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[JJ Redick] Duncan Robinson Reveals The WILD Story Behind Why He Taunted The Celtics Crowd


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Who had a tougher path to the Finals? Jimmy Butler this year or Lebron in 2018


Jimmy's opponents

Bucks: #1 seed, #4 defense, 1x 1st Team All-NBA (Giannis), 2x 1st Team All-Defense (Jrue, Brook), 2x All-Star (Jrue, Giannis)

Knicks: #5 seed, #3 offense, 1x 3rd Team All-NBA (Randle), 1x All-Star (Randle)

Celtics: #2 seed, #2 offense, #3 defense, 1x 1st Team All-NBA (Tatum), 1x 2nd Team All-NBA (Brown), 1x 1st Team All-Defense (White), 2x All-Star (Tatum, Brown)

Total: 2x Top 5 offense, 2x Top 5 defense, 4 All-NBA, 5 All-Stars, 3 All-Defense

Lebron's opponents

Pacers: #5 seed, 1x 3rd Team All-NBA (Oladipo), 1x All-Star (Oladipo), 1x 1st Team All-Defense (Oladipo)

Raptors: #1 seed, #2 offense, #5 defense, 1x 2nd Team All-NBA (Derozan), 2x All-Star (Derozan, Lowry)

Celtics: #2 seed, #2 defense, 1x 2nd Team All-Defense (Horford), 1x All-Star (Horford)

Total: 1x Top 5 offense, 2x Top 5 defense, 2 All-NBA, 4 All-Stars, 2 All-Defense

source: https://www.basketball-reference.com/awards/all_league.html

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With Bob Myers gone, are the Warriors destined to return to their pre-Curry nadir? And will the Kings become Northern California's team again?


The Finals matchup is set: Denver Nuggets vs. Miami Heat. But today, there is another big piece of news.

It is official: Bob Myers, general manager of the Golden State Warriors and architect of their dynasty, is stepping down after eleven years. His departure does not take effect until June 30, but media and fans already consider him as good as gone.

Almost a year ago, the Warriors won their most surprising title. The Splash Brothers Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, as well as do-it-all forward, Draymond Green, were aging but still productive; and an underrated supporting cast featuring Kevon Looney, Andrew Wiggins, Jordan Poole, and Gary Payton II also picked up the slack and turned into valuable contributors.

But since then, everything fell by the wayside. Green and Poole had a scuffle, and the team's chemistry was rattled. The Warriors went from third to sixth, barely got past the Sacramento Kings in seven, then were eliminated in six by LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and the Los Angeles Lakers.

And with Myers leaving, the end could be nigh. Steph and Klay still have contracts, but Draymond is the problem. Do you keep him and his behavioral issues around, or do you break up the band and start all over? Same goes for Poole and the secondary guys.

And speaking of the Kings, they are experiencing a turnaround under Mike Brown, the first unanimous Coach of the Year; and Executive of the Year Monte McNair. Brown gets most of the credit as the head coach, but McNair, as the general manager, also deserves his, as it was under him that Fox received the richest contract in franchise history.

With Fox and Domantas Sabonis (also a McNair maneuver) at the helm, the Kings could very well return to heights not seen since the Greatest Show on Court and surpass the Warriors as NorCal's team. What do you think? Sound off below!

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How much is Jaylen Brown worth?


The consensus seems to be that Jaylen Brown is not worth a supermax, and the Celtics are between a rock and a hard place with his contract situation. But how much is Jaylen actually worth? Is he worth more than Jalen Brunson, who just got 104 million over 4 years?

I'd say Jaylen Brown is worth about 120 million/4 years, since Brunson is widely accepted to be a steal at the price he was given. That would be 30 million a year, which is roughly 40-50 percent of the value of his expected ask for the supermax.

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Jaylen Brown used as scape goat


Dude is baller,have one bad series and everyone is trolling him,where were these post about Jason Tatum last year against Warriors when Brown was the only one playing.I hate how everyone protects their franchaise player when they get bounced,they never catch blame,similar with Embid,Tatum and many other.People find one guy that played bad last game or last 2 games and laserfocus on him like he is the only reason they lost.Brown deservers that supermax 1000% how he's been playing last few years,and all of u salty casuals who mocked Knicks last year for giving JB 100 mil,and downvoted me into oblivion when i said that JB is one of the top 10 PGs can piss off.This ridicilous clips of him turning the ball over are same level petty as clips of Jokic playing "defense" few months ago,where are those people now

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Nuggets could be first Western Conference team NOT from TX or CA to win Finals since 1979


Lakers, Rockets, Spurs, Mavericks and Warriors have a had firm grip on the West for over 4 decades. Crazy to think about....

