Conduct Guidelines


1a. Be civil and respectful

Don't be offensive for the sole purpose of being offensive. Don't downvote based on flair. Don't post or comment with the purpose of inciting negative reactions from other redditors.

Comment Guidelines

Prohibited Comments

1b. Threats, suggesting/wishing harm, or personal insults

Any comments or posts including threats, suggestions of harm, or personal insults will get you banned, including any threats or washing harm towards players.

2b. Racist, sexist, homophobic, or otherwise discriminatory language

This is an automatic ban. This includes jokes or quotes that include such language. We want everyone, no matter their age, gender, sexuality, or race, to feel welcome in this subreddit.

3b. Flame bait

Trash talk is okay, but once it gets too excessive or personal, it's not okay. Do not comment with the sole purpose of trolling or inciting reactions from other users. Flamebaiting includes concern trolling and whataboutism. This will lead to a ban.

4b. Harmful Misinformation

Comments or posts that contain harmful misinformation will be removed at moderator discretion. Examples include but are not limited to: COVID misinformation, Political Misinformation, etc.

5b. Comments/Posts with another user/person’s personal information

This one is self explanatory, but making comments or posts with another person’s personal information(name, twitter, facebook, phone number, etc) is against Reddit’s site-wide policies and definitely against ours as well.

6b. Comment Full Edits

Editing a popular comment or post in order to troll/advertise/make a joke/etc. can result in a ban. Additionally, if you have a highly downvoted comment and you edit the comment to troll, you face a ban.


General Self-Promotion Guidelines and Rules

We've been experiencing rapid growth in the subreddit and as much as we love new users, there are always downsides. One of those downsides is that we become a target for people looking to exploit our size for their own personal gain or to increase their own public profile.

Self promotion includes, but is not limited to:

  • Promoting or linking to your youtube channel, website, blog, program, phone application, etc.

  • Promoting or linking to your design website, fan art, logo or court redesigns, etc

  • Trying to sell merchandise (t-shirts, jerseys, artwork, etc)

There's a big difference between people that are trying to use our subreddit for their own personal gain and people that are just trying to share something with the community. Moderators will be able to tell the difference and Self Promotion abuse may lead to a permanent ban.

The prerequisites for posting your own content are as follows:

  • You must message the moderators beforehand through modmail

  • Your account must be 6 months or older.

  • You must have an active previous post/comment history in this subreddit that's not related to whatever you're trying to promote

  • You must have flair

  • Promotions cannot be for sale purposes (selling merchandise)

If you do not meet the criteria as stated above yet, we have Self-Promotion Fridays where you can promote your NBA-related content in the thread. More information about self promotion, and what constitutes spam can be found in reddit's self promotion policy.

Miscellaneous Rules

1c. The Theory of Bans

We don't do explicit warnings on /r/nba because they don't work. A ban is what we use as a warning. If you get banned, message us and we can work it out with you and most likely fix your behavior and get you unbanned.

2c. Novelty Accounts

Most novelty accounts will be banned if they comment too frequently, are one dimensional, or derail comment sections. Exceptions will be made on a case by case basis. Please be aware that if you are becoming nothing more than "That guy that does/says _____", you are on the verge of becoming a novelty account.

3c. Spoilers / Gore / Porn

This is an insta-ban. Don't post that stuff here.

4c. Offensive Usernames

We treat usernames just the same as we treat comments/posts. If we do not allow it as a comment/post, we do not allow it as a username. This goes for anything purposely trying to be offensive or any username deemed overly offensive. These kinds of usernames will result in a permanent ban.

5c. Automoderator

This subreddit uses Automoderator for a wide range of tasks including the automatic removal of certain posts. If you think it has incorrectly removed a post, please contact us via modmail. Attempts to circumvent Automoderator filters will be lead to a ban.

6c. Repetitive Posts

There are a number of repetitive posts such as user-opinion top (5/10/25/etc.) rankings, homework help, “which team should I root for”, etc. These should be commented in the stickied daily thread and will be removed as a post.

7c. Filler Text

Any post submitted as a self-post should have at least 100 characters. If you have a simple question to ask, ask it in the stickied daily thread. Attempting to circumvent this requirement through the use of filler text will result in a temporary ban.

8c. Account Age

Accounts need to be 3 days old to comment and 30 days old to post. This can be automatically reduced with positive subreddit participation.

9c. Default Language

This is a subreddit to discuss the NBA, and as such, unless particularly notable, posts/highlights/etc. should be in English. An example of an allowed non-English highlight would be an enthusiastic non-English commentator during a prominent highlight. If you are simply posting a non-English play in order to be the first to post the specific highlight, it will be removed.


Direct Twitter links are only allowed if the tweet is from an account on r/nba's Approved Twitter List.. Tweets need to adhere to the subreddit posting guidelines.

