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[Highlight] Gary Payton II hustles for the ball which leads to dagger 3 from Klay Highlight


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u/KingQuantic Warriors Apr 01 '23

Tallest 6’3 man of all time.


u/12121212l Apr 01 '23

spring loaded shoes


u/EtaiLife Apr 01 '23

Worth 10 2nd round picks


u/hot-sauce-950 Warriors Apr 01 '23

Even more than that


u/attackemu Warriors Apr 01 '23

He big cheesin after the play, oh lawd how I missed this man on this team. This play is the epitome of GP2 basketball.

IMO he's an underappreciated culture-bearer for the warriors. Upbeat, cheeky, 100% effort, low ego, creative. Elite defense, and when he contributes on offense, it's always hype. This team is rounded out by this dude.


u/crow38 Warriors Apr 01 '23

gp2 is the definition of a player who gets the right coaching it changes your career from being a player that is just an awkward and hard to fit player due to size and lack of scoring into a player who learned how hard u have ti play, better scorer, and even a better defender plus more.

gp2 is not going to fit in every lineup,,,,,,i didnt understand why the blazer even went after him. i remember there was a reported mavs(j kidd most likely) but the front office for dallas is fucking terrible and i could do a better job than he had


u/Dazegobye Apr 01 '23

A lot of teams think they are a 'culture type player' away but don't realize how far away their culture is from actual winning.


u/crow38 Warriors Apr 01 '23

having a great team culture is one of the hardest things to do in sports. 49ers is a perfect example when kule and lynch were hired everything was wrong with team outside the big names. they pulled a warriors and was able to turn into a place where its high on the charts for when people wanna sign and will take less to do so to gain knowledge from the coaching staff and players. prior to them non of the coaches would allow past legends to come to the building for team activities all the way back to the harbaugh era which didnt have a great culture.

team really need to get a coach and a GM with a connected vision for the type of players that would fit the scheme, blazers dont really have a good culture and the mavs certainly dont with all the problems that happened with the owner, coach and GM arent on the same page and the GM has a power trip or something, mavs might have had the worst pff season last year compared to what they do have done


u/ggproductivity Warriors Apr 01 '23

Unfortunately, the Niners also pulled a Warriors and wasted a top pick on the equivalent of James Wiseman.


u/IAMTHATGUY03 Apr 01 '23

Bro, not even close plus Lance has way more trade value even still. He hasn’t been exposed he’s played like 3 games.


u/ImTheBestNerd San Francisco Warriors Apr 01 '23

That smile, that damn smile.


u/typeronin Apr 01 '23

I'm so glad he's healthy AND back on the Warriors.

His blend of hustle, athleticism, unselfishness and joy playing on this team surrounded by a system where he excels makes his highlight packages fucking elite.

Fun/60 is off the charts.


u/Unique-Warning7798 Warriors Apr 01 '23

Dagger? Game was already over way before. This is shameless statpadding 😭


u/-ElBandito- Apr 01 '23

It can still be a dagger, there are just 6 other ones plunged into a very dead Spurs


u/WhasHappenin Apr 01 '23

Et tu bruklay?


u/hot-sauce-950 Warriors Apr 01 '23

Need to stab the big ol women multiple times


u/CaineBK Warriors Apr 01 '23

Et me, buddy.


u/PetyrBaelish Warriors Apr 01 '23

Was going to say, I loved this play and hustle but it immediately drew my attention to why the hell are the starters still in with a couple minutes left and no way for the Spurs to catch up? But luv GP2


u/klayb Apr 01 '23

Danger up 15 dick riding wild


u/Dazegobye Apr 01 '23

Wow. Respect for the flair/comment combo. Thought I was taking crazy pills here. I get they are building chemistry again but was surprised to see this many core guys in at this point against this team at home


u/DefiniteMe Apr 01 '23

Why are you getting downvoted? I was at the game and pleasantly surprised to see the core still in at this stage.


u/ThymeNspace Apr 01 '23

GP2 provides such a different set of minutes at the end of games than Poole, and it's great to see again.


u/Legitimate-Candle948 Apr 01 '23

Gonna be honest….I’m so glad GP2 is back👍😎


u/imminentjogger5 Warriors Apr 01 '23

for people saying we were up 14 and therefore it wasn't a dagger you haven't seen our fourth quarter meltdowns


u/ghico Apr 01 '23

Bro, these are the Spurs... 3rd worst record in the league..


u/IAmNotKevinDurant_35 [GSW] Zarko Cabarkapa Apr 01 '23

This year we've blown leads to the Hornets, Pistons, and Magic. And almost blew another one to the Rockets


u/Barrelled_Chef_Curry Warriors Apr 01 '23

Did you watch the first 3 quarters? Lol. We made them look like the 96 bulls


u/WarCuntSkyFuck Warriors Apr 01 '23

Gotta feel so good to be back on the court.


u/hot-sauce-950 Warriors Apr 01 '23


Up 14?



u/t_ran_asuarus_rex Warriors Apr 01 '23

we love choking away big leads to be honest.


u/ballgreens Apr 01 '23

simply a case of overkill


u/Impossible-Flight250 Apr 01 '23

The Spurs are just gearing up for that Wemby pick.


u/st6374 Lakers Apr 01 '23

They were 14pts up with 2 minutes left. I reckon this was the final nail in the coffin instead of a dagger. But semantics aside.. Yeah.. GPII outhustled 3 Spurs player in that possession.


u/Wuvluv Grizzlies Apr 01 '23

GP2 dunk putbacks are my favorite clips


u/two4gone Lakers Apr 01 '23

Fuck I love him so much. If Wiggins comes back and is playing like himself they’re going to be so tough to stop.


u/Aggravating_Impact97 Apr 01 '23

Lol at dagger when your facing a team that’s not really trying all that hard to win and are already by 14 with two minutes left to play.

Klay could have missed the whole entire backboard and launched it into the stands and the warriors would still have easily won the game.


u/jmr212 Cavaliers Apr 01 '23

They’re up 14 with 2 minutes to go against a bottom 3 team. There’s nothing clutch or crazy about this. It’s a garbage time bucket basically.


u/TGBooks Apr 01 '23

If you're gonna post these Bob Fitzgerald clips, maybe mute the audio?


u/calartnick Apr 01 '23

Does Klay Thompson shoot 80% from three after an offensive rebound? I swear I never see him miss those


u/PusseySleigher Apr 01 '23

GSW out there running 3 center lineup, with GP2 being the tallest smh


u/dgrantschmidt Grizzlies Apr 01 '23

Lol “dagger”


u/[deleted] Apr 01 '23



u/WarCuntSkyFuck Warriors Apr 01 '23

He is a mod lol


u/The_Nutz16 Warriors Apr 01 '23



u/jouzea Warriors Apr 01 '23

Welcome back GP2


u/Xjom91 Apr 01 '23

If he made that putback…..


u/tripleyothreat Apr 01 '23

Diving into someone's ankles should be a foul, respectfully


u/Fedge348 Apr 02 '23

108-122 with 1:58 to play and that’s the dagger? Rofl


u/Blockchain_CBC Apr 08 '23

Great hustle from Gary Payton II! It's always inspiring to see players giving their all on the court, and his effort paid off with a clutch assist to Klay for the game-winning 3. Keep up the great work, Gary!