r/nba [GSW] Calbert Cheaney Dec 02 '14

A Guide to /r/NBA's Filters Modpost

Upon unveiling our new css design of this sub we also introduced a "Filters" feature. I'm sure some of you have played around with it by now, and if you haven't you should try it out. We are still working out some of the categories but we think we've found some relevant ones to separate out different interests.

The point of the filters feature is to have the ability to see the content you want when you want to. Do you want more discussion? Try the discussion filter. Is the /r/nba page not filled with enough highlights for you? Try the highlights filter Below are some explanations of the more active filters and their purposes.

No Spoiler Mode (ns)

http://ns.reddit.com/r/nba - We've had quite a few requests over the years to be a spoiler contentious subreddit. We wanted to keep this in mind while simultaneously providing news, highlights, scores and post game threads. We think the No Spoiler Mode solves a lot of problems we've had in the past. Activating No Spoiler mode eliminates post game threads that are marked with "Post Game Thread", "defeat" or "beat" in the title. Please keep this in mind when making post game threads. If you are going to get creative with the title, please add "Post Game Thread" in front of it. No Spoiler Mode also removes the score bar from the top.

Discussion (ds)

http://ds.reddit.com/r/nba - Discussion threads are defined as any thread that promotes insightful discussion. In the filter you will find threads such as but not limited too player discussions, stats, and analytic pieces.

News (nw)

http://nw.reddit.com/r/nba - News is anything "new" that affects players and teams including but not limited to player injury developments, trade talks, team related news (jersey's, arena, etc), front office quotes, beat writer/national writer/insider tweets, etc.

Roster Moves (rm)

http://rm.reddit.com/r/nba - Roster Moves are any agreements to trades, signings, waives, etc. At the moment any trades or talks will not be included here. We may revise this in the future given the nature of the off-season FA media frenzy.

/r/NBA Originals (rb)

http://rb.reddit.com/r/nba - You can find /r/nba series such as 30 Teams in 30 Days, Whose Line and Power Rankings. Also any OC content will be found here.

Game Threads (gt)

http://gt.reddit.com/r/nba - Any gamethreads can be found here. Using the filter is a very easy way to find a recent gamethread quickly.

Misc. Media (mm)

http://mm.reddit.com/r/nba - NBA Player driven content such as interviews, quotes and videos that give a look into their everyday lives can be found here.

Highlights (hl)

http://hl.reddit.com/r/nba - Highlights automatically marked if they are submitted as a .gif, gfycat, vine or have the word "highlight/highlights" in the title. Please keep this in mind when submitting a video host other than a gfycat/.gif or vine such as youtube. Using a "[Highlight]" prefix for this content will automatically keep it in the category.

A few filters will have content, but given the limited page range for filters, they won't be very active. These are listed below:

Trash Talk Threads (tt) - http://tt.reddit.com/r/nba

META (mt) - http://mt.reddit.com/r/nba

Announcements (am) - http://am.reddit.com/r/nba

Suggestions (su) - http://su.reddit.com/r/nba - We will most likely replacing this filter. Any recommendations in the comments will be noted.

Edit: Fixed a bad link

Edit 2: Forgot to add - To get out of any filter simply click the /r/nba snoo at the top


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u/iamtheraptor Bucks in 6 Dec 02 '14

To emphasize something from the post. If you want to stray from saying "x team beat/defeat y team 100-98" you need to add "Post Game Thread" in front of it.

Automod can only pick up on the post if it has the words "beat" "defeat" or "game thread" in it. This way "No Spoiler Mode" will work completely. Again we will still remove post game threads if they are too wacky/weird/etc but if you want to stray from the key words stick a post game thread in brackets in front of it. All others will be removed.


u/AvrupaFatihi [LAL] Kobe Bryant Dec 02 '14

Edit 2: Forgot to add - To get out of any filter simply click the /r/nba snoo at the top

Thank you for fixing this, now I can start using the filters.


u/WJMorris3 [PHI] Anthony Miller Dec 02 '14

So you're taking suggestions to replace the suggestion filter?


u/rosecurry [GSW] Stephen Curry Dec 02 '14

One problem I've noticed is that on mobile a lot of times when you click the comments button that the filter title shows up and pushes the source(twitter.com, nba.com etc) down to a new line and you end up clicking on that instead. It gets really frustrating at times.


u/Kazekid Trail Blazers Dec 03 '14

Would it be possible to add a "post game thread generator" like the one we have for the game threads? That way we would have a standardized post game thread format. It could also auto color the links so they are easy to find since sometimes the people who post them forget to format them correctly.


u/[deleted] Dec 02 '14

is there a non-rockets and non-lakers filter?


u/[deleted] Dec 02 '14 edited Jan 27 '21



u/swollencornholio [GSW] Calbert Cheaney Dec 02 '14

Are you sure you aren't just scrolling enough? We have never heard of this problem. Right now the first game thread is at the very bottom of the second page.

I know it works perfectly fine on Reddit Is Fun. You may want to bring this problem up with /r/redditsync as /r/nba functions as is on every browser type and app I've tried. I personally haven't tried Reddit Sync.


u/lightbulb17 Bucks Dec 02 '14

I like the idea, but imo too many filters.


u/klobbermang Bulls Dec 02 '14

just dont use the ones you dont want to use. how could too many be a problem


u/lightbulb17 Bucks Dec 02 '14

I wanna use some of them, but for example don't see the reason for having news and roster moves in different filters


u/swollencornholio [GSW] Calbert Cheaney Dec 02 '14

The difference will make more sense during the FA period when there's loads of talks and rumors going on. Using the roster move will be a good way to get filter out the rumor and talks and get to the actual agreements, signings and trades.


u/[deleted] Dec 02 '14

The way things are currently classified, would roster moves show up under news as well?


u/swollencornholio [GSW] Calbert Cheaney Dec 02 '14

No, there aren't secondary sub sections to the filter sections. Any finalized roster moves show up in roster moves and the front page of /r/nba of course.

We realize the filters are not perfect and have taken a lot of users opinions into account when creating them. This one may need to be revised. The intentions are to separate the actual roster moves from the rumors and talks. I'm starting to think that this may not be the case.


u/[deleted] Dec 02 '14

Thanks for clarifying. I've only used the no spoilers mode so I'm not advocating for any changes to the roster moves/news section.

I was just trying to get a sense of whether posts could be tagged to fit into multiple filters.


u/GorillaBuddy Nuggets Dec 02 '14

I didn't even know this existed until this post. I don't think you should have to mouse over the filters section to see this; imo it should always be visible. Thanks for implementing this though, it's pretty cool.


u/Sean88888 [SAS] Boban Marjanovic Dec 03 '14

I appreciate the filters but I want my thumbnails


u/mcgrathman NBA Dec 03 '14

can this stay at the top


u/swollencornholio [GSW] Calbert Cheaney Dec 03 '14

It's on the announcement bar: http://i.imgur.com/fFVAkej.png

It will be integrated into the sidebar where "filters" is as well.


u/[deleted] Dec 02 '14

r/nfl has a streams section, that might be useful for the people here


u/yelper [SEA] Gary Payton Dec 02 '14

Game threads are pretty reliable at providing these...


u/swollencornholio [GSW] Calbert Cheaney Dec 02 '14

I have never seen this section, could you point it out?


u/raymond_stantz NBA Dec 02 '14

Making my favorite sub even better. This is awesome!