These need to have a title of [Author] 'Exact text of tweet'. Tweets from accounts not on the approved list can be posted as a self post with the same title of [Author] 'Exact text of tweet', and then in the body of the post you need to expand on the tweet. Copying and pasting the title into the body without expanding on it will be considered filler text and will result in a ban. Do not post news aggregators, if the individual being quoted in the tweet is not the tweet author, find the original source and use that instead.

We can grant exceptions for direct Twitter links that are not on the approved list if it is news, and the approved list can be modified to add new reporters over time.

Posting Guidelines

Prohibited Posts

1d. Joke Submissions/Shitposting

What's considered to be a 'joke' can be so ambiguous, what is removed will still be left to the moderators' discretion. Joke submissions are more permissible during the offseason than during the NBA regular season and postseason. Shitposts, for example “I found LeBron James’ toenails,” are not allowed during the regular season and postseason and will be reviewed during the offseason. Submissions such as a Youtuber’s skit about Doc Rivers yelling at people will not be allowed during the regular and postseason, but may be permissible during the offseason. If you want to play it safe, if you're posting something with the intent to be funny, it is most likely a joke post. 420/69 stat posts are also considered as a joke or shitpost. Deliberate and/or repetitive "shitposting" will result in a ban.

2d. Witch-hunt Threads

Witch-hunt threads/comments are classified as tagging a user to troll, bait, or call them out. If you have a problem with the mods or certain users, please leave it to private messages and modmails.

In order to prevent witch-hunting, crossposting old threads as a means of calling out users is not allowed. This includes linking to threads in order to point out bad takes, whether calling out one user specifically or the general mindset at the time of the post. These threads only serve to target those with perceived bad takes and they will be removed.

3d. Lazy/empty Self-posts (See Reaction Posts)

You should try to start the discussion by talking about what you think, not just asking a question, submitting a phrase or a stat line. Please do not start a thread along the lines of "The officiating in this game was bad" without some context or “This player is so bad” with no reasoning or support. Your title should be informative and be supported by your post’s text. At the very least, link to a video of the call. Ideally, make a self submission with links to videos of every questionable call with quotes from the rulebook highlighting why they are wrong. This will create the most meaningful discussion. A self-post with less than 100 characters in the body will be removed. Any post that contains just your thoughts and isn't posted as something that would generate active discussion eliciting others' opinions will be removed.

4d. Mentioning upvotes/downvotes in the title of your post

This is not allowed.

5d. All-caps titles

Posts like “THIS TEAM IS THE BEST” where all the words (or even one word) are capitalized are not allowed; a post with a single (or multiple) capitalized word(s) used to emphasized will be removed.

6d. Misleading, sensationalized, biased, titles named after yourself, or ambiguous titles.

If a title doesn't specifically express what will be inside the self post/article/video/etc, it will be removed. Context is important so make sure you post the contextual paragraphs from the article or sources in the self/text post so people can really understand what is being said. Titles that include your username or another username will also be removed.

7d. Memes, Funny Video Edits, image Macros, etc

Memes, photoshops, "funny video edits" (example: adding Curb music to a video), and image macros clutter the front page and do not create meaningful conversation. If you need to share this type of content, please post them in the Daily Locker Room thread. This rule also includes pictures that are posted that only serve to show a player/coach/fan/etc.'s face/posture/position in a freeze frame, or posting how a player's portrait on ESPN, Google, etc looks.

8d. Superficial Posts

”How I was feeling when”, “DAE” (does anybody else), "TIL" (today I learned) , "happy birthday _____", [Shower Thoughts], “Reminder: This team did this 1 year ago,” “this guy” posts. These will also be removed without warning. Any post that relies on the title to convey its meaning is not allowed. Just like memes, these posts only create superficial discussion.

9d. Hate Threads

Trash talk is an essential art of being a sports fan, but it’s possible to trash talk and still be friendly. We have trash talk threads for this purpose and within other threads trash talk is fine so long as it is not one of the “LAKERS SUCK” variety. Making an entire thread to trash talk one team, one player, one administrator, or one fanbase is overboard.

10d. Reaction Posts (See Stats/Player Tweets/Quotes)

Reaction posts are posts that are responses to an already established post and often would better serve as comments in the initial established post. They can be immediate reactions to games or current events that are based on personal opinion. Reactions from _____ about _____ may make for great comments to enhance on-going discussions about ____, so leave it in the comments of the relevant post. Especially after a specific game, many users tend to post individual posts about every single aspect of the game which clutter the front page. We delete many of these posts because they tend to be superficial, hate, joke posts or reaction posts to the game that belong in the game thread. We do allow stat-related self/text posts though and if it is based on the box score of the game, it does not require a source. However, when in doubt, add a source to your self/text posts.

