLB season opened yesterday if you don't follow it (Go doyers)


u/Jimm120 Knicks Apr 01 '23

they've been doing that to not compete with certain things.

For example, earlier in the year, there were less thursday games to help promote the TNT games more, but also to not compete with Thursday night football.

Pretty dumb, imo, but whatever.

I think they did that yesterday so there wasn't much conflict with the MLB opening day


u/Nightmannn Warriors Mar 31 '23

I think I missed when this was originally discussed, but any reason we were never able to get the schedule back in the side bar? Always found it super helpful.


u/Spyned Celtics Mar 31 '23

Scrub to streaming games here. I'm not in Boston anymore so I got NBA League Pass to watch the games. I couldn't watch the game last night on league pass since it was on TNT. What do people usually do to legally watch all the games for a team out of state/country? Is Youtube TV/TNT + League Pass the only way?


u/Stelist_Knicks Apr 01 '23

League pass was free tonight tho wasn't it? Vpn brother


u/RhymeCrimes Suns Mar 31 '23

Hosting an illegal stream is illegal, downloading copyrighted content is illegal, simply viewing an illegal stream is not illegal in many jurisdictions, or at worst, exists in a legal gray area and is not going to be prosecuted in any scenario. Just use streameast bro.


u/Spyned Celtics Mar 31 '23

Yeah for sure I get that. I'm not worried about legal problems mostly is just a matter of wanting higher quality + rewinds and pausing. But I appreciate the reply tho


u/Trilby_Defoe Apr 01 '23

League pass + Hulu tv/YouTube tv


u/Talal916 Kings Apr 01 '23

I don't disagree that you're never going to get into trouble for it, but on a technical level just watching a stream is actually downloading copyrighted data, though it doesn't remain on your device


u/thatnotoriousguy Mar 31 '23

Amazon prime has all the games now I guess


u/TrebleTreble [PHX] Devin Booker Apr 01 '23

Wait, what. Live??


u/ATK_22 Apr 01 '23

Hey I have a question that isn’t necessarily basketball related but NBA related. My friend sang the national anthem tn at the Celtics game and I was wondering if there was anywhere online where I could watch it. If this is the wrong sub feel free to direct me elsewhere


u/did_it_my_way Apr 01 '23

NBA League Pass should have the full game uploaded I think?


u/ATK_22 Apr 01 '23

Damn I’d have to pay for that right?


u/did_it_my_way Apr 01 '23

check out Prime Video site if you have an Amazon account. I see the Celtics vs Spurs game is listed as "free" trial, so you might be able to access it that way.


u/fquizon [SAS] Boris Diaw Apr 01 '23

caitlin clark is a killer


u/UsernameIHardly 76ers Apr 01 '23

Caitlin Clark is unbelievable


u/sangre_frio Spurs Mar 31 '23

I wonder how long before we see the “Ice in Veins” pose in other sports.

Would really work well with soccer during penalty kicks.


u/PenisBlood Spurs Apr 01 '23

i have seen it. Years ago lol.


u/NBA_MOD [NBA] Scott Foster Mar 31 '23

Top Highlights:

  1. [Highlight] Blake Griffin laughs at Thanasis Antetokounmpo after getting headbutted in the face, tries on Jaylen Browns mask afterwards | (Comments)

  2. [Highlight] KAT tries to imitate Mikal Bridges’ celebration, Mikal reacts on twitter | (Comments)

  3. [Highlight] You probably missed it, but Westbrook kicked out another fan during his big night Wednesday. Audio from The Chris Vernon Show provides some insight on the details. | (Comments)

  4. [Highlight] Jaylen Brown elbows Khris Middleton in the mouth. Middleton spits up blood on the floor. | (Comments)

  5. [Highlight] Robert Williams III blocks Giannis Antetokounmpo | (Comments)

Day in the history:

Thursday, March 31, 2022

DeMar DeRozan of the Chicago Bulls scored 50 points in a 135-130 win over the Los Angeles Clippers.

Tuesday, March 31, 1992

Kevin Johnson of the Phoenix Suns dished out 20 assists in a 128-111 win over the Portland Trail Blazers.

Friday, March 31, 1989

Benoit Benjamin of the Los Angeles Clippers blocked 10 shots in a 109-106 win over the San Antonio Spurs.

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u/leftysarepeople2 Bucks Mar 31 '23

Today we are all Duke Ellington fans


u/OddKoopa564 Apr 01 '23

Lakers on a 40 to 18 run since the 3rd quarter. It's BAD


u/woosh_yourecool [SAC] Chris Webber Apr 01 '23

Grizzlies would scare me if I was anyone in the West, including Suns/Nuggets


u/mefor_president Mar 31 '23

If lakers lose tonight … everyone needs to stop calling them contenders and no they are not better than warriors or suns or denver or whatever the hell you can name up


u/chrisgarlick10-3 Mar 31 '23

And what should happen when the lakers win tonight on the road?


u/Trapped_In_A_Bag Lakers Mar 31 '23

Championship favorites 😤


u/jeffumopolis Apr 01 '23



u/jacko1998 [LAL] Alex Caruso Apr 01 '23

Can’t watch the game, what’s up with Bron today?


u/Austeri Timberwolves Apr 01 '23

Did his own teammate step on his feet?


u/rainbow0o NBA Apr 01 '23

where's Bam, is he still injuried?


u/WhoaJustTakeItEZMan Apr 01 '23

Forgive me if this is a stupid question, but I just looked at the draft class from last year to see how everyone’s doing and I didn’t realize that several foreign players didn’t choose to play this season. Does anyone know why?


u/Dicey12 Lakers Apr 01 '23

Nuggets sub reddit might be one of the best things on this website


u/Try-Imaginary Apr 01 '23

As of now, there are only three teams in the West guaranteed to finish above .500

(4 if the Suns win)


u/McNasti [CHI] Paul Zipser Apr 01 '23

Havent seen any discussion on it yet. Whos gonna be the rookie of the year?


u/thepobv Bulls Apr 01 '23

NBA has been very interesting to watch especially the tight race in the west. Didn't matter to me tonight.

Man. The Iowa SC game was special.

Caitlin clark is something else.


u/avn_69420 Apr 01 '23

The hall of fame ceremony tonight gonna be loaded!!

Nowtizki , pau gasol , coach pop , becky hammon, Parker ,wade etc ,!!