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GAME THREAD: Detroit Pistons (16-60) @ Houston Rockets (18-59) - (April 01, 2023) Game Thread

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08:00 PM Eastern Game Preview: NBA.com /r/detroitpistons
07:00 PM Central Game Charts: NBA.com /r/rockets
06:00 PM Mountain Play By Play: NBA.com
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u/A-dab NBA Apr 01 '23

Good game everyone


u/Butterfly_Scape Mavericks Apr 01 '23

this has gotta be the only game you can fairly judge either of these teams


u/logicsense420 [SEA] Kevin Durant Apr 01 '23

NBA app has all the games free today you just have to have a nba ID (which is free)


u/itsmeyourshoes Apr 01 '23

Coinciding it with April Fools. Lol.


u/SeanSungASong [HOU] Hakeem Olajuwon Apr 01 '23



u/DamnumGaudium Apr 01 '23

Well, both have equal odds for the number 1 pick.


u/Ashtobi Bulls Apr 01 '23

Battle for the Wembanyamas


u/EvanMM Pistons Apr 01 '23

Livers > every other player on the court


u/SeanSungASong [HOU] Hakeem Olajuwon Mar 31 '23

These teams having a mid off


u/A-dab NBA Apr 01 '23

With all due respect to both teams, "mid" is overselling it


u/bigbaldheadNR Nuggets Bandwagon Mar 31 '23

Not much of a tank battle imo. Don’t think tank standings change much of at all.


u/Few_Mulberry5372 Rockets Mar 31 '23

This isn’t a tank battle like people think. I don’t think we catch up to Detroit even if we lose


u/Odd_Total_5549 Nets Mar 31 '23

Time to see who really wants it more, who’s really got the heart to get out there and tank.

Players: I want to see turn overs on inbound passes. I want to see deep step back twos. I want pull up, off the dribble logo threes with 21 seconds on the shot clock. I want to see 4 offensive rebounds given up in a single possession!

Coaches: I want to see that 14th man on the bench who they just had to print a jersey for today getting 17 minutes. I want to see a grant total of 0 plays drawn up out of time outs. As a matter of fact don’t even take any time outs. I want no more than one starter on that floor for the final 5 minutes of regulation, and if by some act of divine basketball cruelty this thing goes to overtime I want to see the damn towel boys suiting up.

Medical staff: I want to see Bogdonavic sat with a mysterious and sudden bout of knee soreness. I want Sengun AND KMJ listed as questionable until the last possible minute when they’ll finally be ruled out due to lower back inflammation. I want Jalen Green in heath and safety protocols pronto! And most importantly, whatever you do, I want Kevin Porter Jr with a cleanest bill of health he’s ever had!!

It’s time to dig deep. This is an all hands on deck situation. Now get out there and give absolutely nothing that you got!


u/keefsaturn Pistons Mar 31 '23

you know what must be done, pistons


u/Superawesomecoolman Rockets Mar 31 '23

The most meaningful game this season


u/JohnnyWinss Spurs Mar 31 '23

We're all witnesses


u/Shovelman2001 Celtics Mar 31 '23

0 comments in 6 minutes is oof.

Battle for Wemby


u/_s0lace_ Rockets Mar 31 '23

You’re telling me r/nba isn’t gassed up to see the worse 2 teams in the league play on a night with 24 better teams on? What a shocker