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GAME THREAD: Sacramento Kings (46-30) @ Portland Trail Blazers (32-44) - (April 01, 2023) Game Thread

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TIME MEDIA Team Subreddits
10:00 PM Eastern Game Preview: NBA.com /r/kings
09:00 PM Central Game Charts: NBA.com /r/ripcity
08:00 PM Mountain Play By Play: NBA.com
07:00 PM Pacific Box Score: NBA.com

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u/KingNigelXLII Kings Apr 01 '23

No post game thread still. Nobody watchin this game 💀


u/asanisimasa88 Suns Apr 01 '23

Phoenix showing those kings some love 💜


u/Driew27 Trail Blazers Apr 01 '23

So happy for the Kings. Will definitely be rooting for them in the playoffs.


u/WallStreetDoesntBet Apr 01 '23

Who would of thought the Kings would have 14 more wins then the Portland Trailblazers…


u/Driew27 Trail Blazers Apr 01 '23

Especially with how well the Blazers started the season too.