11d. Memorabilia, Player Interactions, User pictures of arenas or players, Fan Art and Mixtapes

These will be removed if they are submitted as individual posts. There are Daily Locker Room Talk threads for things like this. Please see the Daily Locker Room Talk thread for more things that belong there instead of as its own post.

12d. Online/Illegal streaming.

Do not make any posts about anything illegal.

13d. NSFW content

NSFW content will be removed unless it is relevant to the NBA and worth discussing (i.e. Anthony Davis' hazing video from when he was in college and how it'll affect the NBA's policies on hazing).

14d. Multiple submissions in short periods of time

If you submit a series of posts in a short period of time, just group them all into a self post, especially if they are all related to each other. This will prevent cluttering the new queue. The best example is if you're going to post full highlights of several players from one game.

15d. Conspiracy Theories

Leave it in the comments section or in /r/conspiracy.

16d. Recycled content and news aggregators

Content that is not directly from the source and/or tweets that just link to articles. This includes content from news aggregators or articles that are within the same likeness. Credit should always be given where credit is due and users should link to the original source.

17d. NBA History (Discussion, old highlights, etc.)

Posts discussing NBA history are allowed as self-posts. These should primarily be discussion-centric posts and not just a means of posting old game footage. Throwback posts and “on this day” posts are not allowed. Any direct video submissions (streamable, YouTube) that are of a game not having occurred within the last 48 hours will be removed. These are allowed during the offseason.

18d. Links to re-sellers/retailers

Sales and merchandise posts on this subreddit will be removed whether it's self-promotional or not.

19d. Irrelevant content

What is or is not considered relevant is up to the discretion of the moderators. This includes posts about video games, 2K, fantasy, and other unrelated news. Quotes from individuals not involved with the NBA will largely be removed. These include celebrities, politicians, former players (those who are no longer involved with the NBA and are largely trying to stir up drama). Various editorials regarding politics and/or NBA matters that are authored by individuals not related to the NBA will be removed. Posts about individuals involved on the executive-side of the NBA will be removed unless the topic is directly relevant to the NBA.

20d. NBA prospects

Posts about prospects are allowed as a self-post with a discussion. These posts should be more than just asking a basic question about the prospect. Highlights of NBA prospects are not allowed during the season and are allowed during the offseason.

21d. Fake News

Any blatant attempt to grab attention or troll with a fake news headline will result in a permanent ban.

22d. In-game updates

This content should be confined to game-threads. For example, a Tweet like “[Simmons] LeBron’s jersey just ripped” would be deleted. If the event is worth sharing, consider posting a video of it (following /r/nba’s standard highlight video formatting rules). Exceptions will be made if there is an update that needs attention, rather than just being interesting. For example, we would allow a post saying Play X was one assist shy of a quadruple-double mid-way through the third quarter. We would not allow a post saying Player Y has 4 points, 6 rebounds, and 4 assists at half time.

23d. Polls/Surveys

For polls and surveys, these are best asked in the Daily Threads typically stickied at the top of the front page.Whether it is a survey about r/nba’s userbase for your college paper or a poll about which player you would rather have on the New York Knicks for the next five years, both surveys and polls should not be posts.

General Posting Guidelines

1e. Tweets and Headline Posts must include the author's full last name

Headline posts, which include any titles that are explicitly attention grabbing (All tweets, quotes from an article pulled out of context, etc.), must include the original authors full last name in brackets at minimum at the beginning of the title. If the authors last name is shared by another commonly posted author (e.g. Bill Simmons & Rusty Simmons) please add first name or first iniital. Ex. [Wojnarowski] Kyle Lowry has agreed to a 4 year, $48M contract to stay with Toronto, sources tell Yahoo.

2e. Celebration, Results & Stats Threads

These types of threads have to be self/text posts. Celebration and Post Game Threads can only be posted after a game has officially ended. Links to the boxscore in the description are required. For stat posts, please provide context such as the sources to the stats to start the conversation. Simply linking to stats will be removed. The same user can only post one Post Game Thread a day.

3e. Trending Topics/Posts

When one post gets really popular, there will often be threads made similar to that one. For example, when there is an existing post with an article/interview/video/etc. and then additional content from the same source is used to make new posts. These posts will be removed if posted too frequently as they end up cluttering both the front page and the new queue. Please try to keep these within the originally created thread. If you are wanting to cite multiple parts of a source, consolidate it into a single thread.

4e. Stats Posts

Stats can be posted as either a self post or as a tweet from an approved Twitter account. Stats from an ongoing game are only allowed to be posted if it is notable. Stats posted as a self post must include a source for the stat unless it is a player's stat line from that day's game. You can source a stat by adding a link to where you found it. If it's not a common stat easily found in a single game box score (counting stats across multiple games should be sourced), include the source in the post. Heavily cherry-picked stats will be reviewed by the moderation team to verify validity. You should also include some of your thoughts in the body of the post to jump-start discussion.

