r/nba Kings Apr 01 '23

[CarmichaelDave] Gathering at the airport at 1am to greet your returning squad and congratulating them for making the playoffs. Kings fans, best in the world


The love this city has for their Sacramento Kings is insane! Hundreds welcomed our team back at the airport after clinching the playoffs!


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u/Unique-Warning7798 Warriors Apr 01 '23

Who's more loyal to their team? Kings fans or Dame?


u/WIN011 [MIL] Giannis Antetokounmpo Apr 01 '23

Easily the kings fans that have sat through this playoff drought. Dame wasn’t even in the league last time the kings were in the playoffs.


u/shittydotamorph Australia Apr 02 '23

Kings fans aren't getting paid either. They took all that shit by choice


u/[deleted] Apr 01 '23



u/jsmk23 Kings Apr 01 '23

a lot of those warriors fans were kings fans back then. 🤫


u/ganjanoob Kings Apr 01 '23

Can’t do anything about the fans who were also heat fans, Laker fans and warrior fans. Some casuals just like good basketball.


u/Retartid Kings Apr 01 '23

Well we have been paying to watch them lose the last 16 years so I’d have to say us


u/RealTalk_theory [LAL] Vlade Divac Apr 01 '23

This comment right here kinda seals it for me in terms of perspective. Bravo.


u/Murke-Billiards Apr 01 '23

Fr, you guys are one of the most loyal ones out there. Watched a video of this year's draft lottery (i think this is from the same vid of the 44 wins) outside your arena and a lot of fans gathered to watch it. Thought it was cool how they were enthusiastic about draft even though your gm fumbled alot of times in the past. Some were not fond of the keegan murray pick and wanted ivey instead.


u/chanman404 Rockets Apr 02 '23

I give y’all all the credit in the world and have so much respect after only 3 bad seasons.

Our fan base is in constant turmoil calling a different player awful or the next MJ every day. The game threads are a fraction of what they were and everyone is so damn negative.

There’s a small group who definitely stays positive and just enjoys the process and watching games, but there’s so many people who already shit on their own team or have stopped paying any attention at all.

Plus y’all have been so great to interact with opposed to like the Cavs fans last year who just wanted to gloat all the time and be dicks.


u/illforgetsoonenough Bucks Apr 01 '23

Kings fans are kings


u/LocksTheFox Hornets Apr 01 '23

After everything Sac fans have been through (I feel like people forget that at one point during the drought it looked like the Sacramento Kings would cease to exist), they fucking deserve to party it up.

That place is going to be insane during the playoffs.


u/--mish Suns Apr 02 '23

Careful kings fans, when r/nba turns on you they’ll claim this is the kings acting like they won the title lol


u/6icker Apr 01 '23

Buffalo Bills fans did that in below 0 temperature


u/suckmedrie Buffalo Braves Apr 01 '23

This is why Buffalo needs a team


u/okiewxchaser Thunder Apr 01 '23

Remember when thousands of Thunder fans greeted PG at the airport?


u/Revolutionary_Ad3134 Apr 01 '23

"In the world"

Lol you really do live in a bubble.


u/spiattalo NBA Apr 01 '23

This is so common for European football teams I thought it was the norm everywhere.


u/Revolutionary_Ad3134 Apr 01 '23

It's actually louder in Europe and South America.


u/ACBelly 76ers Apr 01 '23

Lemelo Ball would never


u/RealTalk_theory [LAL] Vlade Divac Apr 01 '23

Find you someone who stays down for you like a Kings fan 🙌🏽


u/the_essentials Apr 01 '23

Genuinely curious, but how do they even know when they’re going to be back or what flight they took? Is that logged somewhere or do the fans just chill at the airport hoping they show up?


u/Toxik916 Kings Apr 01 '23

Kings fans are extremely connected on Twitter. It just takes one or two tweets to organize it. In this instance we were able to track a Delta charter flight from PDX to Sac and it was pretty easy to find out which plane the Kings were on.


u/the_essentials Apr 01 '23

Appreciate you explaining because that makes sense!


u/Poronga-Arenosa Apr 01 '23

Not as good as OKC's those received their players at the airport after being eliminated. Those are true fans.Not the ones that dhow up when you are winning.


u/-xXxMangoxXx- Raptors Apr 01 '23

Brother the kings havent been in the playoffs in almost 2 decades. Why make this about another team.


u/GoSacKings916 Kings Apr 01 '23

Hoe this has nothing to do with Oklahoma City


u/Thats_Amore Kings Apr 01 '23

Kings fans known as frontrunners, yes


u/gundam1983 Kings Apr 01 '23

You don't think kings fans will come out after they get eliminated from the playoffs? I guarantee you itll be 10x bigger than this.


u/stateworkishardwork Kings Apr 01 '23

We had a huge city festival after we lost to the Sonics in 1996. How many people here were even born?


u/Various-Earth-7532 Bulls Apr 02 '23

Kings aren’t getting eliminated brotherman you’ve gotta believe


u/gundam1983 Kings Apr 02 '23

I didn't say this year


u/pco45 Kings Apr 01 '23

Why are you talking so far in the future? Keegans still got a long career ahead of him


u/NedFriarson49 Apr 01 '23

There’s nothing else to do in Sacramento at 1am, might as well.