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[Daily Discussion Thread] 5/31/23


Go Suns

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Article/Report [Shams] Sources: The Detroit Pistons are seriously pursuing 2022 NBA Coach of the Year Monty Williams to be their new head coach and are preparing a significant offer.

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Hoops Discussion KD story and Facebook post w/ Bob Myers

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KD recently put a photo of him and former Warriors GM Bob Myers on his Instagram story and added the same photo to his Facebook page. A little foreshadowing of things to come, maybe? 🤔

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MIKAL BRIDGES Fry’s Suns Rewards = The only player in the NBA

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A few weeks ago I saw on my receipt from Fry's that I had been collecting Suns points that were eligible for free swag, it was mostly picked over... but I got a generic Suns t-shirt and this signed photo of Mikal. Didn't realize how much I miss seeing this dude in a Suns jersey.

Did anyone else get anything cool from this rewards program?

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NBA Free Agency - Early Look (courtesy @ZonaHoops)

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[BBallBreakdown] The Doc Rivers coaching problem

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Hoops Discussion Jock Landale & Josh Okogie

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I'm listening to the Burns & Gambo show right now. Gambo said the Suns want both Jock Landale & Josh Okogie back next season.

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Hoops Discussion Who’s the worst coach in Suns history in the past 20 years?


As we’re searching for the next coach, which former coach in Suns history was the worst and you don’t even want to talk about it?

Scott Skiles (2000-2002) Frank Johnson (2002-2004) Mike D'Antoni (2004-2008) Terry Porter (2009) Alvin Gentry (2009-2013) Lindsey Hunter (2013) Jeff Hornacek (2014-2016) Earl Watson (2016-2018) Jay Triano (2018) Igor Kokoskov (2019) Monty Williams (2020-2023)

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Sorry for y’all


Sixers fan and I feel bad that you guys have to even deal with rumors about Doc. He is just not what you guys need right now at all and it would just be a damn shame if that’s the direction you go. Praying y’all get Vogel or Young, guys who will actually do something for your players and not just yell “c’mon guys!”

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Twitter [Slater] Bob Myers said Kevin Durant called him today when hearing of the news. Took some time during his long rundown of the players to acknowledge Durant.

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Hoops Discussion Can we bring Cam back plz

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Plz 🙂

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Well looks like JJ is staying for the time being….

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Twitter Suns have narrowed their coaching search to 3 candidates

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Breaking News Adrian Wojnarowski on Twitter: BREAKING: Golden State’s Bob Myers – a two-time executive of the year and architect of four NBA championships -- is stepping down as the franchise’s president and general manager, he told ESPN on Tuesday. “It’s just time,” Myers said.

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Hoops Discussion Never thought I would say this but I’m putting my trust in Bill Simmons, he said it again today on his pod that Kevin young, will be the head coach.


I’m really hoping Mike and Sam’s theory from the timeline is right, and Doc is just a distraction to make you feel good about Kevin young or Frank Vogel.

I’ll be honest the Doc noise is really starting to make me nervous, and God forbid he was actually hire would be the truest test of our fandom yet.

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Sh*tpost The Celtics just got Suns'd and I finally don't feel alone


Suns (verb)

To get blown out in an elimination game on your home court.

"did you see the Celtics getting Suns'd tonight? That was hard to watch!"

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Hoops Discussion Why yall dont want Vogel?


Hes a Great coach and just need some good assistant that can work the offensive (Mike D’Antoni)

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[Gambo] Don't believe the report - Nick Nurse was never offered the head coaching position of the Phoenix Suns. That is 100% inaccurate. He very likely used the Suns for leverage with Philly.

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Adrian Wojnarowski on Twitter - ESPN Sources: Nick Nurse has reached an agreement to become the next coach of the Philadelphia 76ers. Nurse — who won an NBA championship and a coach of year award with Toronto — now gets to coach the 2023 MVP Joel Embiid.

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The Miami heat has been so underrated this playoff, no one expected them to reach the finals but they ve multiple players who are 30+ years old with so much playoffs exp , I think they might just beat the Denver nuggets.


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[Daily Discussion Thread] 5/30/23


Go Suns

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Keven Young's resume


With Nurse being hired to the 76ers, Keven Young is all but a lock for the head coaching position (unless something horrible happens that no one should talk about), let's look at his resume.

TL:DR, has been coaching/assistant coaching for 18 years despite being only 41. Is known for being a very tactically minded coach and helped develop a lot of the schemes that made the Suns so successful the past few years (ain't his fault Monty went full iso ball in the post season).

  • Born 1981, played at Clayton State University (Division II) for two years and holds numerous records the remain to this day.
  • Was the head coach for the Shamrock Rovers Hoops in Ireland at the age of 23 (!!!)
  • Served as assistant coach for Utah Valley State College and Oxford for a season each.
  • Served as an assistant coach for the Utah Flash D-League team for a year before being promoted to head coach the year after.
  • Was the head coach fort he Iowa Energy for two seasons succeeding Nick Nurse (Kevin Young revenge tour 2024?). Fired after the second year.
  • Returned to the Utah Flash, now Delaware 87ers, as an assistant coach for a season before being promoted back to head coach for three seasons.
  • Made an assistant coach on the 76ers from 2017 to 2020. Monty was also an assistant from 2018 to 2019 before he was made the head coach for the Suns.
  • Made an assistant on the Suns in the 2020-2021 season.
  • Made the associate head coach and has remained in that position to this day.


Chris Paul - He did a great job...KY will be a head coach very soon in this league. - during a four game stretch in 2021 where he was acting head coach. They went 2-2 during that time.

Booker - He can do stuff on the court and he’s a mastermind with the Xs and Os and game scouting and knowing teams. He’s really helped and is someone you can go to, ask any type of question. He’s been around it for a long time. He knows the game.”

There are more, but it's hard to find them given how drowned out they are by speculation articles and tweets... If you find more, let me know.

Also if you're worried about another coach being too passive, here is coach Young in a coach fight lol - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8C--Ui66Rcs

He also apparently had words with Willie Green after the Zion 360 dunk. Imagine the Young vs Green memes "Monty loved me best" lol. Also was involved in the scuffle during the recent Nuggets game.

A good article. https://theathletic.com/4551012/2023/05/25/kevin-young-suns-head-coach/

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Article/Report [Woj] The Sixers and Phoenix Suns were engaged with Nurse and his agent, Andy Miller of Klutch Sports, throughout Sunday and Monday

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So according to Woj (not always the best source for Suns stuff) we were in on Nurse this weekend and he had a choice between us and Philly?

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Highlights/Video Tim Thomas legendary 3 pointer

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I know lot of Mavs and Lakers chumps in this thread


They be yelling Doc all day but hellllll nah

I'd take Young, Vogel, Lue or even Redick than Doc all day