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[Vecenie] Redrafting the 2022 NBA Draft class: Is Paolo Banchero No. 1? Where does Chet Holmgren land?


source: https://theathletic.com/4355853/2023/05/09/nba-draft-paolo-banchero-chet-holmgren/

Here, I’m going to redraft the top 20 based on how I would rate them now. It’s worth noting, in all caps, THIS IS NOT A RANKING BASED ONLY ON HOW THEY PERFORMED AS ROOKIES. Rather, it’s a ranking based on where I’d rate them on how they performed this year, how some of the holes in their game translate toward being patched up and how they figure to grow and mature. This is a future-based ranking using past samples as data, including this year as the most important sample, but also previous data that I’ve collected over years of scouting them, as well as placing a premium on positional value.

For instance, I would have voted Walker Kessler in my top three for Rookie of the Year this season. He was incredibly impactful for the Utah Jazz. That does not mean I would take him over someone like Jaden Ivey, who I think possesses immense upside as a creator long term and who showed tangible growth in highly important areas that could make him a genuine star. All things being equal, All-Stars and superstars who can create their own shot are the players who move the needle. Kessler has immense upside still on defense, but guys who have that kind of ceiling on the ball are the ones you take the shot on if you have the opportunity to pick them. That remains true here. That’s how you take your team to the next level.

  1. Paolo Banchero

  2. Jalen Williams

  3. Chet Holmgren

  4. Jaden Ivey

  5. Shaedon Sharpe

  6. Jeremy Sochan

  7. Keegan Murray

  8. Jabari Smith Jr.

  9. Walker Kessler

  10. Bennedict Mathurin

  11. AJ Griffin

  12. Jalen Duren

  13. Dyson Daniels

  14. Mark Williams

  15. Tari Eason

  16. Christian Braun

  17. Jaden Hardy

  18. Andrew Nembhard

  19. Ochai Agbaji

  20. Malaki Branham

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Do you think Jaylen Brown will be on the Celtics next year?


I’m curious what others think is going to happen this summer based on his poor playoffs performance and the super max possibility.

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Are these the Top 10 Duos in the NBA?

  1. Jokic and Murray
  2. AD and LeBron
  3. Brown and Tatum
  4. Steph and Klay
  5. Butler and Bam
  6. Booker and KD
  7. PG and Kawhi
  8. Fox and Sabonis
  9. Garland and Mitchell
  10. Brunson and Randle

Thoughts on this list? Note that I didn't include Harden + Embiid and Kyrie + Luka because they might not stick together past this season.

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Does Jaylen Brown have the worst handles for a non-center in the NBA?


Jaylen Brown, despite being very talented has one crucial weakness: his dribbling. His issues with handles were on full display against the Heat, but really, this has been an area that Brown has struggled ever since he entered the NBA.

He'll dribble the ball off his foot semi-frequently, can be easy to be trapped and stripped by opposing teams, doesn't really have any fancy moves to shake off defenders, and seems to really only be able to dribble effectively with one hand. For being 6 foot 6, Brown is very clumsy with his handles.

So do you think he has the worst handles for a non-center player in the NBA today?

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Regarding NBA Finals


What I know for sure is that we are talking about two of the most serious organizations in the league right now. Where coaches aren't just decorative CEOs that are only responsible of the playbook and preparing the teams mentally, but also have a say in every decision being made by the management. Malone patiently waiting Murray to come back (taking also under consideration the risk of these concecutive injuries affecting the player's performance and mentality) is something that not many franchises and fanbases would have accepted (until very recently- last year- there was a difuse feeling that Jokic was wasting his prime years). Most would have ignored the locker room coherence and the excellent chemistry between the two players and would have easily sacrificed them to bring a bigger free agent name. Longterm plan with basketball logic (made by basketball people and not technocrats like Morey), patience and hardwork over impulsive or opportunistic decisions. The same applies for the Heat where Spoelstra has been given the keys of the team for a long time now.

Apologies for my poor English or any misinformation. That's just my humble opinion and the feeling and conclusion that I get from this year's playoffs. And I would generally love to see the NBA putting a little bit more of respect to the coaches who (unlike what happens in Europe and the rest of the world) seem like they are being overshadowed by star players and GMs.

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Does anyone have the graphic from the Milkwaukee/Miami series that showed Herro as 'out for the playoffs'. Would be entertaining to see it pop up going into the finals.


