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JU left from r/discordVideos, i dont know why, but this feels offensive

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Trans Nashville weirdo

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REALMizkif Mizkif Pet Dedo Passed Away


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Politics Marama Davidson right about prevalence of white male violence says academic


Statistics on family violence don't tell the whole story because they come from a system that favours Pākehā men, an academic says. https://www.stuff.co.nz/pou-tiaki/131641753/marama-davidson-right-about-prevalence-of-white-male-violence-says-academic?cid=app-iPhone

“Marama’s statement needing to be fact checked rather than accepted as something that could possibly be true... is another form of systemic violence,”

Are we being systemically violent every time we fact check a politician?

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US Only Free “Protect Trans Youth” Sticker


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Wow! It'd be so cool to visit some day

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Japan is the best country in the world


There are days where I can’t believe I actually live here and have flashbacks to when it was my dream to come here and then I just look forward to my future with a huge smile!

Congratulations to everyone who put in the effort and battled through the challenges to get here—it all paid off!!!

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Riot using the word "Fantasy" to direct design and balance decisions is unhealthy


Fantasy is literally defined as: "the faculty or activity of imagining things, especially things that are impossible or improbable... an idea with no basis in reality."

I keep reading Riot's dev diaries, sporadic reddit posts, some design lead tweets, etc, and they keep using this word. They'll say things like "our changes aim to fulfill _____ player's fantasy". A fantasy by definition shouldn't come up every game, or with any real frequency. The "Fantasies" they describe and perpetuate are oftentimes so completely exaggerated that they are absurdly inconsiderate to the other 9 people playing the game.

They make these champions like Aurelion Sol who can seemingly only win if he achieves his "Fantasy" of being worth more than 3 Ahri's come 30 minutes, or he's completely useless and fails to achieve anything but frustrating his teammates. It's just so sink or swim. The way they have conceived his champion identity leaves him with no possible way to become the sidekick to his Renekton top who built a good lead early on. When Aurelion Sol's fantasy shifts into focus everyone else on his team will join hands and watch as their prior memories created in that game become less and less relevant. It's fine if he's weaker earlier and stronger late. But at the moment the power band they decided on which supposedly caters to his playerbase's "Fantasy" is so wild that his win rate practically runs in full parallel with achieving the "Fantasy" or total failure. There's just so little room in the middle of the success spectrum for him.

Why can't every champion have a fantasy? Why is it only certain ones? Where is Volibear and Galio's fantasy? As Kled sits back and watches Aurelion Sol become more valuable than 2 Kleds working in tandem can he have a counterfantasy of not being worth less than 50% of an ASol? What if my Jhin power fantasy is my 4th shot one-shotting everything? How will I ever reach orgasm if I can't have that? Who decides what ships? I honestly wish they would stop using this word, and settle on something less dramatic.

Another side effect of the "Fantasy" obsession is they don't consider the entire champion at the design phase which includes both their strengths, and clear counterplay. Some recent examples of their designs just makes me believe they forget about certain champion's fail conditions, or they push it off until after releasing them because of how they prioritize "fantasies". When I look at a champion like Jhin, with his reload timer, I see clearly conceived counterplay - an obvious window to abuse him. Not the case though for some of their latest experiments...

K'sante: His moves look really cool, and his flavor is excellent. But yeah, I mean, he seems to be very difficult to balance in both pro / solo Q due to how many things he does, and how he flexes between fighter/tank roles. Counterplay was loosely built into his kit with All-out mode cutting HP/resistances, but they then staple omnivamp on which initially made him just flat out better than most fighters, and with his absurd displacement CC better than most tanks. His balance is still even now, months after release, being disputed.

A Sol: See above. His aesthetic is really cool though, like K'sante they do make champions look and feel sweet to play. It's just that their idea of how much a champion's scaling index should curve is completely perverse.

Zeri: Yeah uhhhhh, total roller coaster.

TL;DR - Fantasies are wild exaggerations that are often inconsiderate to other 9 people playing the game, and generally the counterplay to them is an afterthought. They are achieved nearly 50% of the time when they should instead be difficult to attain otherwise they are literally not "fantasies".

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Eikö vasemmiston pitänyt olla rasismia vastaan?


Kuuntelin viimeisimmän puheenjohtajien vaalikeskustelun ja särähti korvaan kuinka Vasemmisto, SDP ja Vihreät puhuvat siitä että kuka siivoaa ja toimii Woltti-kuskeina jos tänne ei tule maahanmuuttajia. Eikö tuo ole ihan helvetin rasistinen kommentti? Jenkeissä Kelly Osborne (Ozzyn tytär) cancelöitiin kun se vihjasi että meksikolaiset siivoavat vessoja. Täällä Marin saa samanlaisesta kommentista raikuvat aplodit.

Tämä koko idea että Suomeen tarvitaan ihmisiä tekemään töitä kun Suomalaiset ei halua kuulostaa hyvin 1600-luvun Amerikkamaiselta. Sinne tuotiin mustia tekemään työtä jota kantaväestö ei halunnut tehdä. Nyt Vihreät, Vasemmisto ja SDP haluaa tuoda henkilöitä kehittyvistä maista tänne tekemään "paskaduuneja" orjapalkalla ja mainostaa tätä hyveenä eikä ymmärrä kuinka pahalta tuo kuulostaa. Miksi kukaan ei cancelöi tätä retoriikkaa? Miksi kukaan ei kiinnitä huomiota siihen mitä tämä tuottavan työn menetys tarkoittaa näiden henkilöiden lähtömaille ja niiden taloudelle?