5e. Player Tweets/Quotes

Social media posts like “Look at these three players having fun while fishing!” or “This player followed this team on Instagram” have to be self/text posts. For example, if Damiam Lillard talks trash to Patrick Beverly via a tweet or instagram post, you must post it as a self/text post only. In the self/text post, you can input the source link and the context.

6e. Article/podcast/interview/media session quotes

Like stats/hot-takes, quotes taken from podcasts, articles, interviews, or media sessions need to be self-posts and should include the source and the poster’s original thoughts on the subject. If taken from a podcast, you should try to add a timestamp where the quote can be found. An exception to this rule is player injuries, which don’t require the user to post their thoughts. If you are posting an article, the post title should exactly match the article title. Don't title it with a quote out of context. This also applies to other media such as videos. Articles older than 2 weeks will be removed during season/post-season.

7e. GIF/Video requests need to have context

A request without context (what the play was, what quarter and time remaining) will be removed.

8e. Twitter Videos

Instead of posting twitter videos, please upload the videos to streamable for easier access for all. See Highlight rules for more information.

Highlight Rules

1f. Highlight Tags

All Highlights should be titled with a [Highlight] tag in front of your title. Failure to include this tag will result in your highlight being removed.

2f. High Quality

Video should be 720p (higher is strongly suggested) and should have a standard 16:9 aspect ratio (or something relatively close). Stations natively broadcast at 24 FPS so highlights should be smooth. Choppy or otherwise low-quality highlights will be removed. Videos of the screen, monitor, cam recordings will be removed. All highlights should contain the original broadcast audio, those without audio will be removed. View our high quality highlight tutorial here.

3f. Injuries

Videos of injuries are allowed to have an [Injury] tag in place of a [Highlight] tag

4f. Highlight Quality Enforcement

Highlights should show as much of the play as possible, and not abruptly cut off at the end. At moderator discretion, if a better version of the highlight is posted shortly after the original (this includes overall quality, duration, replays, etc.), the original highlight may be removed in favor of the higher quality one. This will be enforced more strictly during the playoffs than during the regular season.

5f. Approved Platforms

Twitter/Instagram/Twitch/Tiktok videos are not allowed. Please use Streamable (preferred) or gfycat for individual play highlights, or YouTube for full player or game highlights.

6f. Recent Highlights

Highlights must be from the past 48 hours. This rule will only be in effect for during the season. Fan made mixes/highlight compilations should go in the stickied daily thread.

Post-Game Thread Rules

1g. Post Game Thread Formatting

Post Game threads need to be self-posts. The title needs the teams played, their record, and score. It also needs "Post Game Thread" in square brackets, and preferably "defeat" or "beat" in the title. In the body, embedding the box score is mandatory. There are a number of sites that will do this for you, including this one. Mentioning notable performances in the title is acceptable, such as a team/player reaching a milestone or having an exceptional performance. More subjective/editorialized additions to the title may lead to removal.

  • OK: [Post Game Thread] The Boston Celtics (4-0) defeat the Golden State Warriors (0-4) 121-88 to win the Championship behind Jaylen Brown's 37-13-15 performance
    • NOT OK: [Post Game Thread] The Boston Celtics (4-0) defeat the Golden State Warriors (0-4) 121-88 as Jaylen Brown dominates Kevin Durant

2g. Timing

Post Game Threads must be created after the game has officially ended.

3g. Frequency

Each person may only post up to 1 Post Game Thread per day.

4g. Behavior Creating a Post Game Thread solely to antagonize, flame bait or attack another fan base is prohibited. This will lead to loss of Post Game Thread creation privileges or even a ban.

Daily Discussion Thread

If you have a post that you'd like to share that doesn't necessarily fit within the above guidelines, please post it in the Daily discussion thread. These items include:

  • Memes

  • Free talk stuff

  • Bad shitposts and "off season" questions

  • Fantasy basketball

  • Smaller discussions that don't fit/are unnecessary as a thread

  • Questions about the NBA or the sub

  • League Pass/online streaming tech support/questions

  • Trade ideas

  • OC that didn't exactly fit as a thread

  • New user questions (finding a team [aka pick the Nets], rules, general questions)

  • Self promotion on a minimal level - not heavy handed/please don't spam.

  • "Vintage" highlights

  • Ideas for the subreddit

  • Highlight mixes

  • Conspiracy theories

  • Player comparison

  • G.O.A.T conversations

  • Top 5/10/15/… players

  • Playoff predictions

  • What-if’s

Playoff Rules

1h. Post Game threads throughout the playoffs are only posted by the mods

2h. Elimination threads throughout the playoffs are only posted by the mods

3h. Self posts will be disabled throughout playoff games for the day. They will be disabled within 15 minutes of the start of that day's game and will be re-enabled within 15 minutes of the end of the game.