Just as the title says: I recall seeing it and thinking 'wow, that loss sucks for the Heat', and here we are now. Just a pretty entertaining 'poetic justice' kind of moment. Seems like the station may have gotten a little ahead of themselves, so I'd like to see if anyone had a screen grab available.

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Coaching Matters…and takes time!


As we watch the current round of nba firings let’s think about whether they had the time to succeed. Sometimes the decisions are amicable but most often a coach get the boot for underperforming.

The four longest tenured NBA coaches

Gregg Popovich, Spurs: December 1996 Erik Spoelstra, Heat: April 2008 Steve Kerr, Warriors: May 2014 Michael Malone, Nuggets: June 2015

Half the list is in the finals. Soo had a few times when he looked like the wave of momentum against him might take over but he worked through it. Malone spent a few seasons in the hot seat for under achieving but here he is in the finals. Mazzulla is a great example. Amazing job from a guy in his position but half the city wants him gone. It takes time to implement strategies, to get players that fit your vision, and ultimately to win. That is all.

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I want to begin watching nba


Like the title says I want to get into to watching basketball I'm really interested in the sport and find it entertaining but I have never watched it and I was wondering where to start I live in Australia so I dont have any team to support based on location I hope someone can help me

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NBA Heights Of Many Players, Are Still Wrong (Lebron is not 6'9 without shoes)


3 years ago the NBA mandated that all players have their heights listed without shoes; opposed to the listings for the past 3 decades - heights with shoes. Fans saw many of their favorite players heights instantly drop. Some fans know the heights without shoes have always been listed in a player's combine numbers. We've always known 95% of player's height without shoes. Even Kobe Bryant's height without shoes was 6'4.75, confirmed in his last playing season https://fansided.com/2017/03/27/kobe-bryant-height-6-foot-4-lakers/

But, when the new height listing mandate occurred - some players heights somehow didn't change. Some fans hypothesized that this was because the players grew.

Lebron James height listing increased, from 6'8, to 6'9. At the NBA combine in 2003, Lebron was measured at 6'7.25 without shoes, 6'8 in shoes. Since the new listings, he's listed at 6'9, but pictures tell us he did not grow. Here is a picture with a 32 year old Lebron standing next to Kevin Love, who is listed at 6'8 now. https://render.fineartamerica.com/images/rendered/default/poster/10/8/break/images/artworkimages/medium/3/kevin-love-kyrie-irving-and-lebron-james-david-liam-kyle.jpg

Kevin Love at his combine measured at 6'7.75 without shoes, so his 6'8 listing currently is correct. And he still looks about .5-1" taller than Lebron. https://media.gettyimages.com/id/610641166/photo/lebron-james-kyrie-irving-and-kevin-love-of-the-cleveland-cavaliers-poses-for-a-portrait.jpg?s=612x612&w=gi&k=20&c=Zh42Oas0cHbVEeIVZGlLKlfNj_0X3UQ0_IKgYiAFFrA=

Anthony Davis is listed at 6'10 and Lebron 6'9. https://cdn.nba.com/teams/uploads/sites/1610612747/2022/09/Davis-LeBron-Photo-Shoot-1600x900-0B1A5234.jpg

It looks like Lebron is as tall as he was at his combine 6'7.25 , and AD is 6'10 without shoes, there is almost 3", not only 1" height difference here.

I know everyone wants to mythologize how much of a physical specimen Lebron is, but he's not 6'10.5 in shoes. He's 6'8.5 in shoes, and should be listed currently as 6'7, but he didn't want to drop to 6'7 on his listing.

Giannis is not 7' without shoes. Even though he grew from 6'9 in shoes as a rookie, nobody ever thought he grew to 7'1.5....Here he is currently listed at 7'0, standing next to 7'1 listed Brook Lopez


That's more than 1" difference. Giannis is probably 6'11.5 in shoes. Meaning he grew 2 inches since a rookie.

Every draft cycle inspires me to think about these heights, because fans see heights at the combine now, and think these players are shorter than before, or shorter than advertised. For instance, the Thompson twins just measured at 6'5.75 without shoes, and a lot of people are disappointed, saying they aren't 6'7. They are the traditional NBA 6'7, an inch taller than Kobe, an inch shorter than Lebron; and the same height as Andre Iguodala (6'5.75 at his combine without shoes).

Karl Towns, Embiid, and Giannis are all listed at 7'0. Why they lying to us?


If a player's height stayed the same or increased when the heights got re-listed, it's probably a lie, it should have decreased.

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A Faustian hypothetical for Celtics fans


A genie shows up tomorrow at your doorstep and says you can trade Jaylen Brown for Wemby.

Wemby will be healthy his whole career, but how much he achieves and how good he ends up being are complete mysteries.