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CALL OUT Zach is nothing but red flags to me


I know people are very divided about him as to his attractiveness/weirdness/awkwardness, but all of that aside - I see him exhibiting controlling behaviour towards others and I don’t like it.

Here is a list of examples:

  • His conversation with Paul in episode 6. He totally bulldozed the conversation and told Paul how to feel, told him what to do in his relationship, when no advice was asked for. He didn’t listen to Paul’s feelings, interrupted him and talked over him.

  • When he met with Bliss, he did not apologize to her or take responsibility for his actions. He also repeatedly talked over her! And kept telling her how she felt or what she was thinking or what she liked. Major red flag

  • At Chelsea’s party when Bliss is talking to Micah and having a clearly personal conversation, he comes over and deeply PDAs her right in front of Micah without warning or consideration. It screamed “This is my woman and I possess her”. Especially punctuated when Micah commented on how he was kissing her with a mouth full of salmon and Zach said “She likes salmon kisses”; once again talking FOR Bliss, when he has no idea whether she actually liked that.

Bliss deserves way better. I am fully anti-Zach.

Edit as a lot of you are bringing up my use of ‘red flag’ here so I’ll explain my use of the term: I know these behaviours can be considered somewhat minor, but Bliss and Zach JUST met. So if he is already doing these things this early, they stand out to me as red flags that these behaviours would only increase in frequency and severity as their relationship goes on. I’m a survivor so I do view things through a very sensitive lens, but my instincts with men have only been correct so far in my life so I trust them.

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PWInsider: Drew McIntyre's WWE contract up imminently. Apparently "aren't even close" to agreeing to a new deal

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Opinion Diablo 3 UI is better than Diablo 4


In my opinion the Diablo 3 UI is better than 4. I enjoy the setup. 4 just seems bland to me. But I’m sure it’ll grow on me! Can’t wait to play again!

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Video Dragon UAP


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Fan Photo Want to see them? 👀

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xQc | Just Chatting xQc on people spreading lies about Andrew Tate when nothing is public about his case


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Discussion My current thoughts (and experience) with the current state of Genshin Impact


So far, it's...been boring. Outside of the event, all I really did was just do commissions, farm talent materials, and logout. It doesn't really help for the future of this game in my opinion when Hoyoverse is ignoring the fanbase's grievances about a certain 🔥🦁claymore character who was perfectly willing to get her hand cut off to save hostages and only have our smile as payments for her services, and the fact that they got away with it? Who's to say that it won't happen with other characters in the future?

Sure, world quests are fun and all, but sometimes it starts becoming a chore like all the constant grinding and all that stuff, I just don't entirely feel happy with this game anymore since like I said, it's becoming a chore. However, it could possibly be that it's me who's experiencing this self-imposed problem and I'm basically being whiny over a resource-management game.

I'm not too hopeful about the future of Genshin Impact unless some changes are made. After the Ayaka banner, I'm not going to spend any more money on this game. I just don't feel happy playing it much anymore.

I'm sorry.

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those gudetama's dim sun


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Cold Open Writers when they find at 5:30pm on Thursday that Trump was indicted, and they have to rewrite the cold open.


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Funny What are we gonna blame our ratings on next week, boys?

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🌼 POSITIVE VIBES ONLY 🌼 Can we stop with the look alike ?


It's just so annoying, most of the time it doesn't look alike at all and comparing people base on apparences is the opposite point of the show. It pollute the subs from real discussion.

I would also add to stop comparing relationship : like , brett is the next SK, their relationship are the nathalie and shayne of this season etc.... it's just wrong, everybody have their own story and personality !

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🗣 Discussion / Question So Larry Cheng Bought a Stack Of GME Shares - What Does That Mean For Us ?

Thumbnail investor.gamestop.com

Larry Cheng recently bought new shares of GME. How do you think this would affect our play?

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LIB SEASON 4 Zach is a bad guy!


Zach is a bad guy. 🚩🚩🚩🚩 all around. He plays the good guy and Irina’s mean girl overshadowed his own red flag bad guy self.

  1. He knew Bliss and Irina were not getting along. He knew Bliss was hurt by Irina but he choose Irina and excused Irina’s “vicious” behavior because she’s just acting out when others hurt her. Is he implying Bliss hurt Irina??? Go back episode 2 & 3 listen again.

  2. Episode 3 he says I don’t trust people but I trust Irina “she would have my back all the way” because she is mean.

  3. He says Irina is “more vicious than him“ admitting he has a mean side himself. Episode 3

  4. Bliss is gaslighted when she says admits she still struggles with being second choice and she was completely!!! He picked the girl he knew was being cruel or not getting along with over her. It’s different than other seasons when they got along. He knew Irina didn’t care. Bliss is the nice girl that he doesn’t really feel attracted to. Episode 8

  5. He called Bliss pretentious when she was trying to voice her concern. He said with a roll of eyes again “there’s that pretentiousness again” WTF 😳 what did he say in the pods that we didn’t see where he has chastised her for being pretentious like it’s her character trait. Episode 8

There are probably more.

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Certified Chill ❄️ This is happening right now in Italy