Do any of you think this is a deal worth taking? Or is Wemby too unproven, or Jaylen Brown otherwise "good enough", that this seems like a bad trade?

Is there a trade close to this, that you would consider?

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There are holes in Bob Myers' narrative of it not being about money


The recent media narrative of the separation being mutual and the situation being about a mental break seems to ignore the previous reporting on the matter. Several articles popped up in the past year leading to this situation where money has been a key point.

Most interesting is this part pointed out in this Athletic profile:

For all the nuance that surrounds the situation, this much is clear: team and league sources, who like all of the sources in this story were granted anonymity so they could speak freely, say Myers believes he should be among the highest-paid front office executives in the league, if not the highest. He’s been the architect of four NBA title teams, was the lead recruiter in the Durant free agency signing, and has been the trusted conduit between players, coaches and ownership. Myers also has served as chief problem solver, the coolant in an ecosystem that periodically overheats.

Joe Lacob told The Athletic’s Tim Kawakami in early January that Myers is already “top three among general managers” in pay. That’s where a disagreement clearly lies.

According to several people with ballpark knowledge of executive salaries around the league, Myers falls somewhere in the range of either sixth, seventh or eighth on the base salary totem pole.

Joe Lacob probably did finally offer Myers the highest paid contract but the trust was also probably gone by then. Several contract back and forths have been reported. The argument can be made that if Tim Connelly got chance at ownership stake, then Myers should have as well given his work in establishing Warriors as a money printing machine.

The reason it's significant is because Clippers, the team with the richest owner, lost their GM to Wizards recently and Myers has been speculated to the Clippers for a long while.

We had a similar thing with Daryl Morey. He quit the Rockets to take care of his family on Oct 14. The resignation was effective Nov. 1st. Morey agreed a deal with 76ers on Oct 28 and was announced on Nov. 2nd.

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All-Time NBA Marketing team


Thought about an all-time NBA marketing team and who would be on it. I’m thinking of the following:

Center - Shaq Forward - LeBron Forward - Barkley? Durant? Someone else? Guard - Jordan Guard - Curry? Magic? Kobe? Someone else?

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Who would go higher in a redraft, Cade Cunningham or Evan Mobley?


If the two of these players were to be in the same draft once again which of the two players in that draft would not go first?

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[Draymond Green] "The Boston Celtics are who we thought they were… They did not look like they were ready for the moment… All of a sudden they looked like they couldn't play basketball with their left hand again."


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Here's Why Doc Rivers Could Rejoin Boston Celtics as Head Coach

Thumbnail si.com

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A film session on how awful Jaylen Brown was against the Heat in game 7


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Thoughts on these free agents this summer for the Spurs? Nikola Vucevic, Seth Curry, Trey Lyles, Thomas Bryant, Mo Wagner, Jalen McDaniels, Patrick Beverley, Wenyen Gabriel, Robin Lopez? Some good players here that can be had for cheap (except Vucevic)


Thoughts on these free agents this summer for the Spurs? Nikola Vucevic, Seth Curry, Trey Lyles, Thomas Bryant, Mo Wagner, Jalen McDaniels, Patrick Beverley, Wenyen Gabriel, Robin Lopez? Some good players here that can be had for cheap (except Vucevic)

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Was the Heat-Celtics ECF the weirdest playoff series of all time?


First of all the Celtics were heavily favorited in the series and lost which doesn't happen often. And even Heat truthers would never honestly predict them to jump out to a commanding 3-0 lead

And somehow they were able to take this lead and eventually win the series despite their 2 best players playing poorly, with some of the best role player performances I've ever seen. And it's not like these guys are Robert Horry or Danny Green with a previous reputation for showing up in the playoffs

After getting blown out in game 3 Boston looked like they were cooked. Everyone thinking maybe they'll win 1 or 2 but no one has ever come back from a 3-0 deficit. Meanwhile they come storming back out of nowhere and look dominant at times. Surely with all that momentum they can win game 7 at home(!) or at least it will be a dog fight to get to the Finals. Nope completely blown out(?)

Weirdest series of all time. If "never let them know your next move" was a playoff series

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Are NBA teams being a bit soft on Brandon Miller?


Based on the laws in Alabama, it seems like Brandon Miller did not commit a crime. That said, why is no one talking about WHY did he drive his car back without hesitation after his friend asked to "bring the gun"? Why would he not even question what his friend was going to use the gun for, even if it would be a justified reason like self-defense?

Whether he committed a crime or not, his involvement with the victim's murder definitely seems that he lacks some self-awareness and general character.